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How to apply Word-of-Mouth Marketing into Employer Branding


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When Employer Branding gradually receives more attention from leaders, many businesses have been making efforts to utilize modern Marketing tools and approach new communications trends with an aim to effectively approach target talents.
How's about Word-of-Mouth Marketing? Talent Brand Vietnam had a great discussion with Mr. Robert Tran about the essential values of this tool applying to Vietnam labor market.

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How to apply Word-of-Mouth Marketing into Employer Branding

  1. 1. former companies, or encourage commu- nities to discuss about operation within a company… 2. Share customer reviews: candidates share their feelings after interviewing, employees share about their business in programs such as the best working places for partners outside the organization, or speeches from employees who have worked with the company for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years… 3. Get product rated on your site: get product rated on your site: rating an employer conducted by a third party in term of specific criteria such as compensa- tion & benefits, growth opportunities, training programs… An employer just needs to choose as an core positioning and focus on raising awareness with a unique keyword towards a purpose, it means employer brand of company A is mentioned, people with think of the keyword of “X”. 4. Create a referral program: building candidate referral programs, connecting with external organizations, universities, research institutes… or collaborate with experts in order to conduct researches supporting the society. 5. Connect with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL): KOL are the people own a large numbers of followers, therefore, their updates and activities tend to create significant impact with large coverage. An example of connecting with KOL in EB is inviting outside guest speakers to share about effective working methods to employees in the company. Guest speakers’ experience might not be as much as some employees’, however, the chance to share in a business not only helps them build their personal brand, but also helps introduce employer brands to their followers. 1. Encourage user-generated content 2. Share customer reviews 3. Get product rated on your site 4. Create a referral program 5. Connect with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) An effective tool for Employer Branding that might be forgotten In the past few years, Employer Branding has become an indispensable part of Human Resource strategies of business. Regarding the potential Marketing tool “Word-of-mouth”, Talent Brand had the chance to discuss with Mr. Robert Tran – CEO of RBNC in Asia, the US and Canada, with more than 20-year experience in business consulting for many corporates in the world, and more than 10 years in Employer Branding strategic advising & training for business owners from many different countries. When Employer Branding gradually receives more attention from leaders, many businesses have been making efforts to utilize modern Marketing tools and approach new communica- tions trends with an aim to effective- ly approach target talent pool. Among that, there is Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM), a familiar tool in Marketing strategies with an excel- lent result as well as low costing, however, it is still unfamiliar in Employer Branding and still has not been included by Vietnamese busi- nesses in their plans. In the highly competitive market nowa- days, customers have a lot of information and well acknowledged; based on the most recent research of RBNC about customer and consumer behavior, it says that there are up to 75% customers no longer believe in advertisement. Thus, what brings integrity or “back to basic” will gain positive reactions from customers thanks to its ordinality and sincerity. WOM Marketing has existed for a long time, but still works in modern trend of consumers, it is a very power tool with low cost. To make it simple, the definition of WOM is sharing consumer idea, comments about a product or service , WOM is applied by 5 actions (applied to social media as a tool): Employer Branding is using Marketing tools to build employer brands, users are HR and target customers are candidates, employees, communities… Therefore, WOM could totally be applied with specific actions as above: 1. Encourage user-generated content: encourage employees to share their current feelings, or previous employees to share about their experience in their Mr. Robert, based on your experience in Business Avisory for many enter- prise around the world, which role is WOM Marketing playing in Marketing strategies? If WOM brings significant values to Sales & Marketing, then can it be applied to HR activities and for targeted talents? An interview by Talent Brand Viet Nam
  2. 2. With the right mindset from business leaders about the importance of Employer Branding in general and the essential values of WOMM tool, promisingly there will be a lot of communication campaigns in the labor market that will influence new approaches in the near future. I hope the people who are in charge of Employer Branding strategies will continue to listen in order to understand the need of target talent pool, as well as be open to welcome new communication trends to build effective strategies that work in Vietnam market. Thang Huynh - Talent Brand Everyone can be a touch-point when applying WOMM into Employer Branding. Based on segmented and targeted audience that we focus on a specific touchpoint, it can future candidates (potential candidates), current candidates, employees, former employees, employees’ relatives, field experts, partners, business’s customers… From consulting experience for compa- nies, if they need a touchpoint using for all groups of audience, RBNC usually bases on traditional habits in society, CSR activities, signature characteristics of a region or cultures of a country… There are 4 Bs that I believe business must notice when applying WOMM into Employer Branding, which are: 1. Believe: employer must aim towards building trust in all related groups of audience, do not exaggerate or just broadcasting slogans. 2. Behave: if you already believe, then all levels in the organizations have to live and demonstrates those values. Do not just talk but does not follow, or just communi- cate outside but unclear within internal. 3. Belong: when you already believe and showcase in the whole organization, naturally employees and candidates will feel belonged to the organization. Your company should organize employee engagement activities such as: • Teambuilding but not just outdoor fun activities but also activities that engage business strategies. • CSR but not just few sponsorship or donation but a long-term strategy connected to main strategies. 4. Be Brand Ambassador: when employ- ees already believe in actual values, demonstrate them every day and feel belonged to the organization, they are the ambassador for employer branding. Who can be WOMM touch-point that employer needs to pay attention to if they want to apply WOMM into Employer Branding? In your opinion, what does an employ- er need to take into consideration in order to successfully apply WOMM into Employer Branding strategies? As I have shared above, WOMM has been an effective tool in the global as well as Vietnam, as from customer behaviors research, RBNC has defined that: However, there are still too macro thinking and over-emphasizing the matter, as well as inexperience and unrealistic consulting makes quite a lot of HR people think WOMM strategy in Employer Branding rather impractical. I think in Vietnam, we should start right from simple, ordinary values, it would be easiest to touch our candidates and employees. 62% of consumers search online for reviews and information before purchasing a product and 71% more likely to purchase based on social media referrals 75% of people don't believe advertisements, but 92% believe brand recommen- dations from friends People are 4x likely to buy when referred by friends Thank you for your insightful sharing. Wish you a lot of health! From your observation, how is the Vietnamese labor marker and employers applying WOMM into Employer Branding?