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Huyen tran (director) group 73


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Huyen tran (director) group 73

  1. 1. WINTERTIME BY CHARLESS MEE Director by Huyen Tran
  2. 2. CASTING Jonathan: A young man in his twenties and very much in love with Ariel. Ariel : A young woman in love with Jonathan. She is an impulsive person who lives life through loving someone else. She looks forward to spending time traveling the world with Jonathan. Maria: Jonathan’s mother and the head of the household. Frank: Jonathan’s father and Maria’s husband Francois : Maria’s French lover. He is very flirtatious and his teasing, playful nature often gets him into trouble. Edmund: Frank’s lover. She is optimistic and always happy to see people in love Bertha : An elderly woman who lives next door to Maria’s summerhouse. Hilda’s lover Hilda: Bertha’s love. Bob: a delivery man Dr. Jaqueline Benoit : A French doctor
  3. 3. Jo n a t h a n Ariel
  4. 4. Maria Fr a n k
  5. 5. Fr a n c o i s Edmund
  6. 6. Ber tha Hilda
  7. 7. Bob D r. Ja q u e l i n e B e n o i t
  8. 8. SPINE OF THE PLAY Jealousy makes threaten your happiness The main theme of this play is when you are in love, trust your lover with all your heart. Then you can. Being faithful is must have in the relationship As a director, the spine of this play is the conflict of love
  9. 9. THE STYLE OF THE PRODUCTION Expressionism Nonrealism Romantic comedy
  10. 10. DIRECTOR CONCEPT Period : in the Modern time, especially in the winter time, on the new year eve ( Dec 30, 2006- Jan 1 2007) in Colorado. The snow is falling outside the house.
  11. 11. DIRECTOR CONCEPT Central image: I would chose a Christmas tree with all the decoration on the tree to be the metaphor of this play. The green symbol for jealousy, the red of the lights or ornaments symbol for the warmest of love. All of the colors on the tree symbol for color of life. Meaning that in the life, there are not only grey, or white. Life sometime gives you a tough time, but also it gives you a joyful time.