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The dark knight rises (2012)


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The dark knight rises (2012)

  1. 1. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Film Research Task
  2. 2. Production • This film was directed by Christopher Nolan and was his second Batman film. It starred Christian Bale as Batman, along with other Hollywood stars such as Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy.
  3. 3. Production • This massive Hollywood movie used around 15 different cameras. • The camera that makes this film unique is the use of iMax. These cameras are very large and heavy and are never used for a whole film. However, Nolan prefers them to 3D cameras.
  4. 4. Production • Nolan spent a very long time finding the perfect locations for this film, including doing research in Romania, Scotland and the USA. • Most of the posh manor scenes are shot in England, and most of the big city scenes are shot in America.
  5. 5. Production • The film is part of a massive franchise, consisting of two other films, a prequel and a sequel, and DC Comics, who give permission for video games, toys, magazines and more to be made all to do with the Batman label. • The budget for this film was estimated at $250,000,000 with $160, 887,295 earned back just in the opening weekend.
  6. 6. Distribution • This film was distributed by Warner Bros. all over the world including the UK and the US. • Many campaigns all over America took place, including billboards, teaser trailers, even a four minute long iMax clip was released for iMax audiences everywhere.
  7. 7. Marketing • The internet played a huge part in the marketing of this film. Twitter was used to start the hype, with the hashtag #thefirerises. Everytime a fan tweeted this, Warner Bros. would release one pixel of an eventual first glimpse at Bane. • The film has official websites in many different countries including Brazil and Japan. • Fans also went crazy for teaser trailers, and there was a lot of suspicion that the supposed ‘leaked’ trailer was really meant to have been fake leaked.
  8. 8. Distribution • Christopher Nolan decided to take the side of iMax cameras instead of going for the more common 3D style. This film was released in cinemas all over the world in either iMax or 2D. • The film is available on DVD, Bluray, iTunes and On Demand making it very easy to watch at home.
  9. 9. Distribution • Considering the complaints The Dark Knight received for not including many extra features, The Dark Knight Rises included many bonus features including interviews with all the stars and even a short documentary on the Bat Mobile. • This film is available to illegally download on many websites.
  10. 10. Exhibition • This film was released in over 80 countries all around the world. • In just the UK alone, the box office takings were around £170,000,000. • The overall box office takings were $450,000,000.
  11. 11. Exhibition • In the USA, the opening weekend box office takings were an amazing $161,000,000. and in the UK, the takings were £14,500,000. • This film opened in 4,404 theatres in the US alone, and over 7,000 outside of North America.