Bash Out Loud


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Bash Out Loud

  1. 1. This is not H8book! Akshay Atrey Husayn Versee
  2. 2. • We miss,
  3. 3. • We lose our job when we…
  4. 4. • We don’t have an ‘online’ bus stop to make friends for the moment where,• bashing the Transit System, the Mayor, the new course and professor is a conversation starter…
  5. 5. »
  6. 6. • Bash anything or anyone• in only 256 characters• add # so that others can notice your bashes• Option to remain anonymous, now bash your boss, professor or even your ex• Thumbs up or thumbs down others’ bashes• Have a ‘mob’ of bashers for the moment• mob of a dozen• hottest and newest bashes• trends
  7. 7. Soon to be added…• start a gang war• synchronous and asynchronous communication channels
  8. 8. Questions & Comments? (Please, fill the feedback forms.)