The Do's and Don'ts of Online Engagement - Saint Street


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Proper online engagement (aka Social Media) should be taken seriously by those who seek unbridled success. Here are our Top 10 tips broken into Do's and Don'ts. Good luck!

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The Do's and Don'ts of Online Engagement - Saint Street

  1. 1. The Do’s & Don’ts of Online Engagement
  2. 2. Do it! Make mistakes STAY AWAKE 1. STEAL EVERYTHING: Research. Research. Research. Look first at your historical wins, losses and relevant key learnings. Then turn your attention to your competitors, similar business sectors, and research a broader set of successful case studies & best practices. 2. DO IT!: If you only dip a toe in, you’ll never learn to swim. It’s ok to be selective, but put forth enough effort to generate measurable results. 3. MAKE MISTAKES: We highly recommend trial and error in determining the best path to take to generate the type of ROI you desire. 4. STAY AWAKE: Proactively paying attention to what people are saying and doing in response to what you are saying and doing is a given. But don’t stop there. Listen to all conversations taking place online centered around your brand and your key competitors. Study this. Act accordingly. 5. BE SOCIAL: Engage those online who are happy with you. Engage those that are mad at you. And engage those who have no clue who you are. There is no time to be bashful. ©2014, Saint Street DO Steal everything Be social
  3. 3. 1. GET PISSED: There are two types of people online that you need to be most cautious with: the out and out crazies, and the customers who have been genuinely wronged. Both bark. Both bite. And you should take a deep, smart breath before you respond to their hysterics. 2. STOP LEARNING: Dissect the data. Continue to monitor the buzz. Keep an eye on your competitors at all times. Rest when you’ve won. But only take a nap. 3. BE CHEAP: Even social media savants have had to invest: in staff, training, design, outsiders, ads, research, tools, etc. If you aren’t ready to invest, then you should accept average to below-average results. 4. RELY ON THE KIDS: Senior management needs to sign off on key strategies, and, at a minimum periodically review ROI. They also need to weigh in on big, scary decisions that need to be made when dealing with PR crises (refer to item #1). 5. LET ‘EM LOOSE: Guess what – your entire staff uses social media in one form or another. That’s a lot of status updates, posted photos, Yelp reviews, etc. Having a structured (even if it’s a straw man) policy in place for how your staff can and cannot engage online is just plain smart, and safe. ©2014, Saint Street Get pissed Stop learning Be cheap Rely on the kids Let ‘em loose DON’T