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Introduction to ROS (Robot Operating System)


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Introduction to ROS (Robot Operating System) in under 10 slides

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Introduction to ROS (Robot Operating System)

  1. 1. (Robot Operating System) in less than 10 slides Harsh Pandya Graduate Student ECE Department NC State University Introduction to
  2. 2. Challenge in Robotics Integration is complex!
  3. 3. Solution A framework that provides: • Communication Infrastructure • Robot-Specific features • Elimination of programming language barrier • Diagnostic tools • Advance Simulation capabilities is the solution!
  4. 4. • ROS is a meta-operating system – Collection of frameworks, SDKs, and software tools • Launched in 2008 by Willow Garage • Currently maintained by OSRF (Open Source Robotics Foundation) • 9 version releases so far
  5. 5. Message Message
  6. 6. In action