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Charity:water PR Campaign


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Charity:water PR Campaign

  1. 1. charity: water A clear view of change
  2. 2. charity: water 1 Executive SummaryC harity: water is a non-profit water has teamed up with some yearlong twitter campaign and by organization that brings other charities in the countries holding a Gala on July 26, 2013. clean and safe drinking wa- they work in to make a bigger We are confident that these socialter to developing countries. Re- impact. They use GPS tracking and online events will increaselying on public donations to fund and photos to show each donor brand awareness and donationswater projects, this 6 year old the wells that are built. significantly.organization has already made In order to reach our This plan is being stronglyhuge impacts in the world and target audience, we will use recommended in order to buildhas provided clean water to over various traditional and nontra- brand awareness for charity:2.5 million people in 20 different ditional media outlets to deliver water, increase donations, andcountries throughout the world. our key message effectively over educate more young adults onCharity: water only receives the course of the next twelve how to get involved with giving100% donations for onsite wells. months until December 2013. and making a difference for oth-As a non-profit organization they We have chosen these specific ers who cannot help themselves.found many ways to get their outlets because they will be the Through our extensive researchmessage to their audience using most cost-effective and influen- and rationale we have conjuredonline tools and social media. tial channels to reach our target this campaign in order to achieveThey have been featured in many audience. We also plan to attract these goals for charity: waternews stories and have a high our target audience through a within one years’ time.celebrity involvement. Charity:
  3. 3. B charity: water 2Background Information ack on September 7th 2006, the world was changed because of one man’s selfless- ness. Charity: water, a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to developing countries, was created. Relying on public donations to fundwater projects, this 6 year old company has already made huge impacts in the world andhas provided clean water to over 2.5 million people in 20 different countries throughoutthe world. Scott Harrison at the young age of 18 moved out of his parents’ house in Philadel-phia and moved to New York City. There, he got caught up in the nightlife lifestyle whileplaying gigs at several different clubs with his band. He continued this way of life evenafter the band broke up by becoming a nightclubpromoter. Making good money, meeting famouspeople, partying till dawn, and traveling to high classcities on the weekends was Harrison’s main focusand life purpose. Many alcohol companies such asBudweiser and Bacardi would pay him thousands ofdollars a week just to be seen drinking their productsin public. A decade later at the age of 28 during aNew Year’s Eve vacation to Punta del Este, his mind-set then started to change. Harrison began to think that he was the worstperson that he knew. He realized that this kind oflifestyle wasn’t for him because he was emotional,spiritually, and morally bankrupt. After he beganto read theology books, a personal journey of faithstarted for him. He then wanted to start living a lifeserving God without hypocrisy and wanted to serve others through charity. Still living lifeby extremes, he signed up for several different humanitarian organizations to go help outin the poorest of countries. All but one turned him down. Mercy Ships, an organization that offers free medical care in the world’s poorestnations, called him and changed his life forever. He left New York and headed to West Afri-ca to volunteer as a ship photojournalist on a floating hospital where top surgeons from allover came to operate on thousands for free. After his first tour with Mercy Ships, he flewback to New York where he held an exhibit full of pictures and videos he had taken. Thisraised one hundred thousand dollars that he gave all to Mercy Ships. Harrison then decid-ed to fly back and go on a second tour. The second tour was to Liberia right after the country had ended a 14 year old civilwar. They had no electricity, no running water, and no mail anywhere throughout the coun-try. One other volunteer on the tour, an engineer from Colorado, started digging a
  4. 4. charity: water 3Background Informationfew wells in the communities. Harrison was in charge of taking the pictures so he went outand followed him around as he saw some of Liberia’s source of drinking water, which weregreen nasty ponds with bugs everywhere. This left the most reflective message to Har-rison. They were there giving tons of surgeries and dug wells so the people could finallyhave clean water. He started understanding the link between diseases and bad water andthe statistics proved it all. He then came back to New York at the age of 30. Completely broke but full of spirit,he decided to change and turn his NY lifestyle around and quit smoking, gambling, drugs,strip clubs, and everything else that was holding him back. His new life purpose becamewanting to give everyone in the world clean water and a charity that they could believe in.Harrison’s 31st birthday, September 7, 2006, was officially day 1 of an organization calledCharity Is, later to be known as charity: water. He opened two separate accounts with $100in each; one for public donations for projects and one to save up for an office and employ-ees, etc. He then wanted to show the public that literally 100% of all donations went to proj-ects, so he bought GPS systems that connected with pictures and videos of on-site projectsthat were there for anyone to go online and see where and what the money was going for.He held a birthday party at a night club where he invited 700 people and charged a $20cover. There he raised $15,000 and used that money to build 3 wells in Northern Uganda.They then created a traveling exhibition where there were clear tanks full of dirty waterand pictures of people in underdeveloped countries drinking that water. Many people sawthese exhibits and then bought a $20 bottle of water which went to the organization. Theirnext big campaign was a “party” that Harrison invited people too to stay at their homebut donate $32, which was his age, instead of paying for cab fares and tips, etc. This raised$59,000. This evolved several crazy and creative ideas for fundraisers and campaigns fromother people that have raised thousands and thousands of dollars. Because of Scott Harri-son’s passion and drive to fulfill the world by having its entire people to drink clean water,he is making a huge difference by raising the word of how important this issue is.
  5. 5. charity: water 4 Situation Analysis Charity: water is successful because of multimedia: it has more than 240,370 likeson Facebook page, promotes itself successfully through highly produced viral videos on sites like YouTube, and has more than 1.3 million Twitter followers. Charity: water hasused social media to its advantage, and obvious success. Because of its nonprofit, chari-table nature, it’s relatively blatant that its target audience would be other nonprofits, so-cial enterprises, businesses wishing to “sweeten” their public image, cause organizations,journalists, educators, humanitarians, and the general public at large, as well. Also becauseof the narrative-driven, highly produced nature of their viral videos, there could very wellbe a large unexpected target audience in the realm of filmmakers and video producers.According to a article written by Lauren Major and posted on January 17,2012, 70 percent of charity: water’s contributions come from online donations and fund-raisers, so it becomes apparent why the organization puts so much emphasis on its digitalendeavors. This is a very modern organization employing the hipness and instant acces-sibility of social media to further its causes- as a result, it would be wise to target an audi-ence that can often be reached in such places as well. Charity: water’s top competitors include Water for People,, and WaterAid.All of these nonprofit orgs are aiming for one goal; developing safe drinking water for ruralvillagers in developing countries. Water for people has a very well developed website. They include support from U.S.Olympic gold medal athletes Like Ryan Lochte, and Conor Dwyer. They also include mon-itoring reports to let the public see the progress that they have made with their organiza-tion. A main strength they have is a feature they have called “TAP Portal” which allows thepublic to discuss topics, comment on postings, hear news from the group, and RSVP forevents. However, their weaknesses include; few and weak approaches to funding the orga-nization, lack of focus on sanitation and hygiene behavior change, and focusing too heav-ily on raising money rather than educating the public on WASH (a water, sanitation , andhygiene advocacy campaign). has an obvious strength of a simple domain name for their website. Theyare very successful in the marketing and fundraising for the organization, with the hugeasset of Matt Damon’s presence and support. They also have a micro-finance program thatultimately allows them to deliver services based on their clients’ needs rather than donor’spreferences. Some of the weaknesses include: fairly high administration cost, weak assess-ment and evaluation plan and their lack of volunteers and local area supporters.
  6. 6. charity: water 5 Strengths Weaknesses -Only receives 100% donations -Finding donors and volunteers for onsite wells. -Solely dependent on donations -They are a non-profit, -Lack of awareness -Strong social media presence -Donations aren’t personal -A lot of press in media -High celebrity involvement -Partner with other countries charities -Photos to prove 100% donated wells -interactive website Swot Analysis -Bring clean safe drinking water to Opportunities Threats developing countries -The Water Project also uses GPS -Pledge your birthday -Water Without Borders, -800 million people on the planet drink wa- Water for People, Global Water, ter that’s likely to make them sick -Other charities offer greater benefits for -Time freedom and incentive to change lower costs/donor, their communities -Due to state of economy people are -Heavy growth in college markets, less likely to donate, -Ability to generate awareness to provide -Individuals campaigns can jeopardize increased funds for them and local orgs. brand equity -Able to join charity navigator at 4-yr anniversary,
  7. 7. T charity: water 6 Target Audience he primary audience for Charity: This demographic has been brought water is young adults spanning up connected to the world through the the ages of 18-35, technologi- internet in a way that no other genera-cally savvy individuals who are essen- tion preceding them has, which makestially in the midst beginning the rest the issues of the people that Charity:of their lives, whether they have just water is addressing all the more realstarted college or have recently gradu- and worthy of their charity for them.ated and are starting their careers and This demographic primarily con-starting families. What separates Char- sists of middle to upper class individ-ity: water from competing non-profits uals, though it is not without excep-like Habitat for Humanity is that Char- tions. A large number are unmarriedity: water appeals to these younger but there is also a noticeable portionGen-X donors who are only starting to that has recently become married ordevelop their giving habits and invest- is soon planning to marry. The samements in social media giving. Charity: can be said for those of them withwater does this through its efficient children. This demographic might finduse of social media sites such as Face- them restricted in terms of financesbook, Twitter, and Tumblr as its pri- from time to time, but charity is anmary communication tools, giving important, worthwhile endeavor forthe organization an immediacy and many of them, very deserving of theirintimateness that young adults of the age have been brought up withand have come to expect and admire.
  8. 8. charity: water 7 Communication Objectives -Increase awareness in the target audience by 80 percent after gala event in December 2013 -Sell out of tickets for the charity: water Gala event in July 2013 -Increase number of likes for charity: water Facebook page by 50% -Increase number of followers on charity: water Twitter by 35% - Produce at least 100 positive news stories in media after event -Attract over 100,000 unique visits to the charity: by December 2013 Awareness- 80% awareness by December 2013. ComparisonInterest- get interest of 40% of the80% aware by December 2013 2011(These people will request info, go towebsite/twitter/facebook.) Charity: water raised $17,646,927.Desire- 25-30% of the 40% to sign-up & donate. Generate 50,000 twitter 2013 Planfollowers, 20,000 Facebook likes,& 100,000 website visits. Increase Amount donated at gala=$6,457,0001,000 positive news stories in media Twitter habit campaign= $12,059,985 by December 2013 December 2012-December 2013Action- Increase $20,000,000 Other donations in 2013=$1,483,015amount of money/donations byDecember 2013.
  9. 9. I charity: water 8 Strategies & Tactics n order to reach our target audience of male and female professional, 18-35, we will use various media outlets to deliver our key messages effectively over the course of the next twelve months until December 2013. We will focus heavily on social media, makingtwitter our number one outlet to reach our audience. YouTube videos will be created preand post the gala event to generate awareness and intrigue the audience. Facebook will bea target outlet for conversation, video sharing, and storytelling. Sharing stories about thedeveloping countries will evoke the emotions of the target audience. All social media sitesneed to be cross integrated in order to generate leads back to the charity: water website.There will also be news stories pre and post the gala event to inform the target audience ofthe upcoming event and the outcome of the effects. Several news stories and press releaseswill be released within this time period along with the event to help generate awareness,interest, desire, and action for charity: water.The New York Times- News coverageJanuary 3, 31, 2013April 14, 2013May 19, 26, 2013June 6, 13, 20, 27, 2013July 11, 18, 25, 2013August 1, 8 , 2013October 10, 24, 2013November 21, 2013December 19, 31, 2013*For news stories, please refer to media kit, page 14.
  10. 10. charity: water 9 Creative plan For Charity Water, we want to create a modern, sophisticated, and youthful image.We feel this image will attract our target audience. We want to make sure that regardlessof age or financial income, everyone can make a difference. Whether you’re a college stu-dent or you’re a parent with children in college. We feel this image will keep our targetaudience interested and active in our campaign. The tone we would like to set is a more relaxed tone. We want our target audienceto feel comfortable in learning about Charity Water and comfortable with donating. Ourmanner is making a difference. We want our target audience to know that any help theyprovide makes a difference. Whether it’s donating or spreading the word about CharityWater. The message cues we have are “donate”, “change”, and “easy”. With our slogan, “AClear View of Change”, it accompanies all of these message cues. The “Change” in our slo-gan comes from donations and change. The “Clear” in our slogan hints that it is easy torecognize what needs to be done in order to receive positive results. The key messages that we want to get across include these; importance of clean wa-ter, how to help others, and it’s easy to help (wishing wells.) We want to educate our targetaudience just how important it is to have clean safe water. We feel that when we are ableto get this message across, our target audience will be more willing to donate and help. Wealso want to educate our target audience on how to help others. With our relaxed tone, wewant our target audience to know that if they are unable to donate, then there are otherways to help. Finally, we want to help our target audience understand just how easy it is tohelp such a big problem. When they understand this, they will realize that with their help,they can make a big difference. A Clear view of change
  11. 11. charity: water 10 event proposalcharity: waterWishing for a Well Gala The event, Wishing for a Well Gala, will be held on July 26, 2013. It will be held on a yachton the Hudson River, in New York City, New York. This will be the first time for this event, andwe are hoping to have a great turnout. The gala will host 1200 guests. The cost for this event will be $2,000 per individual ticket,$3,500 per couple, or $100,000 per table that will seat eight guests.During the gala, there will be a catered dinner, 2 keynote speakers, as well as many celebrityspeakers. Around the room, there will be smart boards located in several areas where guestsmay feel free to explore areas where charity: water has dug wells in the past and they may evenexplore areas where we hope to dig wells in the future. There will be suggestion boxes set up aswell, where people may suggest new locations for wells. In various places on the yacht, wishing wells will be set up, and guests may make theirown wishes, by tossing coins or cash into the wells. The top 24 most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes of New York City will be attendingthe event for an exclusive night of dancing and a date auction. All proceeds will go towards char-ity: water water projects. There will be an art auction with art donated from local city artists. 75%of all alcohol sales will go to charity: water as well. Charity: water water bottles will also be forsale for $20, as they are at most of the charity: water events. All food, drinks, music, and décorwill be donated for this event. This gala will be a one-time only event, however, if everything goes well it may contin-ue in the future. The reason for choosing New York City to host our event, this is the center ofeverything it seems. Scott Harrison, the founder and CEO, lived in New York for a long timebefore starting charity: water. Also, there are more who would want to come to this event sinceit would be held in a larger city. This event was chosen to help our campaign because when we make wishes, it is for merematerial goods; a good job, good house, good life. When people in countries make wishes,they wish for food and water, maybe not even clean water, but just water. When we all put ourresources together, we can help them find the clean water they need, and when we all wish forgood, good happens. At the end of the event, we aim to raise $6,457,000 for charity: water, and 100% of the pro-ceeds going towards new water projects. Wishing for a Well Gala, A Clear View of Change.
  12. 12. charity: water 1 1 Media KItFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJune 1 , 2013Charity: Water Wishing for a Well GalaNew York City, New York-- Six years ago a non-profit organization called Charity: Water wascreated to bring clean and safe drinking water to developing countries. On July 26, 2013 thenon-profit organization will hold its first Wishing for a Well Gala on the Hudson River in NYCat 7pm in hopes to raise awareness and donations for the worthy cause.Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of Charity: Water, says that “charity is practical. It’s sometimeseasy, more often inconvenient, but always necessary. It’s the ability to use one’s position of influ-ence, relative wealth and power to affect lives for the better. Charity is singular and achievable.”Mr. Harrison will be the key speaker shortly after the extravagant event begins. He will be talkingabout various subjects such as how he began Charity: Water and why the cause is such a globalissue. After a formal dinner, there will be a surprise A-List celebrity guest speaker to talk aboutwhy she believes Charity: Water is so important and why everyone should help out.Less than a decade old, the organization has provided clean water to over 2.5 million peoplein 20 different countries throughout the world. Although there have been huge impacts made,Charity: Water won’t stop till everyone in the world has clean water. What seems to be such asimple element that most people take advantage of, others would die for and some do. Any per-son and any donation can make a difference to help build wells across the world.To purchase tickets to Wishing for a Well Gala and for more information go to contactMaria Wolfe at 1(812) 968-4250And more about how to donate to Charity: Water is available online at
  13. 13. charity: water 1 2 Frequently Asked QuestionsWHAT DOES CHARITY: WATER DO? Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Here’scharity: water is a non-profit organization bringing where we currently work, by region:clean and safe drinking water to people in developing Africa: Central African Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, thecountries. Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libe-We inspire giving and empower others to fundraise ria, Malawi, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda.alongside us for sustainable water solutions. Then we Asia: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Nepal.use 100% of public donations to invest in local part- Latin America/Caribbean: Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti,ners on the ground that build and implement the water Honduras.projects. We work with more than 21 implementing partnersWhen the projects are complete, we prove them by to build sustainable water projects in the field. Oursharing GPS coordinates, photos and other details partners are experts with years of proven progress. Weabout the impacted communities. We’re passionate pick the countries where we work based on water scar-about connecting those who gave to the communities city, poverty, political stability -- and the availability ofthey’ve transformed. these strong local partnerships.We use water as a catalyst for major change, promotingbehavioral changes in hygiene and supporting im- WHAT DOES MY DONATION DO?proved sanitation models where we can, to maximize We always spend 100% of your money on water proj-the health benefits of a clean water source. ects in the field – and we’re committed to using those In six years, we’ve funded more than 6,000 projects funds in the most effective way to fight the water 20 countries to serve about 2.5 million people with This means investing in more than just materials toclean, safe drinking water and sanitation projects. And build a well.we’re just getting started. HOW DO I DONATE TO CHARITY: WATER?WHAT IS CHARITY: WATER’S VISION? Easy! There are a few different ways:charity: water believes that we can end the water crisis our lifetime by ensuring that every person on the Donating online is our easiest option. You can donateplanet has access to life’s most basic need -- clean using any major credit card. Any international dona-drinking water. tions made on the charity: water website will be con- In the short-term, our goal by 2015 is to transform the verted to USD.lives of at least 10 million people by providing them Take care when filling out billing information;with access to safe water. PayPal* has a highly sensitive automatic fraud alert system and it flags any little inconsistencies in theHOW DOES CHARITY: WATER USE 100% OF DO- form you fill out.NATIONS TO FUND WATER PROJECTS? One-time donation? Monthly giving? Want to spon-We depend on private donors, foundations and our sor an entire water project? See all the different waysmembership program called, “The Well” to fund our you can donate here >Operations. They cover everything from staff salaries By check or money office rent and supplies to our flights to the field, Send checks or money orders (we don’t suggest cash)so that we can continue to use all public donations to for general donations to our office:fund clean water for people in need. charity: water 200 Varick St., Suite 201WHERE IN THE WORLD DOES CHARITY: WATER New York, NY 10014WORK? www.charitywater.orgcharity: water works in 20 developing countries in
  14. 14. charity: water 13 Executive Biography Scott Harrison, Founder & CEO W hen Scott first started his journey towards charity: water, he was not into charity at all. He was a big time promotions guru. He made his living promoting the night life in NYC. He promoted nightclubs and big fash- ion events. He felt like there was something missing in his life, something in the spiritual department. When he first decided to give back, he joined the group, Mercy Ship, a “floating hospital” that gave medical care to those who couldn’t afford it. He started as a photographer and jour- nalist, leaving behind his roomy loft in NYC and taking on instead a crowded cabin with his fellow shipmates. Mercy Ship had hundreds of top doctors and sur- geons who either had a passion all along to help others, or those who planned on volunteering for a couple weeks, then deciding to stay for years. This was a ship of miracles, and filled with so much love for others. He felt like he had given up so much joining Mercy Ship, but once they landed the ship, he once again felt like he was home, seeing those people who had nothing, yet hehad a place to sleep, clean water and food in his stomach.He saw the pain and suffering first hand, and when he captured these images of those suffering, he felt like hehad so much to give. He met thousands who were affected by illness. He learned that these illnesses they had, were often thesame as others here in the US had, but in the US, they are taken care of so they never progress as far as they hadin those patients he talked with. For eight months he worked with Mercy Ship, helping those in need. Then, hefinally realized, charity is a necessity. It is a need and he wants to help. This began his journey.To this date, charity: water has funded over 6,900 wells in 20 countries. They continue to grow and serve devel-oping nations. Little did Scott know his dream for helping others would help so many.Christoph Gorder Michael Letta Viktoria Harrison Yukari MatsuzawaPresident CFO Creative Director VP of Growth
  15. 15. charity: water 14 Charity: water in the newsYoung Couple Starts the New Year with a Bang(New York Times) January 3, 2013 Wishing for a Well Gala Raises $20 million for charity: water After Making Her Wish, Angela Helps to (New York Times, Courier Journal) Dig Well in Cambodia August 8, 2013 (Disney, Nickelodeon, People, New York Times) January 31, 2013 Wishing for a Well Gala in NYC Successful; Founder Plans to make it Annual.Amy, age 12, Pledges her Birthday to charity: water! (, New York Times, People, etc)(Nickelodeon, Disney, 17 Magazine) October 10, 2013April 14, 2013 Girl Scout Troop Gives Back Charity: water Has Big Plans up Their Sleeves (Local Newspapers and news channels) (New York Times, People Magazine) October 24, 2013 May 19, 26, 2013 (Two features) We are thankful for Charity: waterCelebrity Guest Appearances at (Life magazine, People Magazine, Wishing for a Well Gala Cosmopolitan magazine)(People, Elle, Vogue, InStyle, November 21, 2013Entertainment Weekly)June 6, 2013 Charity: water gives Christmas new meaning (New York Times) Getting Ready for the Gala (3 event updates) December 19, 2013 (New York Times) June 13, 20, 27, 2013 Toast for Clean Water Worldwide (New York Times)Wishing For a Well Sold Out December 31, 2013(New York Times, Local news)July 11, 2013 NYU Sorority Raises $10,000 for Charity:water (New York Times, School newspapers) July 18, 2013Event of the Year: TOMORROW(Local news channels, New York Times, Local News-papers)July 25, 2013 Wishing for a Well Gala Successful! (, New York Times, etc) August 1, 2013
  16. 16. charity: water 15 plan results736 individual tickets/$2,000=1,472,000 Twitter Habit Campaign200 couples tickets purchased (400 people)/ $3,500 = As of December 2012 Charity: water twitter$700,000 has 1,378,284 followers.10 tables of 8 (NYC companies, young entrepreneurs) Our goal is to get 25% of them to donate 1(80 people) 8/$100,00= $1,000,000 week of the daily habits (coffee, tanning, gym, etc) within 1 year.All tickets sold (1200 people total) = $3,172,000 25%=344,571 followers 7 days in a week/$5 = $35Wishing Wells at the event: 344,571 x $35= $12,059,985Everyone (1200) puts $50 in wishing wells, resulting in$60,000 donations.After dinner and before date auction there will be adance with the 24 bachelors and bachalorettes.You must pay $50 to dance with them.The date auction will start when $100,000 is raised. Twitter campaign + Gala = Date Auction with New York’s 24 most eligible bachelors& bachelorettes, Total= $480,000 ($20,000/person) $18,516,985 Local Art Auction The remaining $1,483,015 will 50 pieces sold on average $50,000 each= $2,500,000 be raised over theLiquor, wine, beer course ofDrinks are $25/each75% goes to charity: water one year1,200 people buy 6 drinks each= 7,200 drinks through7,200x $25= 180,000 word-of-75%= $135,000 mouth & birthdayAll together at gala= $6,457,000 donations, etc.On average it costs $5,000 to build water projectin a village.After campaign is over in December 2013, we will have enough money to fund 4,000 waterprojects!
  17. 17. I charity: water 16 Evaluation n order to measure media exposure of this plan we recommend tracking social media traffic. This can be done by knowing where the social media sites stand before the plan begins and then keeping track of the increased followers, likes, and leads. By sendingout a monthly newsletter from the core website you can also allow your donors to sign upwith their email addresses and stay more connected with them. Traditional print news andbroadcast news must also be tracked. Archive these into your press kit for more credibilitywith the public. This plan and campaign has been prepared for charity: water by the publicrelations team of Indiana University Southeast.