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Business plan report

  1. 1. 1. Problem Statement We are now in a closed situation in University of Malaya, the best university in Malaysia where there are so many facilities and accommodation including food stalls convenience stores and so on. But surely stalls and stores will not open for 24 hours. Humans also need to rest, they are not robots. There must be time limit for the operation hours of all the stalls and stores. So it might be hard for students to find the most important thing in their life, in such a situation that is ‘food’. All of us know, in the students life, sleeping early is very rare especially when there are exams or test ahead. Sometimes, they stay awake for no reasons. Teenagers are always like that, texting boyfriends or girlfriends, playing games, watching movies and so on. All of that needs energy, so they surely need food. Unfortunately, shop is already closed. Therefore, the need of food or snack is very high in that moment. So how are they going to withstand that kind of situation?2. Why our business is so important? Our business is so important. It is about food, among the most important thing in our life. Nobody can live without food, as it supplies energy for us. Yeah maybe it sounds funny as the operation time for our business is around late night until midnight, where most people are asleep and no one cares about filling their stomachs with something. But we are here in university; we try to get deep into students’ life where night is no longer time for you to fall asleep with sweet and delightful dreams. Assignments, tasks and late night meetings are here, there and everywhere. How can you withstand yourself for a long time at night without something to eat? That is why we are here. We come up with a very great idea with unique selling points to try to solve your problems of finding food late at night. Some students find out that it is so hard to find something to eat at night especially around midnight as stalls and stores are closed, and there is surely no vending machine that sells food. Yes, maybe we can find some food maybe at the nearest stalls somewhere outside of the university, but the nearest is still far. For those who have their own vehicles, it is ok but what about the others who don’t have their own vehicles? Taxi fares will double around midnight until dawn. Who can afford it? By the way, for students who have their own vehicles, they will also encounter some problems such as difficulties in dealing with the security guards as the curfew is around 12am. Yet, they will also waste their money on fuel and so on. So how are students going to deal with it? Let us show you a business plan that can solve the students’ problem. You may see our unique selling points in the next slide.
  2. 2. 3. Unique Selling point We decided to sell snacks. The snacks are Classic Fold over (Popia) and cucuk-cucuk. The uniqueness of our business are: 1. Our business hour is start at midnight. Our sales will begin at 11pm to 2am where by most shops are closed. Most students feel hungry at this point as they are doing their assignments and task. Therefore, we want to help students who stay up late at night to get snack while it is still hot and crispy. 2. Our business strategy is to sell from door to door. Majority of students who live on campus are among the first year students. According to the rules in the set, the first year students are not allowed to bring a vehicle. So, we make a door-to-door sale which is more convenient for students. This would make it easier for students to get food, and we also get to know our customers closer. 3. The recipe of our snack is family recipe. It is our group members family recipe. During the bazaar Ramadan sales, the spring roll made from this recipe had been sold like hot cakes by one of our group member. Therefore, we use this recipe to make our classic fold over to be enjoyed by our customers.
  3. 3. 4. PictureClassic fold over (Popia)Resources: 1. Prawns. 2. Carrot.
  4. 4. 3. Sweet turnip.Cucuk-cucuk.Resources: 1. Fish ball. 2. Skewers.
  5. 5. 5. Surveys SURVEY FORM Classic Fold Over (Popia) and Cucuk-cucukAge: _________Circle the following.Student: (YES / NO )1) Are you hungry when up till late night? ( YES / NO )2) Do you all study till midnight? ( YES / NO )3) Are you having difficulty to find or buying foods during late night? ( YES / NO )4) How often do you eat snack? ( once / more than one /less than one per week )5) Will you buy snack if someone sell snack door by door? ( YES / NO )6) Do you like popia and cucuk-cucuk snack? ( YES / NO ) ~Thank you for spending your precious time~
  6. 6. If there is a snack sell door to door will you buy it? 17.5% Yes No 82.5%According to survey done, about 82.5 % of student will buy snack when we sell it door todoor at midnight because this method save their time and is convenient to them. There areonly about 17.5% people who will not buy snack at midnight when sell door to door.
  7. 7. Percentage of student hungry at the midnight. 20% 80%Out of 40 students, about 32 students are feeling hungry in the midnight and only 8 personsdo not feel hungry.
  8. 8. Percentage student who sleep late. 10% 90%90% of student sleep late in night as they have a lot of assignment, homework .Only 10% ofstudent sleep before 12 o’clock .
  9. 9. Number of student who wish to try popiah and cucuk 5persons 35 personsAccording to the pie chart above, only small amount of student would not try popiah andcucuk snack which is only 5 person out of 40. The remaining 87.5% of student agree to buythese snack as the ingredient in ‘popiah’ are vegetable which are high in fibre and the cucukare high in protein.
  10. 10. Number of students that having difficulty in finding/buying food late in night. 7 persons 33personsAround 82.5%( 33persons) found that it is difficult to buy food in the midnight .This isbecause most of the food stall are closed. Only 17.5%( 7 persons) can find or buy food inmidnight as some of them have their own snack.
  11. 11. 6. Customer Our target market is the students who are looking for snack at the midnight. The reason we choose them as our customer: 1) Most of student study or doing homework until midnight Students have a lot of assignment, activities, tutorials and most of them will busy doing all their work until midnight. They feel hungry easily when they had overnight. 2) Difficulty in buying food at midnight Most of the food stalls or café are closed at the midnight. Student found that it is difficult to find food as most of the food stalls are closed . 3) Lack of snack sell in the stall Although some food stall might not closed, but the food they sell are in large quantities or high in calories like fried rice. Students who wish to eat small snack found that it is difficult to buy small snack as food stall didn’t sold small snack. 4) Wish to save time Some café or kiosk might be too far from student hostel. Times for them are so precious, they had to sacrifice their bedtime in order to done their work, so they might feel it is waste of time to walk for a distance just to buy a snack.
  12. 12. 7. Value preposition 1. Value that we deliver According to business dictionary value means important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable. Values have major influence on a person’s behavior and attitude and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. Some common business values are fairness, innovation and community involvement. ( )  Business hour Our business unique selling point is business hour. This is because we start our business at 11.00 pm until 4.00 am. This is the time usually student who stay up will feel hungry and craving for food. We choose this range of time because during this period no stall still available for student to buy snack.So, we will be available at the time they need the most.  Snack for supper! We offer the type of food that is suitable with the time of our business hour. Since we sell by midnight so we offer the type of food that is ‘light’ in other word – snack. We cannot expect people to eat ‘nasi lemak’ during supper. So, we take the initiative to sell the food that is easier to be consume such as cucuk – cucuk and classic foldover (popiah).  Door to door Our business provide this kind of service. We will knock door by door. This is one of the important value because it is so convenience! Imagine – when you stay up to finish assignment which is the due date is tomorrow, you suddenly craving for food! But, you don’t feel like to go to mamak stall. Due to the hungriness, you cannot focus, you cannot think. At that time being, suddenly, someone knock your door and said, “Dik, nak cucuk – cucuk? ”. It just like a bless isn’t it?
  13. 13. 2. Customer’s problem that we solve By reffering to Bing dictionary, customer is a person who puchases goods orservices from another ; buyer ; patron. In order for the customer to buy our product,we must offer a solution for problems that they faced. So that they have solid reasonto buy our product. On the other hand, problems means a perceived gap between theexisting state and a desired state, or a deviation from a norm , standard, or statusquo.Although many problems turn out to have several solutions (the means to closethe gap or correct the deviation), difficulties arise where such means are either notobvious or are not immediately available according to Business  Safety issue Nowadays, this world is a very dangerous place.Is there any relationship with our business? Of course there is! During midnight, if we want to walk to the stall (if there is) for instance we maybe attacked by robber or even raper especially for female students. So, by using our door to door service, we no need to be worry. We will come right in front of your door. There will not be another safety problem.  Convenience services Sometimes, the customer want to buy the product, but the service provided is not convenience. For instance, the mamak stall even it is open for 24 hours but it not provide any delivery. How about the student that don’t have the transportation? Or just too lazy to go. Again, we provide the solution. We will offer a call or sms and door to door services. In the flyers and facebook page, we will inform our contact number. So that, our customer just can call us whenever they want! (during our business hours)  Standard price Some of the business man that is greed sometimes,they sell their product at the unreasonable price by using the excuse of the business hours besides the student that are desperate. But we will sell our snacks at standard price according to the market. Its doesnt matter day or night. We all are also students, so we understands.
  14. 14. 3. Customer’s need that we satisfyAccording to Business, the defination of need can be divided into two:1. General: A motivating force that compels action for its satisfaction. Needs rangefrom basic survival needs (common to all human beings) satisfied by necessities, tocultural, intellectual, and social needs (varying from place to place and age group toage group) satisfied by necessaries. Needs are finite but, in contrast, wants (whichspring from desires or wishes) are boundless. See also Maslows hierarchy of needs.2. Marketing: A driver of human action which marketers try to identify, emphasize,and satisfy, and around which promotional efforts are organized.  Needs for food As our business is a food business so we provide food that will satisfy their crave. But we will offer is the kind of food that is suitable for supper. The hot classic foldover and cucuk – cucuk. This kind of food it is easier to consume and can be consider as night snack.  Door to door service This kind of service is rarely found. Usually, people that want to sell cucuk- cucuk will open a stall. But we will provide this door to door service to ease our customer. Beside that, we covered the safety concern also. Why is that so? This is because the customer don’t need to go out to buy food. We is the one that will come to them. So that the student just need to stay inside their room. Safety guaranteed!
  15. 15. 4. Product and Services According to Enterprise Value Framework, the product development life cycle is: Identifying value opportunities through research and development in order to provide more value to customers, for example where an insurance company augments its range of services to include new investment options like offshore investments. o Determining the feasibility of new ideas. o Qualifying the value of the product in terms of profitability and sustainability per market segment over the life time of the product. Product development turns the product idea into reality: o Product design defines the features needed that will add value to strategic segments. o Construction is the process of actually building the product or the infrastructure for delivering a service. o The product must be tested before it can be delivered to the market to ensure it satisfy all the value requirements of each market segment. Value delivery manages the project definition throughout the lifecycle of the project: o Launching the project into a target market requires an initial review of the acceptance of the market of the new product and making the required adjustments to products where value expectations are not met. o Establishing the product over time requires a continual review of the value of the product over time. o Ultimately when the product or service is no longer profitable or no longer addresses a customer need, the product must be phased-out. Product Our product are classic foldover aka popiah and cucuk - cucuk which is include fish ball, meat ball, fish chip, ect. This kind of food is considered as snack and covenience to be eaten especially during supper. Beside that, our classic foldover is so special because it is made from one of our members family recipe. Plus, the prawn used in our classic foldover is fresh. Guaranteed!
  16. 16.  Services We provide services such as call, sms, delivery, and the main is door to door service. They can call or sms us whenever they want and we will deliver to them. All of these services is provided to ease our beloved customers. They can reach us in many medium – phone, social network or even a direct order.
  17. 17. 8. Channel 1. Flyers / Posters The flyers and posters can be distributed and posted around University Malaya. Thiskind of channel is effective to promote the opening of the business but for the long termpromotion, this kind of channel is not very suitable because it cost moneys compared to otherchannel which is free. 2. Social networking Social networking include facebook, twitter, e-mail, whatsapp, ect. This kind of channelis very convenience, easy to access and customer friendly. This is because the customer canaccess whenever they want. It is also free. If they want to order but their mobile credit is runout, they can easily PM us through facebook. Or just tweet us! 3. Direct promotion Direct promotion is when we promote the business directly to our customer. By meetthem personally, we can convince them about our business Beside that, it will leave greaterimpact towards the customer because we meet them face to face. It is easier for them toremember our business and the most important thing is to TRUST it!  The best of the best! After several disscussion, we agreed that the best channel for our business is throughsocial networking specifically - facebook. This is suitable due to several reasons. First, it iscost free. For a begginner like us, our modal is very limited. So, we need to maximise everycent and cut off any cost that is not so important. Second, it is convenience. Our customer canreach us anytime, anywhere. Lastly, facebook also integrate with customer routine. This isbecause most of people nowadays have a facebook account. Usually they will open theirfacebook daily. Therefore, they will not miss any update or maybe promotion about ourbusiness.
  18. 18. 9. Customer relationshipRetentionWhat type of relationship does each of our customer segments expect us to establish andmaintain with them?Customer expect us to provide good, fast and convenience services, and they also expect us togive discounts and offers for festive seasons or for regular customers.We prepared discount vouchers for our regular customers or during the festive seasons.Example of discount voucher,We also package offer. For example buy 5 free 1 and buy 10 free 3. These only valid if weprovide the package voucher.
  19. 19. Co-creation:We also listens to our customers reviews, problems, and suggestions through our companyfacebook and e-mail. These forms of interaction capable of improving our services and enhanceour performance to satisfy our customers’ needs and wants.How costly they are?The costs are not much, there are profit. But that is not the point, these vouchers and offers willvery importand in maintaining our customers and expanding our business.How are they intergrated with the rest our business model?It is related to channel, value proposition, revenue stream, cost and key activities.It related to channel because we can easily distribute the vouchers to our customer when theybuy our products. The vouchers increases our sales for our products and promotes our productsto larger community. It also related to key activities because when we organize events such as‘one day one college’ event, we will be able directly interact with our customers hence make thecommunity of the college notice our business. The voucher cost and cost to maintain ourrelationship will be explained future in the cost section.
  20. 20. 10. Revenue stream
  21. 21. 11. Key resources 1. Employee As students, we need employees to work with us as it is very time consuming to do a job like food preparation and packaging. The food preparation includes the process to make the Classic Fold Over and cucuk-cucuk snack. Therefore, the employee should meet our requirement. First and foremost, they should be expert in cooking, have an experience in cooking or food preparation, or at least can cook very well. Our employee would be middle aged full-time housewives as they have a lot of free time and this can also help them to generate income for their family. They should be middle age as they would have both experience and the physical energy required for this job. We would hire 4 employees and they would work daily, for 4 hours per day. Each employee also would be paid monthly with a fixed wage which is RM500. Therefore, our employees are important for us to keep our business running. 2. Products Our products, Classic Fold Over and cucuk-cucuk are also our key resources. To meet our customer demands and satisfaction, we would serve them our best. The foods would be served warm. This is due to the fact that it would not be that appealing when it is cold. Furthermore, it would not be crunchy and crispy anymore when it is cold. The foods are also made from fresh ingredients especially the Classic Fold Over to enhance the taste. We only choose the best ingredients to make our products. 3. Internet Our products basically would be promoted mainly via the social networks such as Facebook, and WhatsApp. This is because it is free, more convenient and customer friendly. As the technology is getting advanced, we should make full use of it. Internet is the key resource that we acquire from one of our key partner, the internet provider.
  22. 22. 4. Vehicles and transport Vehicles and transport are our physical resource which includes car andmotorcycle. Vehicles are very crucial in our business from the process of buyingingredients to the food transportation. We need vehicles to take the prepared food fromour employee. Besides that, as our products would be sold in the residential college ofUniversity Malaya, vehicles play an important part for the food transportation. It is moreconvenient to use our own vehicles instead of public transport or rental vehicles. This isdue to cost wise and time wise. Public transport and rental vehicles would cost us more.Moreover, the availability of public transport is not fixed and to wait for public transportwould consume a lot of time. Our own vehicles would be much convenient as we can useit anytime and anywhere. Vehicles and transport enable our business to run smoothly as ithelps in our movement.5. Maintenance There are two type of maintenance; maintenance of transport and maintenance ofmaterial. Our vehicles should be in good shape in order to run our business smoothly.Therefore the vehicles should be serviced and it will consume some cost. This is includedin other expenditure which is RM200 per month, while the petrol will cost us RM48 permonth. The maintenance of material is important for us to store our food ingredients. Thisis because fish ball, meat ball, squid ball, carrots, spring roll pastry and others will bebought for a week supply. To store the large amount of quantity of stock, a fridge isneeded. This is to keep our stock in frost state and to prevent spoilage which will cause agreat loss to our company.6. Food preparation The food preparation is the most expensive key resource as it is cost and timeconsuming. This is because many ingredients are needed in the preparation of the foods.Besides, to prepare the foods in a large quantity per day for the colleges is very timeconsuming. We estimated to prepare 300 Classic Fold Over per day and 300 cucuk-cucukper day. All in all, the cost of food preparation per week is RM2171.76 per week which ishigher than employees’ payment which is RM 2000 per month. In fact the employees’payment is included in the food preparation cost.
  23. 23. 12. Key partners 1. College Committee For each residential college, there is a college committee. For each residential, they have their own college committee or Jawatankuasa Tindakan Kolej (JTK). The college committee members would be our key partners as they are in charge in monitoring the activities and events that occur in the college. By having them as our key partners, they can help us to advertise our foods. Besides that, they also can give us permission to post our posters. They also can help us to get the stamp and signature of college headmaster to legitimate our posters. Moreover, by having them as our key partners, if there is any college event we can also take part by selling our foods. Some of the residential college of University Malaya
  24. 24. 2. Internet provider The internet provider is University Malaya. University Malaya offers free Wi-Fifor the students. The current Wi-Fi speed is 500 Mbps. There are a total of 1100 accesspoints around the University Malaya campus. University Malaya has one of the best Wi-Fi internet access compared to many other universities. This is because it hascomprehensive coverage of the residential college campus students and building faculty,institute, department and centre. With this, we can connect to the internet anytime usingour mobile phones or laptops as long as we are in the range of Wi-Fi.Analysis Report on Wireless in UM on 24 August 2011 within 24 hours (Retrieved from
  25. 25. UM Accessibility On-Campus Access Point from January-July 2011 97 96 96.26 95 95.59 94 Percentage (%) 93.85 93 93.07 92 91 Percentage (%) 91.27 90 90.8 90.29 89 88 87 January February March April May June July MonthUM Accessibility On-Campus Access Point from January-July 2011 (Retrieved from
  26. 26. UM Wireless Performance Analysis Graph from January-July 2011 100.5 100 100 99.9 99.8 99.5 99.7 99.4Percentage (%) 99 98.8 98.5 Percetage (%) 98 98.2 97.5 97 January February March April May June July Month UM Wireless Performance Analysis Graph from January-July 2011 (Retrieved from Number of Access Point in Residential College Residential College Access Point (AP) First Residential College 30 Second Residential College 38 Third Residential College 32 Fourth Residential College 30 Fifth Residential College 61 Sixth Residential College 54 Seventh Residential College 43 Eighth Residential College 42 Ninth Residential College 58 Tenth Residential College 5 Eleventh Residential College 33 Twelfth Residential College 170 Total 566 (Retrieved from
  27. 27. 3. Facebook Facebook is the most well-known social network in Malaysia. In fact, Facebookpenetration in Malaysia is 50.48%. The largest age group of Facebook users is 18 – 24and followed by 25-34 which in the relative age of a university student. We can get ourfeedback from our customers through their comments and likes on Facebook. We canalso make a survey on Facebook to ask each residential college students which food theyprefer more, so that we can increase the quantity of the food. Same goes for the food thatthey prefer less, we can cut down the quantity of the food. This can help us to reduce lossand boost our selling. This also will solve the problem of not enough food that ourcustomers prefer. With this, we can maintain our relationship with our customers.User Age Distribution on Facebook in Malaysia (Retrieved from
  28. 28. 4. WhatsApp WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging application whichallows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. As we all know, noteveryone is using the same line for mobile phones. There are Maxis, Celcom, Digi and U-Mobile. If we send a messenger the charge would be different for different line. Ourcustomer also would be charged if the reply our messenger. Furthermore, the message issent one per person which will consume a lot of cost. By using WhatsApp, we can chatwith our customers and also get their feedback on our service. Besides that, only onemessage is needed to be sent to all our customers. In addition to basic messaging we canalso send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages.
  29. 29. 13. Key activities 1. One Day, One College. a. Since we are only limiting our business to six colleges, the digits are perfect as we operate 6 days a week. Generally the plan is to open a stall rather than delivering to them just for a day for every college. However, a crucial question arises, “doesn’t this contradict to our value propositions, which the main pillar is to deliver it to them?” true. So, why? i. To show our product is up to the quality. There are many kinds of customers and most of them surely want the food they are about to eat is completely managed properly. They can do so by observing the preparation themselves at the stall. ii. Indirect survey. By opening a stall, we can do a verbal survey about our services and products. What product they prefer more or what can be done to make it better. By that, it can be included in the weekly meetings and help us improve what have to be improved.
  30. 30. 2. Monthly Survey. a. As explained in the ‘channel’ section, we concluded that social networking is the best channel to maintain customer relationship as well as delivering our promotions and business information. The key activity to be done in this section is of course, monthly survey. The survey includes: i. What product do they prefer more? Initially we plan to sell a fix amount for every product. However, there might be differences in their tastes and maybe they have a product they prefer more. So by conducting this survey, we can revise about the amount of every products to be sold in the next sessions. ii. Do our services satisfy them? It is important to maintain customer relationship and to know the level of our services so it can be improved by next sessions. iii. Suggestions. We are open for suggestions, for the customers might have better ideas to improve our business.
  31. 31. User Age Distribution on Facebook in Malaysia (Retrieved from
  32. 32. 3. Delivery. (customer service) a. As stated in value propositions and also our unique selling point, the key activity is to deliver the food to the customers. The idea is to bring the choices to the customers and make it convenient for them. It is quite hard to find food when it is late and if there is, it is too heavy and surely not suitable for midnight snack. b. Example of heavy snacks: i. Nasi lemak. ii. Instant noodle c. However we offer lighter snacks and easier to handle. Moreover, it is door to door service.
  33. 33. 14. Cost structure The most important cost comes from the raw materials. We have decided to buy our stock weekly because it is perishable and can only be best if bought weekly. Weekly budget for raw materials. Price per unit Total Price Items Number of unit (RM) (RM) Spring roll pastry 3.6 36 129.6 Carrot 2.29 9 20.61 Chinese Turnip (1.39kg) 1.3 30 39 Prawn 17.99 18 323.82 Fish Ball 8.5 30 255 Meat Ball 10 30 300 sotong ball 9 30 270 Chilli Sauce (3 KG) 8.99 1 8.99 Beancurd (3 pieces) 1 36 36 Salt (500g) 3 1 3 Stick (300 pieces) 20 6 120 Chicken Stock 6 3 18Cooking oil (Minyak Seri Murni) 3.25 30 97.5 Paper bag (500 pieces) 20 1 20 Mayonnaise 6 3kg 18 petrol 2 6 12 Flour 1.99 0.12 0.2388 1671.7588
  34. 34. However, wages given have to be taken into consideration as it has a significant effect on theloss-profit table. Workers’ pay weekly. wage no.of total(RM) amount(RM) workers 125 4 500This makes the pay RM 500.00 for every person in a month.And the total expenditure needed would be: Total Cost(weekly). Price per unit Total PriceItems (RM) Number of unit (RM)Spring roll pastry 3.6 36 129.6Carrot 2.29 9 20.61Chinese Turnip (1.39kg) 1.3 30 39Prawn 17.99 18 323.82Fish Ball 8.5 30 255Meat Ball 10 30 300sotong ball 9 30 270Chilli Sauce (3 KG) 8.99 1 8.99 Beancurd (3 pieces) 1 36 36Salt (500g) 3 1 3Stick (300 pieces) 20 6 120Chicken Stock 6 3 18Cooking oil (Minyak Seri Murni) 3.25 30 97.5Paper bag (500 pieces) 20 1 20Mayonnaise 6 3kg 18petrol 2 6 12Flour 1.99 0.12 0.2388workers pay 125 4 500 2171.76
  35. 35. After some meetings, we also have decided to put prices on our products, to meet therequirements and the profit needed. price per units to be items to be sold(weekly) total(RM) unit(RM) sold(daily) popiah 1 300 1800 1800 cucuks 1 300 1800 1800 3600Profit= income-total cost (weekly)RM 3600.00 – RM 2171.76= RM 1428.24 (weekly)
  36. 36. The board is confident that the product will be sold out and the quota will be fulfilled because thepopulation of each college exceeds the product by 700% average.3rd college, Kolej Tuanku Kurshiah 4th college, Kolej Bestari 9th college, kolej Tun Syed Zahiruddin 11th college, Kolej Ungku Aziz 12th college, Kolej Kediaman Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah
  37. 37. 8th college, Kinabalu residential collegeAs for the cost for key activities, it is insignificant because stall opening does not affect theweekly cost but only on the initial budget account and the equipment is counted as an asset.Other activities also are fully online and currently used under the privilege of being students. Business Assets Fixed Asset Cost Types (RM) FIXED ASSET Skillet 15.00 Spatula 10.00 Stove 40.00 Utensils 20.00 stall 450 total 535.00