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Tt%20 %20 Positve%20thinking

  1. 1. Skillz & Positive Sheikh Chilli once found a pot of wheat flour on his way home. He went home and strung it in front of his bed. After a ‘hard’ day of doing nothing, he reclined on the bed; the dangling pot of wheat set him thinking. He thought, “This is indeed very good; I will take Thinking: this to the market and sell it at a profit. Then from the profits I will buy some hens, the hens will lay eggs and I will sell those in the market and make a huge profit. Out of that money I will buy cows and sell the milk in the market and set up a sweet shop. By the end of the year I will become a prosperous merchant.” Sheikh Chilli closed his eyes and began to visualise a The Art Of Seeing mansion where he would rest; all the prettiest maidens of the city would vie to marry him. He would settle down with the richest and the prettiest of the lot. Soon he would have little sons of his own, toddlers running about the The Invisible house. But, he thought he would have to be very firm with them. He visualised them as naughty brats and decided to whack them to teach them a good lesson. He threw about his hands and legs up in the air and down came the pot crashing into pieces. The Sheikh literally - Dr. Hutoxi Randeria saw his pipe dreams shatter! There is a fine line between positive thinking and pointless daydreaming. You have to be on your guard never to trespass it. Unless positive thinking is translated or a minute let’s go back to our anecdote of the F into disciplined action, success will forever remain a pipe archery test held by Dronacharya to test the dream. archery skills of his disciples. As archer after archer lost their mark, they began to grumble. Some said Walt Disney once said, “People often ask the target was too far off while others complained that it me if I know the secret of success and if I was too high up. After Arjuna successfully completed could tell others how to make their dreams the test, Dronacharya called all his disciples and told come true. My answer is… you do it by them, “My boys, failure to hit the bulls-eye is never the working.” fault of the target. When an archer misses the mark, he turns and So if you dream of becoming a manager in five years looks for the fault elsewhere. The time, you need to take care of your short term goals of secret is to look within. To clearing the entrance exam in order to get yourself improve your aim, improve admitted into a good B-school, then clear the course with yourself.” flying colours and finally impress your employers with In this statement lies the most your abilities, skills and confidence. important lesson of positive At each step visualise your success. On your way there thinking. The only reason why we will be hurdles and often life will seem like one long are not what we should be is obstacle course, but if you have confidence in yourself because we don’t dare to be. Walt success will not be far off. Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Once you Positive thinking here means measuring have set your goal of becoming a middle level manager success not in terms of your achievements in the next five years, you need to do two things. First but in overcoming the obstacles that lie in you constantly need to visualise yourself as one. The your path to success. technique of visualisation is indeed a very powerful way of looking at life and its difficulties. But it has its pitfalls for visualisation is not to be taken as daydreaming. Continued on next page Advanc'edge MBA / May 2003
  2. 2. Skillz & October 1982 during the course of this race, and millions of television was a watershed viewers witnessed these “failures.” But she kept going year for a twenty and finally completed the race, 11 hours after she had five year old first started. Her handicap limited her speed but not woman. She finally her determination. She attributed her success to finished the positive visualisation of her success. Every time she gruelling New fell, she visualised her jubilation at crossing the York marathon. finishing line and that gave her the courage and Well, that’s no big motivation to go on. deal, for many It must be however remembered that positive women athletes thinking is the catalyst for success; it is not success in have done the same long before 1982 and continue to do itself. You need to show the world the results of your the same till this date. But this 25-year-old woman was positive thinking, not the mere blue print. As someone no ordinary woman. She was Linda Down, the first very rightly put it, the world expects results, don’t talk patient of cerebral palsy to complete the 42.2 km race on to them about your labour pains, instead show them crutches. Linda stumbled and fell half a dozen times the baby. Advanc'edge MBA / May 2003