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UltiMotion Motion Control | Hurco IMTS 2012


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Hurco's UltiMotion patented motion control technology provides faster cycle times and smoother finishes.

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UltiMotion Motion Control | Hurco IMTS 2012

  1. 1. UItiMotionSeptember 10, 2012 Paul J. Gray Manager • Path Planning • Front-End Design • R&D
  2. 2. What is UltiMotion? • An entirely new software-based motion control system • Wholly owned by Hurco • Awarded 4 patents • Superior to Hurco Standard Motion
  3. 3. Machining a part is a lot like running a race
  4. 4. The Part Program is thetool path map of the track
  5. 5. Interpret the Race Track Race team generates the strategy and pace notes that describe the obstacles and markers in the course
  6. 6. Program Interpreter 1. Load the part program instructions (map) 2. Program Interpreter uses • Part & tool setup • Machine Kinematics to generate machine-specific motion data (pace notes) 3. The data is sent to the motion system for real-time processing
  7. 7. Start Cycle! Start the race by activating the motion system
  8. 8. The Motion SystemPrimary Components
  9. 9. The Motion SystemSoftware and hardware that handle the physics of a CNC machine:1. Motion Planning  Co-Driver & Driver2. Motion Control  Driver3. Servo Drives & Motors  Race Car
  10. 10. UltiMotion ComponentsSoftware and hardware that handle the physics of a CNC machine:1. Motion Planning  Co-Driver & Driver2. Motion Control  DriverA. Motion Planning • Smoothing • Look-Ahead & dynamic modelB. Control Loop • Feed Forward • Feedback
  11. 11. Motion PlanningSmoothing & Look Ahead
  12. 12. Motion Planning Co-driver interprets pace notes Calls out upcoming obstacles to the driver Driver plans smoothest, fastest trajectory within bounds of the track and vehicle limits
  13. 13. Motion PlanningCNC Motion Planning includes:1. Smoothing the path within machine tolerances2. Optimizing velocity and acceleration based on the axes physical limits
  14. 14. Nominal Path – Centre of track
  15. 15. Nominal Path – Centre of trackPath Tolerance – Width of track
  16. 16. Nominal Path – Centre of trackPath Tolerance – Width of trackOptimal Path
  17. 17. Ultimotion Smoothing• Patented curvature controlled smoothing system• Increases performance and surface finish without sacrificing part accuracy
  18. 18. What is Look Ahead? Co-driver calls out the pace notes ahead of obstacles Driver anticipates the speed to navigate obstacles based on vehicle performance CNC Motion Controller  Anticipates acceleration and deceleration to navigate an optimized trajectory  Based on measured characteristics of the machine (dynamics of the axes)
  19. 19. Example Y Y50G01 X60 F2000Y50 X60 X
  20. 20. • Cannot accelerate & decelerate Y Y50 instantaneously X60 X X-Axis Y-AxisVelocity Time
  21. 21. • S-Curve velocity profile gives Y Y50 smooth motion • X stops before Y starts giving a X60 sharp corner X X-Axis Y-Axis X-Axis Y-AxisVelocity Velocity Time Time Sharp
  22. 22. • Add small overlap Y Y50 • Gives micro radius • Cannot detect on part X60 • Significantly improves cycle times X X-Axis Y-Axis X-Axis Y-Axis X-Axis Y-Axis VelocityVelocity Velocity Time Time Time Sharp Micro radius
  23. 23. Too much overlap will round corners Y Y50 X60 X X-Axis Y-Axis X-Axis Y-Axis X-Axis Y-Axis X-Axis Y-Axis Velocity VelocityVelocity Velocity Time Time Time Time Sharp Micro Rounded radius corner
  24. 24. To improve cycle times and surface finish we need 1. Smooth tool paths 2. Good control of velocity, acceleration, and Jerk 3. Robust control loop to handle real-time disturbances and changing loads X-Axis Y-Axis Velocity Time Micro radius
  25. 25. To improve cycle times and surface finish we needMotion Planning 1. Smooth tool paths 2. Good control of velocity, acceleration, and Jerk 3. Robust control loop to handle real-time disturbances and changing loads X-Axis Y-Axis Velocity Time Micro radius The UltiMotion Motion Planning system generates optimal trajectories to squeeze the most out of your machine
  26. 26. How far to look?  Co-driver calls out a few obstacles ahead of current position  Look Ahead plans the smoothest, fastest trajectory  Obstacles at the end are not relevant at the startStart End Rally Race Stage Driver’s View
  27. 27. More Speed Look Farther
  28. 28. How far to look?Myth: High block look ahead is necessary for high-speed machiningTruth: Larger look ahead doesn’t hurt, but may not be needed
  29. 29. UltiMotion Dynamic Look-Ahead  Proprietary, patented system  Dynamic variable length  Looks as far as it needs to  Up to 10,000 blocks  Never runs out of data
  30. 30. The Control LoopFeed Forward and Feedback
  31. 31. The Control LoopLook-Ahead Driver plans the trajectory, accelerations & decelerations Motion Planning output is the input to the Control Loop
  32. 32. Feed Forward Driver executes the predicted steering, gas and braking levels to navigate the race track obstacles For CNC it is the predicted output gains to the axes servo drives to follow the tool path This is the primary output of the control system
  33. 33. Feed ForwardIn a perfect world, themachine would followthe output exactly
  34. 34. Feedback Control Driver monitors and adjusts controls based on the actual response of the car CNC Machine has axes encoders to measure actual position and velocity Feedback control makes small adjustments to servo gains to compensate for real-world conditions
  35. 35. The Control Loop Control Loop = Feed Forward + Feedback Feed Forward provides major portion of controller output Feedback only has to correct for small disturbances by monitoring following error
  36. 36. The UltiMotion Control Loop Dynamic velocity, acceleration, and Jerk modeling and control Advanced digital filters for vibration control and smooth motion
  37. 37. SummaryPutting it all together
  38. 38. Putting it all together Start with the part program (map)
  39. 39. Putting it all together Generate machine-specific motion data using part & tool setup and machine Kinematics (pace notes) Start Cycle begins the race
  40. 40. Putting it all togetherMotion Planning1. Smooth the path within tolerance2. Look-Ahead: Advanced dynamic velocity, acceleration, and jerk modeling and control Output feeds the Control Loop
  41. 41. Putting it all togetherControl Loop1. Feed Forward: Predict control gains / gas, steering, brake input2. Feedback:  Monitor vehicle trajectory, adjust controls if off track  Control monitors encoders and adjusts axes control gains
  42. 42. UltiMotion FeaturesWhat can UltiMotion do for you?
  43. 43. Superior Tapping Tapping requires tight coordination spindle and linear axesOnly available with UltiMotion1. True Master-Slave control  Linear axes are slave to the Spindle (master)  The Spindle feedback is the linear axes control loop input  More accurate tapping
  44. 44. 1. True Master-Slave control Example—Badly tuned spindle
  45. 45. Superior Tapping2. High-Speed Tap Retract  Up to 1000% faster retract out of tapped hole for faster throughput  Master-Slave control ensures accuracy3. Override and motion hold during tapping4. Power loss Tap Recovery
  46. 46. E-Stop Tap Recovery
  47. 47. E-Stop & Power Loss ControlDuring power loss or E-stop event, Ultimotion can: retract smoothly or hold the controlled position until brake engages even during TappingOn subsequent power-up, UltiMotion can extract the tap from the hole without damaging the thread
  48. 48. CustomerTestimonials
  49. 49. 3D Solutions40% gain in throughput 1.4 parts for every 1 they were making before UltiMotion Standard Motion 1 hours 40 min 2 hours 20 min
  50. 50. American Precision Machining50% gain in throughput 1.5 parts for every 1 they were making before Ultimotion Standard Motion 50 minutes 1 hour 15 minutes
  51. 51. WepcoExample from customer states: S7 tool steel 100 hour part down to 30 hours Over 230% gain in throughput 3.3 parts for every 1 part they were making before “With UltiMotion … We are achieving extremely high feed rates up to 800 IMP. … And I dont have to polish the mold! the finish is that good.”Dave Parmlee
  52. 52. High-Speed Machining • Identical programs • 29% cycle time reduction • Better surface finish
  53. 53. Who can benefit from UltiMotion?  Virtually all industries and parts  Both Conversational and NC users Particularly: Because of:  3- through 5-Axis contouring 1. Higher feed rates  Pocketing 2. Smoother motion  High-Speed Machining 3. Better surface finish 4. Higher accuracy  Repetitive drilling due to smoother rapid motion  Repetitive tapping from High Speed Tap Retract
  54. 54. Thank You