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Blog task 2

  2. 2.
  3. 3. Toy Hearts – This Little Kitty<br />Our music video was trying to establish and sell not only the band and brand image. We wanted to portray the genre of the band as well as the overall ‘image’ of it to appeal to certain audiences.<br />As the Toy Hearts music is bluegrass genre, which in itself is quite unusual, we wanted to come up with a concept that would portray this. This was quite a challenge for us as none of us had any experience with this style of music, but after much exploration and research, we came up with a simple idea that would portray this nicely.<br />With the band itself, we had to look at mise en scene within the video, so that the bands image worked within the song.<br />
  4. 4. DIGIPACK<br />With our digipack we wanted to show images of the band as well as relating it again to the genre of music and look of the band.<br />We were trying to sell the brand image, by using particular fonts and color themes, we thought this would portray it well as it linked with the feel of their music and lyrics of the track.<br />Through the the stained background and various images of things such as vintage pin up girls and coke tops, we wanted to create a vintage feel to the CD and broadcast the band as that image.<br />This was done on Photoshop as well as the magazine advert using a template for both.<br />
  5. 5. MAGAZINE ADVERT<br />With the magazine advert the main point we were trying to get across was to sell the band as well as the tour. We were advertising the Toy Hearts up and coming tour.<br />We made the advert and the digipack similar by using the same template as for the audience to associate and recognize that this poster was the Toy Hearts as it was similar if not the same as the digipack. Making the band even more recognizable and marketed well.<br />This was done on Photoshop with the same template used for the digipack<br />
  6. 6. WHAT JOB THEY EACH HAD<br />POP VIDEO – To advertise the band through TV<br />DIGIPACK- To advertise the band through music selling stores such as HMV & I Tunes<br />MAGAZINE ADVERT – To advertise the band through concerts and performances.<br />Each had own job and each was working with the others through synergy to achieve how to sell the brand/band.<br />
  7. 7. CARLSSON’S THEORY: Commercial Exhibitionists<br />Carlsson explains that performers or pop starts are either/and commercial exhibitionists, televised bards and electronic Sharman's. An example of a commercial exhibitionist would be ‘Lady Ga Ga’. There music is only half of their image, they will promote themselves in different way such as magazine shoots and perfume brands as well as, in some cases, their own clothing line. This is so they keep within the public sphere and in the minds of the public. Lady Ga Ga will gave a publicist and an agent working with her to promote herself using her image and to try and create as much income as possible for all of them. Whereas our pop video group The Toy Hearts are not commercial exhibitionist as they are more music focused rather the money and image. They also don’t really have any commercial appeal as they are a fairly different band, with the fact that they are a family based unit and would not be seen as ‘sex’ icons like Justin Timberlake might be seen.<br />
  8. 8. Carlsson’s theory : Televised Brands<br />Carlsson explains televised bards as a story or meaning within a song. This would be told through lyrics of songs. Artists like eminem and Ed Sheeran would be seen televised brands as they are both known for there ‘deep’ and ‘personal’ lyrics which often tell a story about himself or others. An example of Ed Sheerans songs would be ‘ little lady’ or ‘ The A Team’ of which both talk about the life of a 13 year old prostitue. <br />The song ‘This Little Kitty’ contains more of a message rather than a story. The story/message within the lyrics is about a girl who is care free, reckless and not concerned with the consequences.<br />
  9. 9. Carlsson’s Theory: Electric Shaman<br />Carlsson explains electronic shaman as the musician being a preacher of a message . This would normally be done by the lyrics. The message in ‘This Little Kitty’ is about a girl running round having fun and not caring about the consequences. <br />There are songs that preach messages much more clearly about politics and the environment out there. These may contain the artists frustration and through the lyrics show how they feel. This maybe because they feel song Is more powerful than speech.<br />
  10. 10. So ….. STARS FALL INTO THREE AREAS<br />
  11. 11. COMMERCIAL EXHIBITIONISTS<br />Put themselves out for commercial exhibition i.e Lady Ga Ga<br />
  12. 12. TELEVISED BARDS<br />Where there is a story within the lyrics of an artists song i.ejames blunt or Paolo Nutini<br />
  13. 13. ELECTRONIC SHAMAN<br />Artist that preaches and sends a message to his/her fans through lyrics and image. i.e Lilly Allen<br />
  14. 14. With the Toy Hearts<br />With the Toy Hearts music video there was a lot of televised bards where the lyrics had a story about a rebellious girl who is seductive as well as daring. Looking at the lyrics it can be interpreted into different ways.<br />There was also a lot of Electronic Shaman throughout the music from there album as well as the song that we were doing. The lyrics tried to convey what females are like and to allow a male audience to ‘understand’ what women are portrayed as.<br />