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HVAX Catalogue

  1. 1. HVATechnologies Private Ltd. The Flawless Execution EM 011 ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company
  2. 2. HVATechnologies Private Ltd. PROFILE MISSION We will strive to attain a leadership position in the markets we choose to serve by creating innovative and differentiated turnkey solutions that are delivered with impeccable quality. We believe that this will enable us to add tangible value to our business which will in return benefit our clients, in every engagement. VISION We want to be India’s best Turnkey Cleanroom service providers and be recognized by the brand “HVAX”. We want to provide each customer with novel designs and superior solutions an altogether better-quality environment. To deliver quality service and ensure complete customer satisfaction through process of continuous self evaluation & improvement. QUALITY POLICY Our expertise includes seamless integration of Turnkey Projects which includes Industry Segment HVAC Designing & Execution Cleanroom Partition Panels Doors View Panels & other Cleanroom Accessories Ceiling includes Walkable/Nonwalkable Epoxy Floorings Cleanroom Light Fixtures Pharmaceuticals Hospitals HVAX is a young and exuberant company comprising a group of people acting with a common purpose of providing users and industry with an across-the-board method of providing minimum requirements for services. These requirements can cover safety, performance, reliability, so that both the supplier and user understand what to expect from the product. Specializing in various industry segments like Pharma, Biotech, Hospitals, Engineering etc., across the country and overseas, HVAX can claim to have arrived. With a holistic team of Managers, Engineers, Technicians - specially trained to conceptualize, design, construct and maintain clean rooms for different applications, HVAX aims to be the leading innovator in providing turnkey solutions for clean rooms. Where innovation is the need of the hour, HVAX pursues excellence such that they can be the trendsetter for the industry thereby setting a lineage for others to follow. Our Promoter & Directors have years of ancillary experience which aid the organization to be more accurate and add value to the organization. They are highly experienced professionals familiar with all set standards for clean room. HVAX also offers validation/testing as per these standards, thus echoing the term of flawless execution. The systematic documents provided by the company for its services enables its clientele to obtain various international approvals like WHO, USFDA, UKMHRA etc. Biotech Engineering etc...
  3. 3. HVAC SYSTEM A chilled-water applied system uses chilled water to transport heat energy between the airside, chillers and the outdoors. These systems are more commonly found in large HVAC installations, given their efficiency advantages. The components of the chiller (evaporator, compressor, an air- or water-cooled condenser, and expansion device) are often manufactured, assembled, and tested as a complete package within the factory. These packaged systems can reduce field labor, speed installation and improve reliability. Alternatively, the components of the refrigeration loop may be selected separately. While water-cooled chillers are rarely installed as separate components, some air cooled chillers offer the flexibility of separating the components for installation in different locations. This allows the system design engineer to position the components where they best serve the space, acoustic, and maintenance requirements of the building owner. Another benefit of a chilled-water applied system is refrigerant containment. Having the refrigeration equipment installed in a central location minimizes the potential for refrigerant leaks, simplifies refrigerant handling practices, and typically makes it easier to contain a leak if one does occur. Air Handling UnitCooling TowerChiller Chilled Water Systems HVAC usually refers to the mechanical system of the building that provides heating, ventilation and/or coolingwithin a building or a premise. This includes air conditioners, furnaces, blower assembly, an evaporative coil, acompressor and compressor coil, thermostats, ductwork and filters which helps to distribute the conditioned airwithin a building.We follow a very stringent quality control system, where we ensure every raw material received and every manufactured item is tested and approved as per the set quality norms. This ensures optimum performance of the equipments. HVATechnologies Private Ltd.
  4. 4. HVAC SYSTEM In a direct-expansion (DX) system, the evaporator is in direct contact with the air stream, so the cooling coil of the airside loop is also the evaporator of the refrigeration loop. The term “direct” refers to the position of the evaporator with respect to the airside loop. The term "expansion" refers to the method used to introduce the refrigerant into the cooling coil. The liquid refrigerant passes through an expansion device (usually a valve) just before entering the cooling coil (the evaporator). This expansion device reduces the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant to the point where it is colder than the air passing through the coil. The components of the DX unitary system refrigeration loop (evaporator, compressor, condenser, expansion device and even some unit controls) may be packaged together, which provides for factory assembly and testing of all components, including the electrical wiring, the refrigerant piping, and the controls. This is called a Packaged DX system. One of the most common reasons for selecting a DX system, especially a packaged DX system, is that, in a smaller building, it frequently has a lower installed cost than a chilled-water system because it requires less field labor and has fewer materials to install. Packaged DX systems that use air-cooled condensers can be located on the roof of a building, in a small equipment room, or even within the perimeter wall of the building. DX Systems Terminal HEPA Box Condensing Unit Ducting Validation Services HVAX is a prominent Service Provider in the global market offering Cleanroom Validation Services. Using sophisticated equipment, we offer Cleanroom Validation Services in which we conduct various testing like airborne particle counts, filter integrity testing, relative humidity measurement, and many more. Herein, we provide report in appropriate format to the clients, informing them about non-compliance and other certificates. • Validation of laminar flow devices • Airborne Particle Counting • HEPA Filter integrity test by using DOP method • Supply, installation, sealing, and integrity of HEPA filters • Isolators to all current standards as well as recommended practices • Temperature and humidity mapping • Validation Documentation as per guidelines System Build User Requirements Specification Verifies Verifies Verifies PQ OQ IQ Functional Specification Design Specification HVATechnologies Private Ltd.
  5. 5. CLEANROOM PARTITION PANELS Modular wall partition systems Modular ceiling system Fully flush door System Fully flush view panel Pass through system Specifications of Panels • Thin & light weight construction • Wide variety of filler PUF / EPS FOAM / ROCK WOOL • Wide variety of Surface material PCGI / PPGI / AL / S.S. / Laminates • Available in Thickness 50mm / 80mm / 100mm • Progressive and Non-Progressive. • Doors compatible with panel materials • Excellent insulating property • Less joints as compared to any other system of panel design. • Design engineering and installation support from HVAX. • HVAX systems are perfectly airtight, hence no problem in pressure balancing & cross contamination • Panels can easily be re-locatable or dismantled • Inbuilt return air riser • Concealed electrical fittings Partitions Panels View Panels Ceiling System • Walkable, Serviceable ceiling • Concealed suspension • Interior flush surface • Flexible to make cutout at site for lighting, Hepa filter etc. Ceiling Features Doors Door Features • Flush type, hinged door • Electrical interior system available • Flush mounted, built in viewing window • Automatic drop seal • SS door handle • Single leaf / double leaf type HVAX cleanroom systems has the latest technology & engineered design of modular Cleanroom partition, Ceilings & the state of the Art flush doors, Windows for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & can environmental cleanroom. • Single glazed window • Flush mounted & double glazed window with nitrogen fill or silica gel pocket to prevent condensation HVATechnologies Private Ltd.
  6. 6. CLEANROOM EQUIPMENTS Pass Through’s “HVAX Dynamic Type Pass Boxes designed to minimize traffic and contamination entry into the clean room, enables parts, tools and other work items to be passed to and from the room. Unit acts as an air lock device preventing ambient air from entering, or clean air from exiting the clean room. Dynamic Pass Box allows operation in sterile and particle free conditions because the continuous flushing of the working area by a unidirectional and vertical and ultra filtered airflow, it assures a full product protection. HVAX Dynamic Type Pass Boxes HVAX Pass through box is designed to minimize traffic and contamination entry into the clean room, enables parts, tools and other work items to be passed to room and from the room. Unit acts as an air lock device preventing ambient air from entering, or clean air from exiting the clean room. HVAX Static Type Pass Boxes HVAX Powder Dispensing / Sampling Booth Powder Dispensing booths are used to control the hazardous emissions of powders, dust during powder dispensing, product sampling, or bag dispensing, etc., without risk to the operator or environment. The downdraught prevents airborne dusts caused by weighing and dispensing operations rising into the operator's breathing zone. The air forced downwards is extracted at lower level of the booth's filtration system, where dust particles are contained at each level of filtration prior to being re-circulated back into the booths' air stream. Laminar Airflow Horizontal / Vertical Laminar Airflow system allows operation in sterile and particle free conditions because the continuous flushing of the working area by a unidirectional and Horizontal / Vertical and ultra filtered airflow, it assures a full product protection. Horizontal VerticalVertical Light Fixtures Epoxy Flooring Dynamic Type Pass Box Static Type Pass Box HVATechnologies Private Ltd.
  7. 7. CLIENT LIST And Many More... HVATechnologies Private Ltd. Company Magna Laboratories (Gujrat) Pvt. Ltd., Vapi SS Pharma, Allahabad Sequence Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Nashik HI-Cure Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Hubli Bharat Parenterals Pvt. Ltd., GujratJ. Duncan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Piramal Lifescience Ltd., Mumbai Sandoz Pvt Ltd., Navi Mumbai Aanjaneya Life Care Ltd., Mahad Healthy Life Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Tarapur Pepsico, Chennai Piramal Healthcare, Mahad Biopore Surgicals, Mumbai Baroque Pharmaceuticals, GujratDortmund Lab. Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Dynamicro, Mumbai TTK Healthcare, Chennai 3 M Technologies, Banglore Sadatan Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur
  8. 8. F - 62, 1st Floor, Dreamz The Mall, L. B. S. Road, Bhandup (W), Mumbai - 400 078, Maharashtra, India. Tel.: +91-22-2166 3040 Fax: 2166 3059 Email: info@hvax.in Web: www.hvax.in +91-22- Certified Company EM 011 ISO 9001: 2008 www.hvax.in