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  1. 1. Production Max GiwaDirected by Dania PasquiniProduced by James RichardsonWritten by Jane English Diversity Flawless George Sampson Charlotte Rampling Eleanor BronStarring Nichola Burley Patrick Baladi Jocelyn Jee Esien Richard Winsor Jeremy SheffieldMusic by Various ArtistCinematography Sam McCurdyEditing by Tim Murrell BBC FilmsStudio E1 Entertainment HMV Vertigo FilmsDistributed by Universal Studios 19 May 2010 (France)Release date(s) 21 May 2010 (United Kingdom)Running time 98 minutesCountry United KingdomLanguage EnglishBudget £1.5 millionGross revenue £9,617,687
  2. 2. The film was a low budget movie, however it used popular culture to itsbenefit as there were popular artists in the film with wide media attentiontherefore it would gain them publicity for the film. They knew they couldprofit if the film featured stars from Britain’s got talent who were popularat the time and it would appeal to a mainstream audience.DistributionThe film was targeted to a wide mainstream audience and a wide spreadsaturation scheme was used to cover every blade of grass. It wasdistributed by Vertigo a company who are trying to branch out and appealto a wider audience and Warner Bros who are already well established onthe world circuit and they are experienced in widespread releases of highconcept films which street dance would like to have. The fact that it is 3dis another selling point which the distributors would have played on andwhen a film is in 3d you know it is not appealing to a niche market. TheDVD and Blu-ray came out on 27 September in the UK which had 2 discs
  3. 3. (one 2D and one 3D), also came with 3D glasses, This was done also byvertigo and Warner Bros. I think the distributors would of looked to makethere money at the box office with people coming to the cinema to seesomething special.MarketingThere was a wide spread marketing campaign which consisted of bigposters and billboards, they try and target the youth by using magazinesand viral campaigns such as facebook and myspace their would also becast interviews which would bring fans into the cinema to see therefavourite artists new work. It would be a very stereotypical big moviecampaign however they will not have the budget to make it a blanketrelease however the theme song will be released in the charts andtherefore gain revenue and publicity for the film.ExhibitionThe film made 10 million at the box office and considering that film onlyhad a 1.5 million budget it did well, It would feature in mainstreamcinemas such as the Odeon and cinema world however it would not got tothe art house as it would not appeal to that crowd also it would need to bebig screen as it is in 3d