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Tge American European

  1. 1. %The Global Educator Read on ................................... The American MBA Business School where it takes two years. In the US, however a two- vs. year full-time course is standard. But this does not mean that an American MBA is twice as good, The European MBA or even that it is any better at all, say experts. The differences between two- - Soma Saha year and one-year MBA programs reflect the traditional time taken for a master’s degree in various While taking up an MBA course abroad, one often wonders whether an regions (two years in North American MBA is better or a European one. Although traditionally the America, one year in Europe). MBA has a “Made In The US of A” stamp on it as it has been home to the According to professors, schools program, MBAs in Britain and other parts of Europe also have a distinctive with a one-year program (and note character and boast of a reputation for excellence worldwide. that “one year” can mean anything 6 from 10 to 16 months) argue that there is little difference in terms of hough the US has been the success of the program but in areas covered and time spent in the pioneer in the field of Europe, there was more state class compared with a two-year MBA education and has support and involvement. The program. Certainly while the first been producing MBAs result according to prominent year of a two-year program is a for over a century, professors was “more diverse, less very intensive experience, the European countries have only standardised and less second - which is given over to started teaching them since the institutionalised” MBA programs elective courses and job hunting - 1980s. Britain was the first country [in Europe]. And though European is much less so. in Europe to start with MBA MBAs took longer to become The main advantage of a two- programs at London Business popular and recognized, they have year program is the internship (job School in the early 1980s. But fitted very well into their own experience within a company) when Europe started the program countries’ systems. For example, during the two years. This is it did not import the American the French cultural influence on its particularly important if one is model. business education is especially using an MBA to change career. An The US relied exclusively on marked. Part-time MBAs – often internship, which is a vital first private enterprise and support for called Executive MBAs, because step to a full-time job, allows students are often experience in the area one wants already employed in to move to. A two-year program is high-powered jobs and also considered more worthwhile studying in their spare in terms of educational and time – were pioneered personal development experience in Europe, and are still since it allows more time for more common there reflection. than they are in the US. But if one is not planning a In Britain, it takes significant career change and has one year of full-time considerable work experience, a study to get an MBA, one-year program might be more except at London 79 Advanc'edge MBAMarch 2005
  2. 2. %The Global Educator Read on ................................... language in an attempt to compete what one learns and the quality of This article appeared in The with the most famous American the experience. It all comes down Global Educator, the Perfect universities. MBA programs in to personal circumstances and Guide for International France are not always taught in choice. Education. To subscribe use the subscription form in the French, and if an institution wants journal or visit to recruit the best students and The author has served in www. theglobaleducator. com teachers, it is compulsory for editorial positions with programs to be conducted in numerous publications and is appropriate. Hence, a one-year English. Most of these institutions currently an Instructional Designer with e-learning program is ideal for a quick career require students to have a good projects boost but a two-year program TOEFL or GMAT score to apply. allows better opportunities for The INSEAD in Fontainebleau, Answer to the Cros-sword career change. France is the European MBA However, students are usually College equivalent, and a 1996 1 2 3 4 5 6 I N T R E P I D T worried about the ‘language’ factor survey in the ‘Time’ placed this 7 8 9 N H M T E V A while choosing an MBA program institution first in the world, 10 11 12 G I R O C I S I C in any European country except beating institutions such as 13 E O L O O P I Britain. It should be remembered Wharton and Harvard. 16 17 14 15 N S E O N O U T that offering an MBA Program is In conclusion, though MBAs are 18 19 20 U P S C A T U an opportunity to develop American diplomas due to their 21 22 O S R B I R international recognition and history and conception, but given 23 24 25 26 U M P I R E C N today, most important business schools with similar reputations on 28 29 27 S U A V I T Y A schools in Europe offer diplomas either side of the Atlantic there is 31 30 M Y E B O N Y in both English and the local not much difference in terms of quot; Kindly give us 4 references of your friends/ family (with e-mail ID) who would be interested in the Advanc’edge MBA journal. Name:________________________________________ Name:________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________ Address: _____________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ City: _______________ Pincode: ________________ City: _______________ Pincode: ________________ Telephone Number: ___________________________ Telephone Number: ___________________________ Cell Number:_________________________________ Cell Number:_________________________________ Email id: _____________________________________ Email id: _____________________________________ ! quot; Name:________________________________________ Name:________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________ Address: _____________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ City: ________________ Pincode:_______________ City _________________ Pincode _______________ Telephone Number: ___________________________ Telephone Number: ___________________________ Cell Number:_________________________________ Cell Number:_________________________________ Email id: _____________________________________ Email id: _____________________________________