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Hudson Valley Wine Country


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Learn about the Hudson Valley Wine Country - the oldest wine region in America. It is home to over 25 wineries and 3 wine trails.

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Hudson Valley Wine Country

  1. 1. Home to over 25 wineries Debbie Gioquindo Hudson Valley Wine Goddess Executive Director Hudson Valley Wine Country
  2. 2. The Hudson River Wine Region is referred to as the most complex geological regions of the world. Located parallel to northern Spain, southern France and central Italy, warm ocean breezes extend the growing season to between 180 – 196 days. •The French Hugenots planted the first vines in New Paltz (now part of Ulster County) in 1677, 100 years before any vines were planted in what is now California. •1827, Quaker RobertUnderhill, who had established a self-sustaining community at Croton Point, planted grapevines brought from Europe. Although Underhill’s attempt to cultivate these vines failed, that didn’t stop him. Over the next two decades he cross-bred native and European vines and the results paid off - grapes with wonderful flavor growing on vines hardy enough to survive in this climate. •William Cornell established a vineyard in Ulster County in 1845. His endeavors greatly interested his brother-in-law, Andrew Caywood, who settled in Marlborough and worked on creating second generation hybrid vines. This is now part of Benmarl Winery @ Slate Hill Vineyards
  3. 3. •The first commercial winery in the Hudson Valley, Jacques Brothers Winery, was established in 1837 for the production of altar wines. Renamed Brotherhood in 1885, the Washingtonville winery is the nation’s oldest continuously operated winery. •In 1850, the region’s second winery was established at Croton Point. The company produced altar wines and also marketed its product in New York City as a medicinal tonic. •The Hudson Valley Wine Company was opened in Highland (Ulster County) in 1904 by Alphonso Bolognese. The company made altar wines for local monasteries and was the Regent Champagne Cellars. •High Tor Vineyards, which operated on a scenic mountain site in Rockland County back in 1949, was one of he east’s most prominent wineries. •In the 1970’s New York Governor Hugh Carey appointed John Dyson as state Commissioner of Agriculture. Dyson formed a task force that drew up the Farm Winery Bill. With testimony from Benmarl Vineyards owner Mark Miller and support from many other vintners and organizations, the bill was passed in 1976, paving the way for rapid growth of the Hudson Valley wine industry.
  4. 4. Clinton Vineyards –Clinton Corners Millbrook Winery –Millbrook
  5. 5. Adair Vineyards – New Paltz Applewood Winery – Warwick Baldwin Vineyards – Pine Bush Benmarl Winery – Marlboro Brimstone Hill Vineyards – Pine Bush Brotherhood Winery – Washingtonville Glorie Farm Winery – Marlboro Palaia Vineyards – Highland Mills Stoutridge Vineyards – Marlboro Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery – Warwick Whitecliff Vineyard & Winery - Gardiner
  6. 6. Hudson-Chatham Winery Chatham Brewery Brookview Station Winery Tousey Winery Harvest Spirits In MA: Furnace Brook Winery , Le Trois Emme Vineyard & Winery Northern Hudson Valley
  7. 7. Pasta Primo Vino April 10a – 6p Around the World June 10a – 6p Bounty of the Hudson Wine Festival July 12p – 5p Wreath Fineries Nov/Dec 10a – 6p
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  10. 10. Brotherhood Winery Halloween Party Millbrook Winery Harvest Party Applewood Winery Riesling Experience Applewood Winery Cider Experience Palaia Vineyards Mardi Gras Robibero Vineyards – Wine Stock
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  13. 13. East Side of the Hudson: •South to North: Beginning @ Millbrook Winery travel to Clinton Vineyards, Tousey Winery, Hudson-Chatham Winery, and Brookview Station. West Side of the Hudson •Northern Route: Begin at Robibero Vineyards and travel to Whitecliff Vineyards & Winery, Adair Vineyards, Glorie Farm Winery, Stoutridge Vineyard and end the day at Benmarl Winery. •Southern Route: Begin at Palaia Vineyards and travel to Brotherhood Winery, Applewood Winery and end the day at Warwick Valley Winery. •Mid Route: Begin at Brotherhood Winery and • travel to Baldwin Vineyards, Brimestone Hill Vineyards, Whitecliff Vineyards & Winery and end the day at Robibero Vineyards •Or – travel to Benmarl Winery, Stoutridge Vineyards, and Glorie Farm Winery. If you have time end the day at Adair Vineyards. East/West Combo •Begin at Clinton Vineyards and visit Millbrook Vineyards & Winery, then travel across the river to Marlboro and visit Stoutridge Vineyards, Benmarl Winery and if time permits visit Glorie Farm Winery.
  14. 14. Location – It’s closer than you think! •10 miles South of Albany, NY (Brookview Station Winery) •55 miles North of New York City (Palaia Vineyards) •50 miles West of Danbury, CT (Millbrook Vineyards or Benmarl Winery) More information