Alcala program 2014


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Summer Internships Program - University of Puget Sound

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Alcala program 2014

  1. 1. Alcalá Summer Internships Program
  2. 2. History and Cultural Tradition University of Alcalá: Founded in 1499 by Cardinal Cisneros as an innovative educational project and declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998 for its impressive architectural inheritance.
  3. 3. Data • 20.000 Undergraduate Students • 10.000 Graduate Students. • 2.200 Teaching and Research Staff • 800 Administrative Staff • 36 Undergraduate Degrees • 50 Research Masters Programs • 36 PhD Programs • Student/Instructor Ratio: 9
  4. 4. Location Strategic Location: • Near Madrid (28 Km; 18 miles): Largest political, economic and cultural centre in Spain • Well Connected: Bus lines, trains, and highways • Located in the “Henares Corridor”: a dynamic and vigorous business area
  5. 5. Some reasons to study at the University of Alcalá • • • • • • • • • Tradition and innovation Wide range of courses A friendly university Quality teaching International and cosmopolitan atmosphere Varied range of cultural and sports activities High quality research Professional attention and orientation Social Commitment
  6. 6. Partner: ALCALINGUA • Alcalingua is the centre of Alcalá University in teaching Spanish Language and Culture to foreigners. • Alcalingua takes in every year over 1.500 students from over 50 different countries •
  7. 7. Partner: OLESAY • OLESAY has a common passion for Global Education and International Learning. • Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, they are specialized in learning programs and working experiences involving Spain and United States. • Iinternship placements for students willing to gain international work experience. • Offers personalized attention to their interns.
  8. 8. Program Directors of the Program: Prof. Dr. Teresa del Val Núñez, Alcalingua Carmen Flores, Olesay Coordinator: Academic Matters: Gabino Boquete / Teresa del Val Internships: Carmen Flores Personal Matters: Ángel Álvarez Accomodation: Gabino Boquete /Ana Zafra
  9. 9. Courses of the Program • Business Spanish – 60 hours • Internship Seminar – 25 hours • Internship – 126 hours + • Cultural and Academic Activities
  10. 10. SPANISH FOR BUSINESS - B LEVEL AIMS • Consolidate and increase the knowledge of the language in a determined context. • Acquire the lexicon of the specific area of work. • Get familiarized with different operational processes. • Discover and use different texts, documents and communication patterns. • Confront communication situations: activities (tasks), simulations, projects, presentations and case studies. • Apply the techniques and the resources used in teaching of foreign languages to the professional training. • Promote the capacities and strategies of the students.
  11. 11. SPANISH FOR BUSINESS - B LEVEL COMPETENCIES • Development of the four skills • Techniques of learning how to learn • Application of the techniques and the lexicon to the context • Use of the documents and instruments employed by the communication professionals. CONTENT • The company and its environment • Organisation, Human Resources and Communication and Negotiation • The bank • The Stock Market • Products and Services • Procurement • Sales • Marketing and Publicity
  12. 12. INTERNSHIP SEMINAR AIMS The aim of the “Internship Seminar” is to prepare the students for their internship and to introduce them to the Spanish business culture. COMPETENCIES • • • • Capacity for teamwork and ability for interpersonal relations Capacity for information management and documentation selection Communication and adaptation abilities Capacity to transmit information, ideas, problems and solutions to a specialized, or not, public.
  13. 13. INTERNSHIP SEMINAR In this seminar students will examine issues related to work and its meaning in individual and collective life. Among the requirements will be the completion of 120 hours of field experience at a site prearranged in consultation with the internship coordinator. The seminar will provide the context to reflect on concrete experiences at the site and link them to forces that shape our views on work and its meaning such as: • • • • • political, psychological, social, economic intellectual
  14. 14. INTERNSHIP Internship program between Puget Sound students and local and multinational companies in which students undertake various duties. The internships run for 7 weeks. The usual work schedule is 4,5 hours per day (Monday to Thursday) accommodated in the morning. AIMS • Gives an opportunity to explore various career possibilities • Building on classroom knowledge, gives an opportunity to learn those disciplines, skills and attitudes which can best or only be learned on the job, especially self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, and initiative • Further develops practical skills in a real-world context • Provides an opportunity to strengthen portfolio or resume with practical experience and projects abroad. • Provides a challenging experience for the student, and an opportunity to gain international expertise.
  15. 15. INTERNSHIP COURSE STRUCTURE • Intern will spend most of the time on the job at the internship location. • Plan a work schedule with site supervisor. • Write a final report at the end of the internship reflecting on what they learned and gained (and perhaps what they expected to learn, but did not) from the internship.
  16. 16. CULTURAL AND ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES (1 per week) • Visit to Toledo • Visit to Segovia • 3 visits to companies (to be determined. Probably, Mahou, Logistics Center of El Corte Inglés, Financial City of Santander Bank) • Visit to the University and the City of Alcalá de Henares (World Heritage City) • Visit to the Prado Museum or the Reina Sofia Museum
  17. 17. Alcalá de Henares City Alcalá de Henares, a city with 195.000 inhabitants and only 25 km away from Madrid, offers visitors a wonderful urban area. It was declared World Heritage Site in 1998 by UNESCO.
  18. 18. Alcalá de Henares City Its proximity to Madrid, the capital and political, economic and cultural center of Spain, make Alcalá an exceptional place to live and study.
  19. 19. PROGRAM FEES • Course, room and board (double room w. breakfast and dinner), internship, cultural activities, health insurance, and transportation card - $5,128 • Puget Sound administrative fee - $500 • Emergency and program maintenance fee - $500 • Faculty travel and living expenses for 5 weeks • Projected total: $6669 (12 students) $6778 (10 students) All fees given per student Single rooms available at extra cost
  20. 20. University of Alcala (