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Google Search tips

  1. 1. Ask the following: What am I looking for?  Think of common keywords  for specific information  you are searching for.
  2. 2. Ask the following: How would someone else  describe it to me?  This can lead to  alternative words that  may give better searches.
  3. 3. Ask the following: Of the list of terms,  which ones are  most common and  yield better results?
  4. 4. Ask the following: What do I really want to find?  Do I need an image,  a collection, a news item... What would give me what I really need?
  5. 5. Ask the following: If the snippet is close to what is needed,  click quot;related articlesquot; under the snippet  to get more related articles  and come closer to the actual query.
  6. 6. Ask the following: If your query gets  thousands of hits,  it is not specific enough.  Your query should be answered  in the first page of results.
  7. 7. Ask the following: Use + to include a specific term  or - to detract a word from  showing up in a search.   Ex. Chihuahua Chihuahua +Mexico Chihuahua +Mexico -maps
  8. 8. For consideration: Search for broad terms in order to  narrow down what you need.  It can be a waste of time to go  through pages of results but the terms that show up may be  a great way to refine your search.   Ex. Big Ben vs. Big Ben pittsburgh
  9. 9. For consideration: Search synonyms and  alternative spellings  by using OR   Ex. saber or sabre rc glider vs. rc gliders
  10. 10. For consideration: Search background information   Ex. Hawaii vs. Hawaii history
  11. 11. For consideration: Use gateway sites: (international),,, (tutorials), (US collected statistics and facts)
  12. 12. For consideration: Find your own gateway sites.     Ex. aquaponics how-to
  13. 13. Tools   Use Advanced search to find specific formats: pdf, doc, etc.
  14. 14. Tools Searching news: (some sites require logins or payment)     Other news sites:,,,,  
  15. 15. Tools Trends    Ex. obama, mccain (separate terms with a comma)
  16. 16. Tools Google Scholar   Search articles and books  not from popular culture.  Choose scholar preferences  for university libraries.
  17. 17. Tools Books: Or use Amazon - can search inside the book Both Google scholar and Google books  will find you the book  in the nearest library  (use quot;Library Searchquot; under the snippet)
  18. 18. Tools Specific Domain Search:  sheep vs. sheep vs. sheep Top level domains: .gov, .mil, .uk, .fr, .de, .com, .org, .biz, .is, .aq, .aero, .asia, .museum, .us
  19. 19. Tools Dictionaries: Use define: Find the word from the definition: Reverse dictionary:   Ex. What is podzolization? What is the little indentation  above your upper lip called?
  20. 20. Tools Use a number range in your search number range is signified by quot;..quot;   Ex. hdtv $1000..$2000