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[Brand] IMC to build brand equity


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IMC to build brand equity

Published in: Marketing
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[Brand] IMC to build brand equity

  1. 1. Group 5
  2. 2. The new media environment
  3. 3. Challenges in designing brand-building communications Information processing model of communication 1. Exposure 2. Attetion 3. Comprehention 4. Yielding 5. Intentions 6. Behavior
  4. 4. Role of multiple communication • How much and what kinds of marketing communications are necessary? • Understand how each communication option works and how to assemble and integrate the best set of choices.
  5. 5. Overview of marketing communication options Advertising
  6. 6. Demonstrating product attributes Dramatically portraying user and usage imagery, brand personality… Drawbacks Easy to ignore High cost
  7. 7. VTV1 Phim chiều 82 7.3 Suốt VTV3 Gameshow (Chiến nón kỳ C13 20.2 Trước/ Sau Phim trưa - Việt 782 - G 2.7 Suốt Phim tối 7P4-G1/2/3 8.2 Suốt Vượt lên chính mình7T6VL-G2 3.5 Suốt Phim chiều 9A7-G1 2.8 Suốt Phim tối 9B4-G2 3.5 Suốt Phim trưa TR2 24.9 Suốt Phim tối T3A 14.8 Suốt Phim trưa 1D7 25.4 Suốt Phim tối 183 26.2 Suốt CT43 Phim tối 4.5 Suốt KTV Phim tối 12.2 Suốt BTV1 Phim chiều . 16.8 Suốt Chương trình Vị trí HTV7 HTV9 DVTV VL31 Kênh Mã số Rating
  8. 8. Highly targeted, inexpensive to produce and place. Achieve a balance between broad and localized market coverage Lack of visual image
  9. 9. PRINT Advantages: Detailed product information Disadvantages: Difficult to provide dynamic presentations Fairly passive medium
  10. 10. Magazines Advantages: Effective at building user and usage imagery Highly engaged Less multitask while reading Disadvantages: Long lead time
  11. 11. Newspaper Advantages: Timely and pervasive High coverage Flexibility in designing Disadvantages: Poor reproduction quality Short life
  12. 12. Effective print ad Clarity ConsistentBranding
  13. 13. DIRECT RESPONSE Advantages: Highly selective Detailed information Vary in tools Diisadvantages: Poor image Causing annoying
  14. 14. Interactive • Websites • Onl Ads • Mobile Marketing
  15. 15. Website Advantages Low cost Detailed information Degree of customization
  16. 16. To entertain but still communicate desired information
  17. 17. Online Ads Advantages: Accountable Nondisruptive Target customer Disadvantages: Easy to ignore Causing annoying Infuriating customer
  18. 18. Mobile Marketing Advantages: Focus on right person, right time Detailed information Disadvantages: Causing annoying
  19. 19. OUTDOOR Non-traditional, alternative or supportive form of advertising Idea behind it is to give marketers an alternative environment in which to promote their products. Examples:  Billboards and poster  Movies, airlines, lounges, and other places  Product placement  Point-of-purchase
  20. 20. • Advantages Location specific High repetition Easily noticed • Disadvantages Short exposure time Local restrictions
  21. 21. SALES PROMOTION • Short term incentives to encourage trail & usage of a product or service • Trade consumers – Financial incentives/discounts given to retailers, distributors, etc – Slotting allowances, POP displays, contests, cooperative ads • End consumers – Designed to change the choices, quantity or timing of consumer product purchases
  22. 22. • Advantages • Incentive to buy • Manufacturers can price discriminate • Traders can maintain full stocks • Disadvantages • Decrease brand loyalty • More brand switching • Decreased quality perceptions • Increased price sensitivity
  23. 23. Event Marketing and Sponsorship
  24. 24. Event Sponsorship (Là một cách truyền thông, giúp mở rộng và làm tăng mối quan hệ sâu sắc với khách hàng tại những sự kiện đặc biệt - thường tự tổ chức hoặc liên quan nhiều đến công ty)
  25. 25. Event Marketing is public sponsorship of events or activities (Nâng cao vị thế và uy tín của công ty, ảnh hưởng mạnh mẽ đến thương hiệu)
  26. 26. Sports
  27. 27. Art
  28. 28. Entertainment
  29. 29. Social causes
  30. 30. Hoạt động tài trợ có những điểm rất khác biệt so với những hoạt động truyền thông. Những giá trị đặc biệt cho một thương hiệu.
  31. 31. Đến đúng đối tượng mục tiêu
  32. 32. Thiết lập liên kết thương hiệu
  33. 33. Mang tính tương tác cao
  34. 34. Giúp công ty vượt những giới hạn
  35. 35. Public Relations and Publicity
  36. 36. Vai trò của PR là giúp công ty truyền tải những thông điệp đến khách hàng và những nhóm công chúng quan tâm. PR giúp sản phẩm dễ đi vào nhận thức khách hàng.
  37. 37. Buzz Marketing - 170 kênh truyền hình - 30000 lượt chia sẻ trên facebook
  38. 38. Personal Selling
  39. 39. The keys to better selling: Training Get everyone involved Inspire Motivation Forge electronic links Talk to your customer
  40. 40. IMC Program Complementarity Versality Contribution Commonality Coverage Cost
  41. 41. COVERAGE • The proportion of the audience reached by each communication option • How much exists among communication options
  42. 42. CONTRIBUTION • The inherent ability of a marketing communication to create the desired response and communication effects from consumers in the absence of exposure to any other communication option
  43. 43. COMMONALITY • The extent to which common information conveyed by different communication options shares meaning across communication options
  44. 44. COMPLEMENTARITY • Describes the extent to which different association and linkpages are emphasized across communication options
  45. 45. VERSALITY • The extent that a marketing communication option is robust and effective for different groups of consumers • There are two types Communication Consumer
  46. 46. COST
  47. 47. Using IMC choice criteria 1 • Evaluating communication option 2 • Establishing priorities and tradeoffs 3 • Executing the final design and implementation
  48. 48. Thanks for listening