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Networking Mastery

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Networking Mastery

  1. 1. Networking MASTERY by Hussein Hallak
  2. 2. Set A-GoalsA meaningful, clear & specific goal is the best bridge between a life ofemptiness, anxiety & frustration, and a life fulfillment, joy & peace.
  3. 3. Set Life Goals, BusinessGoals, Family Goals, Fun Goals, & Networking Goals
  4. 4. Take ActionUnless you cross the bridge, you can’t reach the other side
  5. 5. Network, go out, putyourself on the line & meet people
  6. 6. Get BetterListen, learn, apply & ask for feedback
  7. 7. Connect with the best,learn from them, ask them & help them
  8. 8. Focus Sunlight can be blocked with acurtain, while a thin focused laserbeam can easily cut through steel
  9. 9. Ask for the best referrals& focus your energy on your most valuable relationships
  10. 10. MasterMastery is the direct result of thediscipline of focusing on doing few things thousands of times
  11. 11. Execute thefundamentals until they become flawless
  12. 12. Mastery of NETWORKING by Hussein Hallak