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Transition evening PP 2018


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Slides from powerpoint delivered to new year 7 parents at transition evening PP 2018

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Transition evening PP 2018

  1. 1. Welcome to Our Year 6 Parent Transition Evening
  2. 2. Welcome• Introductions • Purpose of the evening • Emergency information • Mobile telephonesWelcome from Mrs Jenner Head of School
  3. 3. Vision for our School Our vision is to be the school of choice for our local community, developing successful young people with high aspirations, who show respect for all and endeavour to become the very best that they can be. Respect Endeavour Aspiration We ARE a great school
  4. 4. High Expectations I expect students to be polite and courteous. Our current Year 7 and 8 students are participating in our Respect programme, whereby, students gain additional progress points for good manners and exemplary behaviour. I expect students to wear their uniform correctly and with pride, our uniform is clearly identifiable out in the community and our rules of conduct apply to travel to and from school. I want the school to encourage student’s whole person development and our Year 7s will participate in the PIXL Edge programme. They will be encouraged to develop skills of: ✓ Leadership, ✓ Organisation, ✓ Resilience, ✓ Initiative ✓ Communication.
  5. 5. Students on their 7 Year Journey with us GCSEs • Positive progress across the curriculum • National level of progress English & Maths • Improving attainment scores Cohort 1 Year 13 ✓ 98% Pass Rate ✓ A third of all grades at A Level A*-B ✓ Olivia Tinker achieved A*A*A plus A in the EPQ (Cambridge University to read History) ✓ Sophie Humphries (Durham to read Economics) ✓ Hannah Smith (Durham to read Anthropology) ✓ Natasha Meunier-McVey (Nottingham University to read Veterinary Science)
  6. 6. Welcome• Introductions • Purpose of the evening • Emergency information • Mobile telephonesHead Boy and Head Girl Grace Cain Harry Boyd- Walker
  7. 7. ✓ Improved outcomes for all ✓ Established 6th Form - 7 year journey ✓ House system ✓ Enhanced extra-curricular provision ✓ Enhanced facilities – 2 new 3G pitches ✓ Brook Building – state of the art brand new resource centre ✓ Proud to be part of CLP – Multi Academy Trust Exciting time to be joining Roding Valley High School:
  8. 8. Our New Facilities Our Brand New 3G Pitch
  9. 9. • Brand new state of the art resource centre • Includes a study area to complement the existing study room. Brook Building - Resource Centre
  10. 10. Welcome• Introductions • Purpose of the evening • Emergency information • Mobile telephones Current Year 7 Students “Life at RVHS” Henry Twyford & Ruby Coyte
  11. 11. ACED ✓ Assessment ✓ Creativity ✓ Engagement ✓ Differentiation Teaching and Learning Vision Our expectations ARE high. All lessons will encourage ASPIRATION, instil RESPECT and help all pupils ENDEAVOUR to realise their full potential, through developing a life-long love of learning.
  12. 12. ✓Assessment: Assessment should be used to provide feedback and direct or modify the learning and teaching in lessons. ✓ Creativity: Allows students to apply knowledge and develop skills needed for life outside of lessons. ✓Engagement: We want students to focus more on what is being taught and enjoy learning so that they can better process new information inside and outside of lessons. ✓ Differentiation: We must consider the needs of all students in every class, providing support, challenge and extension.
  13. 13. We believe that using the ACED framework will support learning and great outcomes for all. Three questions, I ask every teacher to consider when planning and delivering lessons : • Are all pupils being challenged? • Are all pupils making progress? • Are all pupils at least engaged and at best inspired?
  14. 14. House Systems Pankhurst Churchill MurrayHawking Rendall Our students are taught in sets, that are streamed to mixed ability groups . Named after Sylvia Pankhurst, campaigner for votes for women, daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst who lived in the local area for over 30 years. Named after Sir Winston Churchill, the great wartime leader and Prime Minister. Mr Churchill was a member of parliament of the area for over 30 years Named after Professor Stephen Hawking recognised for his contribution to Science. As sadly Professor Hawking passed while we were naming our houses, we thought it was a fitting tribute Named after Lord Len Murray of Epping Forest. Lord Murray lived in Loughton for over 50 years and is the same person that Murray Hall is named after. Local resident who was a national figure. Named after Ruth Rendell, celebrated author who attended a local school which was one of the predecessors of Roding Valley.
  15. 15. ● School Reception is open from 8am to 4:15pm daily ● Key email addresses are available on our school website ● Parent can download the RS Connect App to receive emails and texts direct to their phones ● Parents are provided with login details to ‘ Show My Homework’, so that they can see the homework their child has been set. ● Termly Student Magazine: produced by our Students ● Weekly Parent Bulletin: filled with all the events occurring around the school and information you may need to be aware of. Communication At RVHS, we have worked hard to improve our communication between the school and parents:
  16. 16. Welcome• Introductions • Purpose of the evening • Emergency information • Mobile telephonesMr Cheema Deputy Headteacher
  17. 17. At RVHS, the attendance of our students is a key priority. Regular attendance is essential to ensure progression and to enable our students to achieve their full potential. Our target is that all students achieve 100% We have been working alongside our local primary schools to improve student attendance. We do not authorise holidays in term time except in exceptional circumstances. If your child’s current attendance is below our expected attendance level, please expect a call from Ms Low, our Attendance Officer.
  18. 18. Languages at RVHS At Roding Valley High School, students are able to learn either French or Spanish. If you have a preference for your child, please email: with the name of your child and your preference. OR
  19. 19. Transition Process Cohort 2018-2025 Mrs Lafferty SENDCO Our commitment is to ensure that all students make the step up to Roding Valley High School, at the start of their 7 Year journey as positively and as seamlessly as possible Important Contacts Mr Dobson Year Progress Leader for Year 7 Mr Cheema Deputy Headteacher, Student Welfare Miss Dyer Assistant Headteacher-Student Welfare
  20. 20. Welcome• Introductions • Purpose of the evening • Emergency information • Mobile telephonesMr Dobson Year Progress Leader for Year 7
  21. 21. Form Groups Form Tutor Form Group Form Tutor Form Group Mrs Barclay 7Q Mr Ibrahim 7U Mrs Preston 7R Miss Self 7V Mrs Barron 7S Mr Stewart 7W Mr Wilson 7T Ms Garip 7X
  22. 22. Curriculum Support and Enrichment At RVHS, we offer a full programme of REWARDS, ENRICHMENT and Sanctions
  23. 23. ✓Pens (Black, Blue, Green) ✓Pencil ✓Ruler ✓Rubber ✓Calculator ✓Highlighter(s) ✓Reading book (DEAR) School Equipment
  24. 24. Mobile Phones No mobile phones are to be used during the school day Contact reception if urgent messages need to be passed onto students If a phone is heard or seen by staff it will be confiscated Students are permitted to bring their phones with them on their journey to and from school.
  25. 25. YES Students✓ ✓One of the aims of our YES Students is to be YEar Support ✓Enrich the Year 7 experience ✓To encourage our Year 7 students to participate in extra– curricular activities ✓To provide emotional support and guidance to our Year 7 students.
  26. 26. The following current Year 8 students won PiXL Awards competing against 5 other school at the PiXL Edge Ceremony last week: ● Sophia Barrett - Culture Award ● Hannah Ward - Communication Award ● Rory Langdell - Intuitive Award ● Reece Brown - Leadership Award ● Daniel Mehr - Apprentice of the Year Award
  27. 27. Our aim is to make a ‘big school small’ Our Year 7 students will have the following support systems available to them during their first year at our school: ● The RVHS Buddy System ● Early Lunch Break for all of Year 7 ● The Chatterbox Workshop ● House system ● The Challenge and Enrichment Marketplace ● YES Prefects / Sixth Form Student Mentors
  28. 28. Uniform School Uniform can be purchased at Forest Casuals 144 High Rd, Loughton IG10 4BE Inappropriate Footwear ✓ ✓X X X
  29. 29. PE Kit With the launch of our 3rd generation pitch, we need to ensure that these pitches are maintained following the Governing body guidelines and insist that pupil’s wear Astro’s or moulded stud boots when using the facility. Please note it is part of school PE kit and all students are expected to have these to use in PE lesson. Please note that Astro trainers pictured below can be worn in all PE lessons.
  30. 30. Thank You for attending our Parent Transition Evening. We look forward to seeing your sons and daughters on our Transition Day on Tuesday 10th July