Next-Gen Web App Dev Trends


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Trends for today's and tomorrow's web applications.
Platforms, languages, interoperability organizations,developer hangouts, cool APIs, monetization

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Next-Gen Web App Dev Trends

  1. 1. Next-Gen Web App Development Huy Zing Barcamp Phnom Penh Sept 20, 2008
  2. 2. Live feedback room # 8567
  3. 3. Web App Dev trends, before 2007 Before 2007, Web 2.0 Ajax Mashups Bookmarklets Social software Social networking Collaborative editing (wiki, google docs) Versioning (wiki) Tags Online video
  4. 4. Web App Dev trends, starting 2007 Social Network Platforms Facebook OpenSocial (every social network except Facebook) Web-Desktop integration Google Gears Adobe AIR Mobile Web iPhone web applications + SDK SDK for Mac OS X Android
  5. 5. Web App Dev trends, starting 2007 Cloud computing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in 2006, S3, etc. Paying online by CC Google App Engine Free to start Need mobile to create account. Audience added: Cambodian mobile possible if support emailed
  6. 6. Web App language trends JavaScript everywhere Desktop Gadgets Google Desktop Microsoft Vista Gadgets Mac OS X Dashboard Yahoo! Widgets Web Gadgets iGoogle OpenSocial NetVibes Adobe AIR applications Even more bookmarklets, Firefox plugins, GreaseMonkey user scripts
  7. 7. Web App language trends PHP Facebook API WordPress plugins Ruby on Rails Web example: Twitter Facebook App examples: Friends for Sale, Bumper Sticker Python Google App Engine
  8. 8. Interoperability Organizations – evangelism of standards Open Web Foundation – implementation of standards FSF’s Authentication OpenID OAuth Data exchange XMPP, RSS, JSON, REST Microformats DiSo – distributed social networks
  9. 9. New Cool Free APIs Yahoo’s “Build your Own Search Service” (BOSS) Reuters’ OpenCalais
  10. 10. Where are the developer hangouts? Offline: Barcamp! Meetups Costs money for the organizer SuperHappyDevHouse Co-working Hack-a-thons Online: Hacker News ( FriendFeed IRC (still?), e.g. #rubyonrails NEW:
  11. 11. Monetization trends Hosting: Pay for what you use Amazon EC2, S3, etc. Google App Engine Joyent Social Networks Facebook Ads Facebook Beacon Social Apps Virtual goods, e.g. Mob Wars via Super Rewards, Offerpal Audience added: Mobile App Stores Apple’s App Store
  12. 12. What about South-East Asia? You tell me! ☺ What OS, platforms, and languages do SEA web developers favor? What business models are common?