Evaluation t 1


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Evaluation t 1

  1. 1. This shot is from Bastilles ‘Rhythm of the Night’ and shows an ECU of a man looking outside of the window. It is very similar to our opening sequence including the lighting and mise en scene with police lights flickering back and forth. This is a shot from our opening sequence and shows police lights shinning onto our characters face whilst he looks outside the curtains. I think this shot achieves the feeling of being trapped and surrounded and I think the ECU worked well.
  2. 2. This shot is from the film ‘Drive’ and has a similar look to our motel. In this shot we can see the character sitting on the bed in sort of a hunched position with the camera at an angle so that the audience can’t see the whole character, which creates mystery. Within this shot, our character has just arose from lying on the bed and has been filmed facing away from the camera. In contrast to the shot below, the lighting in our opening sequence is dim and has been shot to suggest its night time whilst the light in the shot below is bright and in the daytime.
  3. 3.  This shot is from the TV series ‘Bates Motel’. It is quite similar to our shot as it’s a crane shot of a man on/in a bed. It is quite similar to our shot although there is different lighting and it’s not directly above him as it’s slightly to the side.   We feel that our crane shot looks great in our opening sequence as it brings something different to it and is an interesting shot for the audience to look at as they can really look deep into our character.