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Album covers


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Album covers

  1. 1. Simon Bradshaw: Album Covers Marlowe, Testcard & Roja
  2. 2. • Marlowe deepsparklecorner debut album • This is marlowe’s first debut EP ‘its turning me on’. ! • The cover seems to be a photograph of a women putting lipstick on with red covering the whole album. ! • The writing is all in non-capitals and is white which makes it clear over the red background. ! • Overall, it’s quite a sexual album cover as the title itself highlights that and also the woman with her body position, revealing her legs and putting red lipstick on with red being known as an overall theme for danger and sexual energy. ! • When discussing in class I was leading to this band being rock/alternative and it’s target audience quite possibly could be edgy/indie as the image is quite ‘mature’ for younger audiences.
  3. 3. • This is marlowe’s debut album ‘darksparklecorner’. • The image immediately makes me feel slightly uneasy and brings questions like who is it and what was happening when this photo was taken. • The title of the album is quite unusual and makes me think more deeply about the meaning of it. • The album shares similarities with the first EP with the similar font and text colour with the style of non-capitals and small sizing. • I also think it refers back to the theme of mature r audiences and the genre of rock/indie style music.
  4. 4. • This is marlowe’s second album ‘a day in july’. • The album shares similarities to the previous covers like the font and size of the text and the solid red emphasising the cover. • However, it is slightly less scandalous compared to the others as it seems a lot more peaceful and calm whilst the other two have more intense images. • Looking at this I would say the target audience could be anybody as the image has no reference to drugs/sex etc and is very tame.
  5. 5. • This marlowe’s 3rd album ‘deep breathe fake air’. • The cover is different to the other albums as it’s an illustration which is unusual with the title being quite odd and interesting. • Like the others. it shares the same font and solid red background. • If I had to guess I would say the target audience woud still be metal/rock just by the title as it’s quite informal and confusing.
  6. 6. • Here is Testcards debut album ‘Lines’, compared to the other albums it has little similarities as its main colour are grey and black and it is very un-eye- catching in my opinion. • It is very structured compared to the others as everything is aligned including the text whilst with the other albums the titles usually are in opposite ends of each other and are less centre. • The album cover reminds me a lot of Coldplay’s X&Y with the simple illustration and shapes. • I would say the genre would be alternative rock/folk and the target audience teenagers upwards.
  7. 7. • This is the album ‘Promises I should have kept’ by Roja. • Similarly there is a hint of red in the title most likely because red in Spanish is roja. • The illustration is very detailed and almost slightly humorous with the drawings. • I think the genre of music would be rock/ Spanish-Latin due to the font and title of the album and the classic black and white illustration of a stallion and what seems to be a Spanish Senorita.