Discusit Camera Phones


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Discusit Camera Phones

  1. 1. %,EI?KII1J Read on ................................... Camera Phones: mechanical systems and eventually get into the ‘rhythm’ of the machine. Or, it’s like a newly-wed bride finding acceptability at her in-laws’ house! Right Technology, Wrong Application! If you see the two camera phone incidents in this light you may raise a hue and cry about the - Dhiraj Malhotra with inputs from Prakash Patil immorality of the incident but you will refrain from demanding a ban November 2004: A Delhi Public School student shoots a 2.5 minute video clip on the camera phones. Camera of his girlfriend, while he was having sex with her. This sexually explicit video phones are evolving and are just film is then sent to his friends and thereafter to thousands of people worldwide. one of the ‘small steps’ towards the It reaches the LAN of IIT Kharagpur and is also sold by an IIT Kharagpur age of convergence. Integrated student on the Internet. The boy and the girl are expelled from the school, and technology is what the future is, the boy is arrested. The student from IIT Kharagpur is also arrested and so is right? So, does this imply that we the CEO of Baazee.com, the portal on which this video clipping was sold. The should treat the incidents as just entire nation is in a state of shock and awe and camera phones kick off a national stray ones, keep quiet and let it debate. pass? Or, sleep over the incidents and hope that time shall take care December 2004: Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor are caught lip-locked with of such aberrant behaviour? No…a each other at Rain, an upscale nightclub in Mumbai. The video is shot without vehement NO!! their knowledge from a cell phone. This clip is published on the cover page of As much as we might say that it Mid-Day, an evening newspaper. While some fans might be thrilled with such is a normal evolutionary a “treat”, Shahid and Kareena file a lawsuit against the newspaper. The camera phenomenon, we should not forget phone is again the topic of controversy. that there would have been many more Hiroshimas and Nagasakis So, the usual cacophony of outrage follows: Should camera phones be banned? had the comity of nations not Is the technology proving to be a bane to society? Well, wait a minute..…did I raised their voice against the say, BANE? inhuman US bombings and 1 discussed ways to exercise control t’s the same old story. human race”…and so on…But Sophisticated technology has its then, the numerous uses of nuclear negatives. It grabs headlines in power as an energy source also dailies the world over and as it makes it a boon for mankind. evolves it comes within easy So how does a new technology reach of common man. Once the considered as ‘bane’ become negatives become visible, it meets popular and acceptable? For this, with resistance, scepticism, even one needs to understand that the criticism but is eventually reason any advent of science does accepted. Man moves on to yet not have instant acceptability is another innovation, and that’s the because while technology is in the way it goes! I think that this development phase and is phenomenon can be termed as a continually evolving, society, “technology life cycle”. But it still which is the end-user of this baffles people who fail to see it technology, also evolves. It changes from a holistic perspective. its structure and systems to adapt, Here, it may be recalled that leading to “its acceptability in the nuclear power was described as best form”. You buy a new car and “the most devilish act of mankind it takes some months for you to get capable of having the devastating used to and adapt your style of effect of wiping out the entire driving to the car’s electronic and
  2. 2. %,EI?KII1J Read on ................................... over nuclear proliferation. The insulated youngsters who don’t get otherwise. The camera phone is a nuclear non-proliferation treaty drawn by the tides of immorality boon to the reporter and news was the outcome of the and mores of the times. The urban channels. The purpose of the cell deliberations between the nations. fast paced lifestyle and lack of phone is to communicate. Transfer In the DPS incident, the boy and parental attention and time could of images of family over long the girl were having a private be the factors responsible for a distance is a blessing. The increase moment together. The question scenario where children are left in accessibility and indiscriminate people seem to be missing in this with gadgets that are way beyond use without security issues taken ‘damn the camera phone’ their time and expect more maturity care of are the moot points. cacophony is that if there weren’t than is due at their age. Revealing A more pertinent issue arising in any camera phones, wouldn’t this the wake of these scandals is the images on electronic and print incident have happened? It would issue of morality. There may be two media and explicit pornographic certainly have happened. Besides, opinions about the morality (or content over the net exercises a the extensive distribution of this immorality, if you will) of the hugely corrupting influence over video clip was not solely through sexual act per se committed by the impressionable minds of the MMS. The Internet was the student and his girlfriend or the younger generation. So, should we medium. Nobody seems to be then have an age group for use of talking about banning the Internet. the camera cell-phone? Is there a For years the debate on controlling way to monitor the transfer of pornography on the net has been sensitive sexually explicit raging but probably the ‘pros’ of the information? The government has net have outnumbered the ‘cons’ by issued a directive that such transfer a million score. Hence, the demand is a punishable offence that can be to ban the camera phone is wholly punished under a court of law. unjustified. Of course, the fact that Hence, although the camera the camera phone has made people public smooching of Karina and phone has made us easily vulnerable to encroachment on our vulnerable to the breach of their Shahid. But there can be no two private lives, the fault lies not with privacy hits the raw nerve, but this opinions about the immorality of shooting the sexual act and the instrument but the mentality, should prompt us to be careful circulating it in public domain. The which causes it to be misused. And rather than hysterical. act of shooting a sexual act for if the mentality of the people The MMS clip shot of Shahid public display is normally involved is to be blamed, the and Kareena is a different issue. considered ‘unacceptable’ in any society, which fosters and Seen from their perspective, it is civilised society since it may hurt encourages such mentality, should violation of confidentiality as the the sensibilities of the people at also take its share of the blame. The clip was taken without their large. Whether smooching in public MMS scandal only reflects the knowledge and made public. From or capturing the act in a video clip general decline in the morals, another point of view, it was or a camera will be considered as values and principles society is strictly speaking not a private moral or immoral will depend on witnessing since the 90s after the moment that the two were having the societal perception of morality ‘invasion’ of the Western media in because it was a public place and at a given point of time. For Indian homes and the proliferation not their bedroom! Nonetheless, it example, during the Victorian era of the Internet in the nooks and is indeed a breach of privacy as the in Britain, display of even an ankle corners of cities and towns. The clip was published without their by women was considered as need, of the hour is to erect knowledge or consent. But then, ‘indecent’. By today’s standards, technological firewalls and socio- the real issue is the consent of the when bikinis are more common legal frameworks to protect society individuals involved and not the than umbrellas on the beaches of against the misuse of technology. medium used in the breach of Western countries, Victorian The implementation is surely a privacy. Most of the Bollywood morality is considered prudish. pretty long haul (if at all it’s actors and actresses today have Responsible parenting and the possible) and, as the cliché goes, been shot with lip-locked moments clarity of value systems if inculcated in their various films but then it is easier said than done. at an early age will result in well- with their consent, implicit or