Energy Drinks Overloaded


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Energy Drinks Overloaded

  1. 1. Energy drinksand risk among youthMatthew LevandowskiCOM 201
  2. 2. OverviewMany people drink energy drinks without realizing the health effects they maycause, there is not enough research to prove its long term effects, and theyhave a psychological effect on behavior causing young kids to take more risks.
  3. 3. What’s in energy drinks?The main ingredient in most drinks is caffeine.
  4. 4. Caffeine amounts
  5. 5. Guarana Commonly found inbrazil and is includedin a majority of energydrinks
  6. 6. Taurine Most common in red bullTaurine is an amino acidcommonly found in stomach bile.Yummy, stomach bile soundsappetizing.MSNBC reported that Germanydid a sample test and found traceamounts of cocaine in red bullnot enough for damage butGermany was threatening to banit for legal reasons.
  7. 7. Ginkgo Biloba Comes from the ginkgo tree.Found in Steven Seagal’sligntning bolt, Monster, hooah,and other drinks
  8. 8. GinsengComes from the ginseng rootCommonly found in asia.American version called PanaxNothing like roots for a snack.
  9. 9. B VitaminsComes from the ginseng rootCommonly found in asia.American version called PanaxNothing like roots for a snack.
  10. 10. Positive Effects of energy drinks Study by Bristol University concludes caffeinated beverages: Increased reaction times. Increased alertness and Mental focus Mood enhancero conclusive evidence that the drinks promote greater performance in sports.
  11. 11. Negative Effects of Energydrinks Cocaine – FDA banned  it for illegal advertisement as a drug alternative, but reopened under alternative label. FDA stopping again for the font on the can, saying it’s too similar to the powder form of the drug.
  12. 12. Negative Effects of Energydrinks Rockstar Punched Guava – 330mg  of caffeine same as a Starbucks Grande coffee, not = to mention the ~68mg of guarana and B-vitamin content. Over 300 calories, so you would have to run about 30 minutes to burn it off.
  13. 13. Negative Effects of EnergydrinksDehydration – caffeine is a proven diuretic which causesdehydration among other effects to the digestive system.Athletes – should take warning as most energy drinkrelated deaths directly involve sports, or alcohol use withthe drink.Increased aggressive and risky behavior - especiallyamong teens, reports NY times and research done bymedical journals.
  14. 14. ConclusionSo what have we learned here, basicallyenergy drinks do have some positivebenefits, but there a plenty of negatives thatshould be watched out for especially amongteenagers.
  15. 15. Call to ActionBe wary of what you drinkPetition the FDA to label energy drinks bycaffeine content and limit the selling to youthunder 18.Limit bars to the mixing of energy drinks withalcohol.