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Customer engagement 2012


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Customer Engagement is een 'hot topic' op het internet en bij bedrijven. In deze presentatie geef ik wat achtergrond info over zowel de theorie als strategie.

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Customer engagement 2012

  1. 1. structureCustomer Engagement What to do? Trends Discussion
  2. 2. 1. A program that comes and goes as campaigns are created.2. A loyalty program.3. Implemented partly or on an “as needed” basis4. Purely data driven.5. A social media strategy
  3. 3. “deeper moremeaningful connection engagedcustomers step further
  4. 4. Customer engagement is a cyclical process ofrelationship building from being completelyunknown to extending your brand further out intoyour customer base that supports, purchases andpromotes the great things about your product.
  5. 5. Pre-sales Purchase/Use After-salesAwareness Consideration Purchase Service Loyalty
  6. 6. AIDA model is deadTraditional Customer Journey
  7. 7. Customer Journey 2.0Awareness Consideration Purchase Service Loyalty
  8. 8. multi-channel
  9. 9. engage
  10. 10. engage
  11. 11. engage
  12. 12. engage
  13. 13. engage
  14. 14. Develop an engagingsharable brand!
  15. 15. 1. Focus on customer experience (outside-in approach!)• Customer journey 2.0• Integrated communication strategy (goal of each touchpoint)• Connected touch points2. Focus on long -term relationship• Fewer paddles, bigger waves• Customer profiling (know your customers and their needs in each phase)3. Content!• Align information/consistent message• Focus on Why and Relevance• Shareable
  16. 16. Relational goal; ‘Engagement ring’
  17. 17. 1. Focus on customer experience
  18. 18. Pre-sales Purchase/Use After-salesAwareness Consideration Purchase Service Loyalty
  19. 19. profiling: Find your customer!
  20. 20. Content