Ancient Egypt


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Ancient Egypt designed for my 6th grade class.

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Ancient Egypt

  1. 1. Welcome to my world!You mean our world. Sure, that’swhat I meant to say.
  2. 2. The natural barriers the land provided helped Egypt survive through time.To the north: Mediterranean Sea and the Nile DeltaTo the South: The cataracts of the Nile River. To the West: The Sahara Desert To the East: Desert and the Red Sea
  3. 3. You need to know thatLOWER EGYPT is around the Nile Delta. Remember that a riverends at the “mouth” of a river. UPPER EGYPT is considered at thebeginning of the river. It is here where the cataracts are at.
  4. 4. Egypt is divided into Kingdoms.Within the Kingdoms, there are multiple dynasties. A dynasty is a line of rulers from one family. Look at the bottom of the time-line to see the dynasty numbers
  5. 5. King Narmer, also known as Menes, was the king of Upper Egypt, he led an army into Lower Egypt and took control. He wasthe beginning of the 1st dynasty of Egypt. He wore a double crown, the white to represent Upper Egypt and the red to represent Lower Egypt.
  6. 6. The Nile River was an essential part of Egypt. The floods were much more dependable than those in Mesopotamia. The floods were gentle and we never worried our homes or land would be destroyed.The floods came from the heavy rains in thespring and the melting snow in the highland of Upper Egypt. The flood left behind a layer of dark, fertile mud.
  7. 7. The Pharaohs of the Early Dynasties built Step Pyramids. They werecalled “step” because they wanted a “stairway to heaven” for their late pharaoh.
  8. 8. The OLD KINGDOM rulers wereknown for theirgreat pyramids. The GreatPyramid of Giza was build for King Khufu (KOO-foo). Much of the technology used to build the pyramids are still used today. Astronomy was developed so they knew exact north. They also develop geometry, to know exact angles for walls and foundations. They invented numbers based on ten, fractions and mixed numbers for adding, subtraction, multiplying and dividing.
  9. 9. This is the mummy of Ramses I Inside the pyramid, the Egyptian Pharaoh was put to rest. We believed that the next world is better than life on Earth. One of the most important written books was the Book of the Dead. It contained spells and prayers that helped in the afterlife.
  10. 10. Inside King Ramses II tumb. Another thing we believed was only pharaohs and the elitecould obtain the afterlife. We created a way of preserving the body called embalming. Weburied our pharaohs with things they treasured most in their life, including gold, toys and sometimes their own servants (alive). Items found inside King Tut’s tumb.
  11. 11. We gave up building pyramids andstarted a new formof architecture. We built our pharaohstombs into the cliffs west of the NileRiver. Calling it theValley of the Kings. The Middle Kingdom was about more land and the blossoming of the arts. Our soldiers took the land of Nubia (South of Egypt) and began farming east of the Nile River to the Read Sea.
  12. 12. First, there as Narmer, or Menes. He was the There were so many first to unite the Upper and Lower Egypt. great pharaohs in Egypt, it’s hard to mention them all. I’ll try to run down some and theirNext, there was Ahmose, he major highlights. drove off the Hyksos andstarted the Middle Kingdom. He led an uprising in Egypt Last for this slide is King Tutankhamen, or King Tut for using bronze and iron short. He was about 10 years weapons. old and was controlled by the priest. He is famous because Howard Carter found his tombWe can not forget Hatshepsut. She was and all his treasures. That’s all. the first female pharaoh. Her main interest was developing trade. She Amenhotop IV was the religioustraded beads, metal tool and weapons reformer. He and his wife, for GOLD, IVORY, EBONY, INCENSE, Nefertiti, took our polytheism AND WOOD. She also built a huge beliefs and converted us to a temple for herself in the monotheism. The only god to be Valley of the Kings. What an EGO!!! worshipped was Aton.
  13. 13. Restore to original condition These are of the Temple of Karnak. Abu Simbel I saved the last pharaoh for He is called Ramses the last because he is the onlyGreat because of his military one to be designated as genius, his construction and “Great”, Ramses II. restoration of buildings, andhis popularity with his people.
  14. 14. So, from the Nile Crocodile… To some partying little pharaoh skeleton You’re done!!! For Today ?