Our Digital World - Early 2013


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This is the presentation I delivered at the Linsalata Capital CEO Conference on 2.27.13.

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Our Digital World - Early 2013

  2. TODAY’S JOURNEYProvide a high-level overview of the digital marketing spaceShare best practices for B-to-B and B-to-CInspire you to optimize your investment of time & resources © 2013
  4. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA?SM is the foundation for all personal,social, political, and consumerconversations.SM is where all conversations eitherbegin or end in today’s hyper-socialsharing climate. © 2013
  5. WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?Simply because your customers, employees,recruits, partners, governments, vendors, andthe media all do. © 2013
  7. CONFUSED? © 2013
  8. © 2013
  9. WHERE?© Nielsen 2012 © 2013
  10. © 2013
  11. THE SEVEN KEYS TO SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS1. Be proactive2. Market your SM efforts everywhere3. Make a real investment to see tangible results4. Integrate. Integrate. Integrate.5. Make mistakes6. Speed kills (the lack thereof)7. Empathy will endear you when you need it most © 2013
  12. NOW WHAT?1. Re-evaluate what you’re currently doing – from costs (staff & cash) to KPIs to your ROI2. Thoroughly audit your specific business category and key competitors3. Research best practices and successful case-studies4. Review your over-arching marketing plan5. Integrate SM into your plan – and sometimes, when appropriate, let SM lead your plan or marketing campaign6. Re-set KPIs and expectations7. Launch. And be ready to change paths at a moment’s notice © 2013
  13. I’M B-to-B. IS SOCIAL MEDIA FOR ME? 1. LinkedIn 2. Monitor your online brand reputation (news, blogs, forums, etc.) 3. Influence your online brand reputation (PR, blog, & guest editorial) 4. Make sure you have a company SM plan in place 5. SEO – Google loves a blog post, social bookmark, and Tweet © 2013
  14. Intern CoordinatorSolid business description, Post open jobscontact info, and images Post company updates -Evaluate & recruit news, blog posts, staffprospects achievements, etc.Add LinkedIn icon to Encourage your staff tocompany website update their LinkedIn profiles Manager CEO Highlight products & services Fully build-out your Encourage customers and Careers page to include vendors to post videos, featured jobs, and recommendations testimonials Run targeted LinkedIn ads for Establish customer and recruitment and general B-to-B partner Groups promotion Track page and follower analytics © 2013
  15. Company Page Company Careers Page CTA to Apply Featured Featured Company EmployeeRecent News CTA to Visit Job Posts Products Culture ProfilesJob Post Coverage Careers Video © 2013
  16. Curated contentPeer-driven engagementSmart brands play outside of their arenaThey come, they stay, they play – and they buy! © 2013
  17. -Photos-only -Peer-to-peer mobile-only-Artistic expression “moment” sharing-Niche channel -Upon review, poof – “Sexting”-No rev model -Massive tween/teen adoption-Free popular music radio -Geo-location “check-in”and playlists mobile application-Directly competes with -Discounts for customers,Pandora promotion for businesses- “Social” media -Faux peer gamificationconsumption-Deep integration with FB © 2013
  18. Rules of Engagement – B-to-B & B-to-C 1. Search 2. Listen 3. Learn/Insights 4. Plan & adopt 5. ENGAGE & test 1. Be human 2. Transparent 3. Empathetic 4. Take it offline 5. Stop before you GO! © 2013
  19. “Basically three brands of pre-made thin…Boboli, Mama Mary’s and Roma.” “Mama Mary’s edge was“I love using Mama crispier, butMary’s Pizzacrusts…” still chewy” “Don’t like Bobolis..” © 2013 POWERED BY
  20. Blogger outreach and Facebook advertising will lead to more posts & conversations Mama Mary’s posts show a higher % of positive sentiment. Engagement levels are similar© 2013 POWERED BY
  21. © 2013 POWERED BY
  22. SEVEN KEYS TO SOUND WEB DEVELOPMENT1. Always build with the customer’s user-experience in mind2. Choose easy-to-consume, relevant content over functionality & frills3. 2nd only to intuitive navigation is site speed. Aim for less flash, better servers4. Make it painfully easy for customers to contact you5. Band-aiding a site will almost always negatively affect your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)6. Don’t ask your friends and co-workers how to improve your site, ask your customers & partners – ask the people who need to have a positive site visit experience7. Place an emphasis on SM and engagement elements: blogs, SM icons, videos/YouTube media players, reviews, etc. Google loves this, and the public has grown accustomed to it © 2013
  23. THE “SCIENCE OF SEO”1. There is no science2. Make sure your site has a structurally sound code base3. Google loves fresh content4. Quality PR - both traditional and online-only (blogs) - will be #1 influencer of your search results5. Social cues – product reviews, Facebook Likes, Tweets w/links, Pinterest Pins – not only give you street cred but also are beloved by algorithms6. Maintain a fast site7. Make it easy for people to locate the information they are looking for on your site – Google knows. Somehow, Google knows8. “On-page” SEO is an ongoing process - focus on keyword research & keyword optimization © 2013
  24. THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL1. The SM experience chasm between young and older generations will onlybecome greater – marketers will need to become smarter and work harder.2. The first to the party will always get asked to dance first – early adoption willcontinue to lead to earned media and street cred.3. Backlash and attrition due to advertising may lead to the big boys offeringboth a freemium and ad-free model.4. Pinterest will continue to explode as new features are released – will be themost expensive web/social acquisition in 2013.5. People will perpetuate the trend of consuming social media away from theircomputers - while shopping and driving and everywhere in between. © 2013
  25. THE FUTURE OF WEB1. Google Search will continue to lose market share to Bing (and the wildcard Facebook), to the benefit of those who want Search to lead to action, and not just browsing.2. SEO is no longer a science, nor beatable. Smart practices will directly lead to better return.3. Internet Explorer and Firefox will continue to lose market share to Chrome. Coupled with the influx of mobile internet, most current websites will be rendered obsolete.4. Those who don’t fully embrace mobile commerce will be left behind, and may never catch up.5. Responsive web design will become more relevant and pervasive than native app development – adaptability will overrule functionality. © 2013
  26. KEY TAKEAWAYS1. Everything you do online impacts your business success2. Everything you are not doing will impact your business success3. Everything you do online impacts your SEO results4. You can only truly test if you make a sufficient investment of time and resources5. Empathy. Empathy. Empathy.6. A mistake is merely an opportunity to do things right the next time © 2013
  27. Thank You &GOOD LUCK