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Business english i unit 3


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Business english i unit 3

  1. 1. ..,. AG ENDAthere islthere IJ~UNIT3 some/anyWorkplaces have, hllve gotPrepositions.. Asking for and giving directions.. Asking for travel informationLanguage focus o Look at the picrurc. It shows (he office of Force Archita:(s. Match (hedescriprions l-6 with [he rooms a-f.Evas office has alarge deskand 2 Yuri is responsible for the company 3 In themeeting room theres atablepictures of modern buildings on the website and the computer system. witheight chairs. Thereis alsoawalls. Shes got alaptop. There Hes got lots of computersin his projector and a screen. Gary isarent any books. office. giving apresentation.4 Today isChriss first day in Force 5 Inreception theres acoffee table 6 Ana is the company lawyer. Shes gotArchitects. He doesnt have any and asofa. There are some chairs lots of bookshelves andlaw books infurniturein hisoffice, but hes got a and magazines. her There are some boxes onthe noor.
  2. 2. f) Look again at the picture. Is there a room similar to your office or work area?E) (;) 3.1 Today is Chris firSt day 3t Force Architects. Rachel, the receptionil>t,comes to see him. She asks Chris some queStions. Tick (./) the things that Chri~has in his office. Put a cross (X) next to the things that hc doesnt keyboard mouse printer phonepen paper diary calendar pictures on rhe wallso (;) 3.2 ­Chris asks Rachel some questions about the company offices. Listen andtick (./) true or fa lse.True FalseThere isn, a canieen in the office.2 Theres a coffee machine upstairs.3 There arent any rooms with air conditioning.4 Theres a car park in the next street.5 Theres one parking space in the office.there is/are, some/any Read the examples and complete the grammar rules. Positive• Theres a table with eight chairs.• There arc some boxes.Question• Is there a coffee machine in the office?• Are Ihere any parking spaces?Write singular or plural.• Use there is/theres with nouns.• Use there are with nouns.NegativeThere isnt a ctlnteen In the office,There arent any books,Short answerYes, there is.No, there arent.• Use some with noUnS in positive sentences, where we dont say the number.• Use any with nouns in negative sentences and questions.etBookp.12have, heve gotRead the examples and the grammar rules.Positive• I have a computer and a keyboard.• Ive got iJ4tlendar.Question• Do you have a diary?• Have you got pens and paper?• Use bOlh have and have got in British English.• Use only have in American English.Pocket Book p.4•Negative• The computer doesnt have a mouse.• We havent got air conditioning in the office.Short answer Yes, I do. No, I havent.
  3. 3. Have you got a ... ? Answer Yes. I have.lNa I hav~n·t.Pronunciation~ 3.3 Listen and repeat the sentences.1 Theres onJy unc printer in the offia:.~ ~2 There are some chairs and magazines in reception.~3 There arcnt any books in her office.~ ~4 An men: any parking spaces?~5 Ive got a calendar.~6 Has (he office gO[ air conditioning?~Practice o Look at the list. Tick (/) what you have at your place of work or study.You Your pannerquielareasescalators or liftsa colfee machineacanleena gym or fitness roomacarporl:::a medical centrea crechea reception areaair conditioningf) Work in pairs. Ask your partner about their place of work. Use the list in 0 .Ask Is tbere a ...f Answer Yes, there is.INo, there isnt.Are there all)? Yes, there are.lNo, there arent.€) Work in another pair. Find out about your parmers office or work area.Ask Do )Otl have a .. .? Answer Yes, I do.lNo, 1d01It.Do you have allY... ?
  4. 4. o Work in pairs. Look at the picture for one minute. Then close your books andwrite down everything in the office. Did you remember everything?• o Work in groups. Describe youi ideal place of work. Make a list of youe ideas andpresent them to the class.Begin Our ideal place ofwork has alsome ...There:S a ...!There are some...
  5. 5. Wordpower Prepositionso Look at the picture of the town. You ate standing outside the bank. Completethe sentences with the words in the box.department store POSt office seafront tourist information officetheatre cafe bookshop chairs and tablesThe ___ is on the corner of Museum Road and Seafront Road, next to thepost office.2 The ___ is between [he music shop and thtcafc.3 The ___ is next to the tourist information office, opposite the car park.4 The ___ is on [he right of the bank.S The ___ is opposite the cafe.6 The are in front of the cafe.7 The ___ is on the right of the museum.8 The is near the rown centre.B B BtrJ
  6. 6. 8 0 3.4 Six colleagues are on a business trip. They are trying to meet in the towncentre. Ma.rk (Xl their positions on the map.( Karr!n Julia Boris Sara Diana Vincent )8 0 3.5 Listen and write A, S, and C on the map ro show where tht:se places arc.A the Sanders Hotd B the taxi rank C the Italian restaurant II Mare o 0 3.5 Listen again. Complete the sentences.1 Excuse me, _ ______ the Sanders Hotel?2 Excuse me, _ ______ taxi rank _ _ _ ___ __ ______ , were ___ _ ___ an Italian restaurant.3o How do the business visitors say thank you?o Work in pairs. Choose rwo places on the map. Tell your partner where you arc.
  7. 7. Focus on communication Asking for and giving directionso Match the words and pictures a- e.o bridge o pedesrrian crossingo square o ""(fic ogl,,,o crossroadsfJ Look at [he town map. Find a-e on [he map.Cinemao 100m, e ~ 3.6 Listen to three conversations with visiiors to the town. They are standingin front of the sflrion on Station Road. rite the nuOlber on the map to showwhere these places are.I shopping centre 1 museum 3 sports cemreo Work in pause You arc on South Avenue. in from of the cinema. Ask for and givedirections fO four places on the m:lp. Use phrases from the box.Excuse me,Gohow do I get tois this the way toalong(the sqllare)?(the shopping celltre)?(the road).over (the bridge).Turnpaststraight on.left/right at thcfirst/second/third right.o Write one of the conversations from O.Asking for travel information(the cinema ),(crossroads/traffic lights),P et Book p.14o Look at the pictures on the left. Find the words for1 the cost of a journey far!2 th~ place where you get on and off a train3 the place where you get on and off a bus4 a ticket to travel from A to Bj a ticker to travel from A ro Band Bto A6 something which shows you have paid
  8. 8. e Read the semences. Tick (,I) to show when you use them.TravolbyHow long does the journey taka?2 Whats the fare?train./taxi./3 Which platform does it leave from?4 Do you go to the city centre?5 Can you take me to the Sheraton Hotel, please? 6 Can you tell me when to get off? 7 Can I have a receipt. please? 8 Kaepthechange. (j) 3.7 Listen ro a conversation between a passenger and a tic;;~office clerk.Complete the chan.DestinationTicketFareNext train atPlatformJourney timeo (j) 3.7 Listen again and check.o <:t­2wC:lt­en..t­2wC:lt­enWork in pairs. Practise [he conversations.Conversation 1You want to travel to Paris by train.Ask Student B• for a return TO Paris• for a receipt• What time ... ?• Which platform ... ?• How long ... ?Conversation 2You want to travel to Brussels by bus.Ask StudentA• for a Single to Brussels• for a receipt• What time ... ?• Which bus stop ... ?• How long ... ?..t­2wC:lt­en<:t­2wC:lt­enConversation 1 You work al a train station. Answer StudentNs questions. • return to Paris € l 60• next train: 16.30• platform 17• journey time: 2 hrs 50 minsConversation 2You work at a bus station.Answer Student Bs questions.• single to Brussels €47• next bus: 13.45• bus stop 9• journey time: 6 hrs 30 minso Write one of the conversations you had in 0 .