A Pbio Syllabus


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A Pbio Syllabus

  1. 1. Aug. 24, 2009 Dear Student, Parent(s)/Guardian(s), Welcome back to school! I want to take this opportunity to provide some information about the upcoming year. My name is Michelle Hurst, and I am in my 10th year as a science teacher, and 3rd at LHS. I have both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Sciences. I am excited to have the opportunity to share the interesting field of science with all of you. This class involves lots of hands-on work through the labs. We will work in groups often; however, each student must also complete at least two individual projects during the semester. We will develop skills such as problem-solving and teamwork while learning about physics. These skills are vital in today’s workplace, and my goal is to help prepare students for college and the workplace. Attached are the course overview, guidelines and rules. Please review them so that you are aware of the course requirements and my expectations. I keep a classroom blog that updates my students of work and assignments. I will post power points and other assignments there. This is a great site to check if your student is absent, or if you want to see what we are working on in class. http://mrshurstscience.wordpress.com/ The goal of this class is to prepare for the AP Biology exam. To do this, we must move at a fast pace. Your student should spend about 3-4 hours a week studying or preparing for this class. The exam will be on Monday May 11. Students are also asked to keep up with a lab notebook, in case a college would like proof of our lab work. As your teacher, I commit to providing an environment where you can be successful. Parents, if you have any questions or concerns, please call me or send me a note. I look forward to an excellent semester. Please share your email address with me if you prefer this method of communication. Sincerely, Michelle Hurst hursmi@mansfieldisd.org
  2. 2. AP Biology Class Description Mrs. Hurst The MISD course catalog provides the following information about this class: This course provides students with an in-depth study of biochemistry, microbiology, botany and genetics at an accelerated pace. This course is primarily for students who are interested in a career in medicine, biology or other related fields. Students taking this course should be highly motivated and strong in critical thinking and independent study skills. Successful completion of AP Biology should prepare students for the Advanced Placement Examination and/or the second level biology course. The textbook will be the primary resource for practice and test preparation. Campbells Biology, 6th edition. I also strongly encourage purchasing a AP review book such as Cliffs AP. Grades are based on the following distribution. More details on grade policies are found in the attached class guidelines. To receive weighted credit for AP & TCC courses, students must be enrolled in the course, receive a passing grade in the course, and take the corresponding College Board AP exam in May. 6-week grade: Tests …………………….…….… 50% Labs /Quizzes ……………… 30% Homework ………20% Three 6-week grades = 80% of semester grade Exam = 20% of semester grade Please note that the following items are required for this class each day: pen, pencil, lab notebook and a spiral. A calculator is recommended for homework. -------------------------------------------------------------- The attached guidelines are for parental information and are written for the student. Please read, sign the acknowledgement and return this portion to class. I have read and understand the attached class information and guidelines. Student name (please print)_____________________________ Student signature____________________________ Date _____________ Parent name (Please print)_____________________________ Parent signature_____________________________________ Date _____________ Please indicate how you wish to be contacted if necessary: Email address or phone number: Parent phone or e-mail:__________________________________________
  3. 3. AP Biology Class Guidelines Mrs. Hurst Class Rules 1. Show respect for others and their property. 2. Be seated unless otherwise instructed. 3. Come prepared to work: Bring notebook, pen/pencil, calculator, textbook. 4. Follow all directions the first time they are given. 5. Follow all lab safety procedures. No horseplay. 6. Follow all school rules and policies. Consequences •Following the class rules and procedures provides a positive learning environment for those in the classroom. The reward from following the rules and procedures is respect from me and fellow students. •If you choose not to follow a class rule, the action that will be taken is: o 1st occurrence = Verbal warning o 2nd occurrence = Complete corrective action form and/or detention o 3rd occurrence = Office referral Grades…. •Progress reports are issued every 3 weeks. All graded work is posted on Infinite Campus, which can be accessed from the school web site. I will try update this weekly. •Each student is responsible for keeping up with his/her grades. •Any discussions about individual grades will take place before or after school, or questions can be placed in the basket where all work is turned in. •Homework is due at the beginning of class on the day that it is due. Late assignments may be turned in up to 1 class period late for a maximum of a 70. •If a student fails an exam and would like a retest: -Must be made up within one week of the test (or sooner if it is the end of a six weeks). -Grades will NOT be changed at the end of a grading period. -Students must show completed notes and all assignments for that unit beforehand. -Students must also first do test corrections on the failed test. -A maximum grade of a 70 will be given for any retest. Labs…. •Every student must participate in lab. Science requires observation and experimentation. •Each student must return a signed safety contract and must pass a safety quiz before participating in lab. •Students in AP are responsible for the lab and information covered if it they are absent. •If safety procedures are not followed, student will be removed from lab. Supplies Bring the following items to class every day: pen, pencil, spiral, lab notebok Absences…. •District policies will be strictly followed related to attendance. See Legacy High School Student Handbook for Absence Policy on p. 31-33 and Tardy Policy on p. 36. •You are responsible for getting your own make-up work. Refer to my website or lesson plans posted in classroom. •Missed handouts are in the “make-up work” folder for your class. •Get notes you missed from a classmate. •For missed tests, you must schedule the make-up time with me. Academic Dishonesty…. •Cheating and plagiarism are not tolerated. Assignments that use the internet as a source must include citation/credit if information is copied and pasted. Lab discussion and conclusions must be in your own words. District policies will be followed per the Legacy High School Student Handbook on p. 37. Tutorials…. Scheduled hours are Wednesday after school, but I am happy to schedule additional times as needed.
  4. 4. AP Biology Scope and Sequence 1st Six Weeks Lab Safety Nature of Science Chemistry of Life Enzymes Cells 2nd Six Weeks Membranes Transport Cell Cycle Cell Regulation 3rd Six Weeks Heredity Molecular Genetics Gene Regulation 4th Six Weeks Evolutionary Biology Diversity of Life Structure and function of Plants 5th Six Weeks Organisms and Populations Structure and function of Animals Ecology 6th Six Weeks Systems AP Review Exam Monday May 11! Each semester students will be asked to read one science related book. One must focus on evolution. Students must keep up with a lab notebook throughout the year. www.mrshurstscience.wordpress.com