Second Life & Blended Learning


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Experiences from Kingston University, UK

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Second Life & Blended Learning

  1. 1. solipCISM: Second Life support for teaching and learning in the Faculty of Computing, Information Systems & Mathematics, Kingston University
  2. 2. <ul><li>A short history of Second Life at KU </li></ul><ul><li>solipCISM: vision and mission </li></ul><ul><li>A tour of solipCISM island </li></ul><ul><li>'Blended Learning': integration of SL in T&L </li></ul><ul><li>Issues </li></ul><ul><li>The Future </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>A short history ... </li></ul><ul><ul><li>June 2007: University purchases first island, The Knowledge Zone; CISM project blog launched </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li> </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>February 2008: Desktop VR is Faculty's first module to be taught in part in SL </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>October 2008: CISM purchases own island, solipCISM </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>January 2009: solipCISM previewed at CISM Graduation Ceremony, Barbican, 14 th Jan </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>February 2008: solipCISM public launch </li></ul></ul>
  4. 4. A Short History ... <ul><li>Feb-May 2008: the first taught module </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Desktop VR, 70+ students </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>monitoring attendance </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>teaching building and scripting </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Real clients (Historic Royal Palaces, Uthango, …) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Mistakes made and lessons learned </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>herding cats </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>no matter how quickly you type ...! </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>a cacophony of voices: need to moderate </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>a 'code of conduct' </li></ul></ul></ul>
  5. 5. solipCISM Vision & Mission <ul><li>Vision and mission </li></ul><ul><ul><li>student-centric rather than teacher-centric </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>pedagogy-centric rather than content-centric </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>coherent with broader pedagogic strategy </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>complementary to other learning components </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>seamless integration with other learning components </li></ul></ul>
  6. 6. <ul><li>solipCISM … for CISM staff and students: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>a 3D learning management system (giving access to module guides, reading lists, staff information, course notes, etc, as well as ideally a Sloodle installation) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>a virtual learning environment (enabling in-world teaching, tutorial groups, staff consultation, support for synchronous and asynchronous distance learning, 'virtual office hours', etc) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>a gallery and public showcase for student work (The Exhibition Zone) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>a gallery and public showcase for staff research (The Research Zone) </li></ul></ul>
  7. 7. <ul><li>… for external visitors (1): </li></ul><ul><ul><li>prospective students encouraged to explore the island as effectively a 3D prospectus, giving insight into the courses, the kinds of work students are doing, the staff areas of teaching expertise. Complementary to the real-world Open Days, staff and student volunteers will—as is currently the case with Open Days—meet prospective candidate online. In brief, an effective marketing and recruitment tool </li></ul></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>... for external visitors (2): </li></ul><ul><ul><li>attendees and audiences for public events—the island offers an excellent opportunity to host online conferences, public lectures, special events and occasional exhibitions. Such public events serve to raise the profile of the Faculty as a serious player on the e-learning frontier </li></ul></ul>
  9. 9. <ul><li>... for external visitors (3): </li></ul><ul><ul><li>alumni: an open platform for maintaining contact with our graduates </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>other visitors. We probably can't at this stage anticipate who in SL may visit and for what reasons; but a welcoming and informative public face to CISM via solipCISM promotes us as a Faculty and University </li></ul></ul>
  10. 10. Tour of solipCISM: Layout
  11. 11. Tour of solipCISM: The Welcome Zone <ul><li>The Welcome Zone </li></ul><ul><ul><li>the 'landing point' for all first-time visitors (staff, students, and external) to the island </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>'live' receptionist provides information </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>orientation and 'freebies' </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>hidden script registers visitors </li></ul></ul>
  12. 12. Tour of solipCISM: The Library The Library: information hub of the campus
  13. 13. Tour of solipCISM: The Library <ul><li>The Directory </li></ul><ul><ul><li>staff information (RL and SL names, location, web site, email, telephone, Skype, etc) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>real and virtual campus information </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>guide to facilities </li></ul></ul>
  14. 14. Tour of solipCISM: The Library <ul><li>The Book Shop </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Key course books </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Staff publications </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Links to Amazon UK </li></ul></ul>
  15. 15. Tour of solipCISM: The Library <ul><li>Online resources </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Links to Google Scholar, Wikipedia, Intute, WikiBooks, CiteSeer, Scholarpedia, Wikiversity, and KU OPAC </li></ul></ul>
  16. 16. Tour of solipCISM: The Library <ul><li>The Main Library </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Each of the bookshelves is linked to an undergraduate module and contains a module guide, reading list, assessment guide, and other module information. </li></ul></ul>
  17. 17. The Amphitheatre: point of delivery for live teaching
  18. 18. Tour of solipCISM: the Amphitheatre <ul><li>The Amphitheatre </li></ul><ul><ul><li>seating for up to 200 </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>voice-enabled for live lectures </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>display panel for slides and video presentations </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>interactive whiteboard </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>notecard-giver for automatic distribution of lecture notes </li></ul></ul>
  19. 19. Tour of solipCISM: Research Zone <ul><li>Research Zone </li></ul><ul><ul><li>The research hub of the island, the shape of the Research Zone is defined by interlocking hexagons to provide, within an open space, alcoves for individual research displays. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Showcase for staff </li></ul></ul>
  20. 20. Tour of solipCISM: Exhibition Zone <ul><li>Exhibition Zone </li></ul><ul><ul><li>poster display, with links to student projects </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>showcase of student work to promote the Faculty </li></ul></ul>
  21. 21. Tour of solipCISM: the Meeting Pods <ul><li>The Meeting Pods </li></ul><ul><ul><li>three areas for simultaneous tutorials, small seminars, and group meetings </li></ul></ul>
  22. 22. Tour of solipCISM: the Leisure Zone <ul><li>The Leisure Zone </li></ul><ul><ul><li>student recreation area, with jukebox, dance floor, cinema, swimming pool </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>intended as an informal meeting zone for students, to encourage group work 'on-campus' </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Internet radio ('Atticus Radio') </li></ul></ul>
  23. 23. 'Blended Learning': Integration of SL in Teaching & Learning <ul><li>'Blended Learning': the issues </li></ul><ul><ul><li>coherence, complementarity, integration … as follows: </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>COHERENCE : learning is unitary (”having the character of a single thing … marked by unity; not dual or segregated”). Activities in Second Life should not be seen as separate from other curriculum-related learning activities; there should be no discontinuity, no disruption, between offline and online learning </li></ul></ul>
  24. 24. 'Blended Learning': Integration of SL in Teaching & Learning <ul><li>'Blended Learning': the issues </li></ul><ul><ul><li>COMPLEMENTARITY : there must be transparent complementarity between formal face-to-face tuition, workshops and informal class discussion, guided self-study, the real-world library, digital (e.g. web-based) documents and interactive learning resources, out-of-class assignments, etc </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>INTEGRATION : the ultimate aim should, beyond simple complementarity, be the integration of all components in a seamless whole </li></ul></ul>
  25. 25. 'Blended Learning': meeting the challenges <ul><li>'Blended Learning': meeting the challenges </li></ul><ul><ul><li>understand the paedogogy of real-time and asynchronous learning in MUVEs </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>ensure students understand code of conduct </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>avoid cacophony: lecturers use voice, students use text unless explicitly invited to speak </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>for live teaching, whether lecture or seminar, ensure that all supplementary materials (lecture notes, slides, tutorial documents, etc) are available in-world (toggling between SL and other windows is distracting) </li></ul></ul>
  26. 26. 'Blended Learning': meeting the challenges <ul><li>'Blended Learning: meeting the challenges: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>make best use of the teaching tools available (slideshow, whiteboard, notecard giver, dropbox, Interwrite PRS virtual electronic voting system, simulations, etc) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>concomitantly, encourage students to make best use of available tools for learning support (blog HUD, save chat log of problem-based learning, record sessions, …) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>make best use of other places in SL (libraries, museums, educational resources, …) to enrich the student experience </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>consider opportunities for using guest speakers whose presence might otherwise be impossible in the real world </li></ul></ul>
  27. 27. 'Blended Learning': Integration of SL in Teaching & Learning <ul><li>The Library </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Integration with Sloodle and Mahara for learning management </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Integration with Scriblio for module reading lists </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Integration of directory / help desk </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Better integration of bookshop with Amazon and other online book retailers </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Integration with Google Books, Project Gutenberg, Scribd, Safari Books Online,, Read Print, etc, for full-text access </li></ul></ul>
  28. 28. 'Blended Learning': Integration of SL in Teaching & Learning <ul><li>The Amphitheatre </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Integration of live and archive video streams </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Integration with Sloodle for lecture notes </li></ul></ul>
  29. 29. <ul><li>Anytime, anywhere … SL on your mobile </li></ul><ul><ul><li>3G mobile phones, such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Q1, & Motorola, with Vollee or Sun SL clients </li></ul></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>'Blended Learning': Integration of SL in Teaching & Learning
  30. 30. The Future <ul><li>Opportunities </li></ul><ul><ul><li>inter-university and transnational collaborations </li></ul></ul>
  31. 31. Where can you learn more about solipCISM? <ul><li>Learn more ... </li></ul><ul><ul><li>the vortiCISM blog documents the development of KU's and CISM's presence in SL </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>includes a wealth of supplementary teaching and learning resources (help files, tutorials, links, ...) </li></ul></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>
  32. 32. A thought to leave you with <ul><li>solipCISM is … </li></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Supports Open Learning Initiatives Perfectly </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Same Old Lecturers, Irritatingly Predictable </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Students Often Look Intelligent People </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Sign Of Latent Infantile Preoccuptions </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Some Of Les's Interesting Programs </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Simulation Of Life In Paradise </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>School of Lifelong Immersive Paedogogy </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Study, Or Leave Immediately Please! </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Stays Open Late If Pre-booked </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Significant Opportunities Lie In Playfulness </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Suppose Our Lives Imitate Phantasy? </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Sign On, Leap In, Play! </li></ul></ul></ul></ul>
  33. 33. Thank you. Questions?