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Anti–Islam acts by Zionist & responsibilities of Muslims


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This PPT mainly concentrates on the history of sacrileges west has done towards Islam, with the most recent media war in the form of :"Innocence of Muslims" and how Muslims has to deal with it with our demands.

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Anti–Islam acts by Zionist & responsibilities of Muslims

  1. 1. Presentation by:Quds Freedom Movement & teams
  2. 2.  The helplessness of enemies of humanity in the wake of awakening of Muslim community has made them show their respite towards Islam
  3. 3.  This time a Zionist director has made a blasphemous movie about the holy prophet Muhammad(s) and Islam
  4. 4.  Blasphemous novel by Salman Rushdie titled “The Satanic Verses” supported by British & American authorities on the name of “Freedom of Speech”
  5. 5.  Insulting cartoons of the Prophet of Islam (s) in the European newspapers Burning of copies of Holy Quraan in United States of America American & NATO forces insulting Holy Quraan in Iraq & Afghanistan
  6. 6.  But whatever we have witnessed lately is a lot bigger and a lot more dangerous in the form of a movie
  7. 7. Reasons and our reactions…
  8. 8.  With the collaboration of Zionist Jews, Coptic refugees in America and the crazy American priest, this movie that has been made on American soil has desecrated the Holy Prophet, with the aim to bring about sedition between Muslims and Christians. Dragging the Muslims and the Christians into a religious, sectarian bloody conflict throughout the whole world
  9. 9.  As everyone knows Islam phobia thoughts that reached its peak after Sept. 11, they have been raised in recent years as artistic blasphemies, caricatures, Qur’an burning and film making The recent stance, as the film maker in his interview with American and Israeli media announced, was completely conscious, intentional and with political objectives
  10. 10.  In addition to worthless scenes, the film has introduced Muslims as persecutors. Indeed, in this movie many crimes that American, Israeli and western troops have committed against people in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, and Abu Gurayb prisons in recent years, they are shamelessly attributed to Islam and Muslims. Whereas Islam is the religion of love and affection and the holy Prophet (s) according to the holy Qur’an, is a mercy for the worlds
  11. 11.  American government which has encountered the anger of awakened Muslims strives to acquit itself from this blasphemous measure. But how can one believe that a film made with 5 million Dollars and the continuous measures of the crazy priest have been carried out without knowledge of the officials of the US administration?
  12. 12.  Though we do not confirm killing innocent people and attacking political representations, but aggressive America and criminal Zionists should know that killing American staff in Libya and attacking American Embassy in Egypt are normal interactions of continuous blasphemies to Muslims’ holy sites If American government would have silenced the crazy American priest who burnt the Holy Quran or they punished severely their troops dishonoured holy sites in Bagram, Afghanistan, they would not see their ambassador and their citizens killed today
  13. 13. With our government as well as the authorities
  14. 14.  Lovers of Islam and the Prophet (s), announce their objection to this blasphemous action; and do their utmost to stop displaying this movie We ask the Indian government to block these clips from being viewed and also punish those caught uploading or circulating these clips
  15. 15.  Today in many western countries, nobody dares question the Holocaust whose nature is questionable In 2004 George bush signed a law regarding the tracing down of anti Semitism in the world, according to which any behaviour or any statement or any pointing out in any way what so ever, in image, cartoon figures or words, with anything which harms the Jewish the Zionism or Israel directly or indirectly, will be considered as racism against the Israelis because this means anti Semitism
  16. 16.  There are 1.4 billion Muslims, who follow a great religion and follow a Great Prophet, don’t they deserve a law which is similar to the law regarding anti Semitism, or should they confront freedom of expression when it comes to the issue of Zionism and Holocaust and not confront in this issue regarding Islam We ask the United Nation to approve a resolution that criminalize the insults to prophets and the religions and the Holy Books of any religion
  17. 17.  We would like to call upon the people of the world to rise their voice against the hypocrisy and double standards of USA in dealing with issues which are related to not only politics or to economy or to security or wars, but also related to dignity and sanctities and also insulting or harming religions as a whole And this is something which must be focused in the minds and the vigilance of the people and all the people who love peace and co existence and forgiveness in the world, whether they be Muslims, Christians, Hindus or followers of the other religions and other ideologies
  18. 18.  The Indian Government, United Nations, institutions and human Rights organizations are expected through their serious measures prevent from repeating such counter-human cultural crimes We demand the Indian Government to cut their relations with the United States of America and with, the criminal Zionist occupiers of the Palestinian land, Israel. History bear witness that these countries has always brought destruction to their allies
  19. 19.  My beloved honourable people, the whole world must see you tomorrow and over the next few days The whole world also must see the anger in your faces and in your fists and in your screams The whole world must also know that this great Prophet has followers, followers who will not be silent to insults or humiliation, whatever be the sacrifices and let the call be strong.
  20. 20. Let the call shake the world Let the call be strongLabbaik ya RasullahWassalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi waba rakatu