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Brandon Hupp's Portfolio

  1. 1. AUDIOTRONICS . ... . . . . .... .. .... .. ... .. . . . ..... . ... . . . ... . ... ... .... . . . . . . . . ... . ... . . . . . .. .. . ... . . . .. . .... . . . . .... . . . . . . . . ...... ... . . . .. . . . ...... .... ... . . . . .. . . . ... .... ... . . ... . ...... .... ....... BRANDON HUPP ... . Logo’s Illustrator
  2. 2. BRANDON HUPP Logo’s Illustrator
  3. 3. brought to you by Sensitivity. brought to you by Sensitivity. brought to you by Sensitivity. Magazine Campaign Illustrator
  4. 4. Billboard Illustrator
  5. 5. Billboard Photoshop
  6. 6. Book Cover Photoshop Photography
  7. 7. Website
  8. 8. Illustrator THE COMPETITION ENTRY FEES GENERAL ENTRY RULES ENTRY FORMS DEADLINE/SHIPPING The Type Directors Club is an EARLY BIRD ENTRIES: (Professional Eligibility. Entries must have been Each Entry Form must indicate: All entries, together with fees, and international organization founded and Student) on or before Friday, produced or published during 2008. one Payment Form, must be Mailer in 1946 whose members include December 19, 2008 Submissions can be by anyone • Print, Digital Media, Student Work delivered to TDC by: design professionals, typographic associated with the entry. Work • Single or Series entry (indicate Friday, December 19, 2008 designers, and typophiles. Single entry designed for the TDC and by the number of items, not boards, Members $45 Non members $60 Chairman and judges is ineligible. for series entries) THIS IS A NEW ADDRESS! This year will be TDC’s fty- fth Series entry • Category number (for Print only) TDC55/Type Directors Club open Call for Entries in its Members $75 Non members $100 Slides/transparencies are Title or identification of entry 347 West 36 Street international competition which unacceptable in any area or category. • Complete information about Room 603 recognizes excellence in the use of LATE ENTRIES: received after the submitter (to be repeated New York, NY 10018 typography, calligraphy, handlettering December 19, 2008 Photographs. If the actual piece is on the Payment Form) USA and other letterforms. unavailable/unmanageable (e.g. D EAD L I NE: F RI D AY, D EC EMB ER 1 9T H , 2 0 0 8 All entries will be judged by a panel Single entry signage, displays, POP, large Of cial Entry and Payment Forms If more than one package is shipped, of distinguished designers in Members $60 Non members $75 packaging, billboards) photographic are printed on this Call, or register this must be indicated outside each January 2009. Series entry prints 8x10 inches (20 x 25 cm) are online at If additional package, e.g. “1 of 2”. Packages Members $90 Non members $115 acceptable. Photographs with more forms are needed, please make must be delivered prepaid. Winning works will be exhibited in than one item are series entries. same-size copies. Do not enlarge or Non-U.S. contestants should mark seven traveling shows and published STUDENTS: reduce the form, and do not design each package “Printed Matter for in Typography 30, the hardbound, Single entry Mounting of entries. Entries in the your own entry form. Only information contest entry. No commercial value”. all-color competition annual Members $55 Non members $70 Corporate ID category must be on the form is required at the time No provision will be made by TDC designed by Werner Design Werks, Series entry mounted on black illustration board of submission. An entry form must for U.S. Customs or airport pickup. The annual is published by Collins Members $85 Non members $110 (not FomeCore), not to exceed 14 x be attached to the back of each Any customs fees will be charged Design, an imprint of HarperCollins 22 inches (36 x 56 cm). Items may entry, taped lightly only at the top back to the entrant. Publishing, and sold worldwide. A completely lled out Payment overlap. The maximum of six selected, of the form. Do not use gumming Form must be sent with each sub- representative items for series pertains devices or double-face tape. Cut NO ENTRIES WILL BE RETURNED mission of entries (and not attached to the number of mounted items not out Entry Forms (or copies thereof) to each entry). boards. Mounting in all other categories along the dotted boxes. For further information, is optional. The maximum size of boards please contact the TDC offices: FOR Payment – payable to TDC55/Type pertains to all areas and categories. No identi cation of designer/ phone: 212-633-8943 Directors Club – must be submitted submitter (e.g. business cards) may fax: 212-633-8944 with entries in cash, check, US dollar Experimental/unpublished work is be attached to front or back of print e-mail: ENTRIES travelers checks, or charged to ineligible in all areas and categories, entries, other than of cial Entry Forms. web site: American Express, Visa or MasterCard. except for Student Work. Checks or money orders from all ONLINE ENTRIES: Register your LATE ENTRIES: sent and received countries outside the U.S. must be entries online at after December 19, 2008 will be drawn on a U.S. bank, payable in Send your entry information and required to pay the late entries rate U.S. dollars. Payment in foreign fees by secure card payment. outlined in Entry Fees. currency, check, Eurocheck, or postal money order – even if drawn in U.S. dollars – on banks outside of the U.S.A. is unacceptable. 55 CALL NEW YORK, NY { PERMIT*4656 PAID U.S. POSTAGE S TA N D A R D PRESENTED TDC New York City, New York 10018 347 West 36 Stree, Room 603 TYPE DIRECTORS CLUB tdc CALL 55TH ANNUAL TYPE DIRECTORS CLUB EXHIBITION I was born in Milan, Italy, a city famous (so they tell me) for the high quality TYPES OF ENTRIES Single Entry PRINT Proofs, photostats, computer 8 Corporate Identity. Always a series entry. Must be mounted (see mounting instructions). Not to exceed 14 Packaging (two or more items in one photograph is considered a series entry). DIGITAL MEDIA These categories are for type and AWARDS JUDGES Only winners will be noti ed the Laurie DeMartino of its design. The old masters of graphic design came from the university’s prints, slides or transparencies are h six selected, representative items, graphics that are made for screens week of January 26, 2009. Design Co. Department of Architecture where, in perfectly ironic Italian form, there Series/Campaign Entry. Two but unacceptable (see General Entry e.g. logos/trademarks, stationery, 15 Posters including large of any size. weren’t any graphic design classes taught. They studied Palladio, Le not more than six typographically Rules), except where noted. Entries envelopes, folders, identity manuals, announcements and calls Entries selected by the jury will ROBERTO DE VICQ DE CUMPTICH, Corbusier and Mies Van der Rohe but because of Italy’s crap economy and and conceptually related pieces in like signage, displays, exhibits, etc. photographs of signage, but not for entries. 1 Type and graphics for receive Certi cates of Typographic DE VICQ Design the lack of architectural construction jobs, they ended up designing one category for the same event, need not have been produced by posters or packaging. commercials or music videos Excellence. They will be exhibited in catalogs, posters, packaging, etc. Their dogma was the Modernist one with product or subject matter, such as printing and can be submitted as 16 T-Shirts/Apparel 2 Film titles and openings for the 55th TDC Exhibition, and CHRIS DIXON, pure colors: black, white, gray and red (the “funky” alternative) and of posters, ahds, booklets, television 9 Editorial (magazine, newspaper, photographic prints. TV or online shows appear in Typography 30. The New York Magazine course Helvetica or Bodoni as the type of choice. newsletter). The entire publication commercials, packaging, etc. If 3 Web sites opening of TDC55 will be held in more than six items are submitted Print Categories are for or an article covering several STUDENT WORK 4 Other digital graphics and New York City and will be on display TINA ROTH EISENBERG, C 55FOR ENTRIES As a young architecture student interested in graphic design that was supposed to be my path, too. Then, fortunately, I did something that drastically and unexpectedly shook my world: I bought the Type Directors Club Annual number 9 (TDC34). Imagine my surprise when I suddenly realized that there were more than two typefaces in the world and, my God, the incredible work of Louise Fili, Carin Goldberg, Paula Scher, Robert the Show Committee will select six representative pieces for judging. Unrelated items, e.g. different books by the same publisher or different productions by the same theater, identi cation purposes only. Judging will not be by separate categories. Therefore, do not submit the same item(s) in several categories or both as singles and series. Duplication will pages is considered a single entry. Spreads or entire articles submitted as single entries must be removed from the publication. 10 Exhibits/Displays/Point-of- Unpublished work produced by students in design classes may be submitted in proof form, e.g., computer printouts. Student work is acceptable as multimedia Entries must be submitted on DVD (NTSC), CD-ROM, computer discs playable on a Macintosh OS X, or as during the summer of 2009. WINNERS: will be asked to supply transparencies (4 x 5 in. or 10 x 12 cm) slides or digital les of the winning PROJECT2 JEFFREY FISHER MATTHEW RICHMOND, Valentine, Joe Duffy, Charles Spencer Anderson, Steven Tolleson, Jennifer must be submitted as single entries. be eliminated by the Show computer printouts. entries for use in Typography 30. Chopping Block Morla and Sharon Werner. It was, to say the least, a very important moment Committee. Purchase/Signage/Architectural single or series entries (maximum Winners will also be asked to supply in my career, in fact, that’s when my career actually began. The TDC Annual and Dimensional Design. Signage of six items). A one-sentence Winners will be asked to submit six additional copies of winning ALEX TROCHUT became my educational resource; I copied each and every page with my ENTRY AREAS AND 1 Advertisements and systems, exhibition booths, etc. description of the assignment and individual frames or screens for the entries for use in exhibitions outside super-expensive Macintosh fx with an impressive 4mb of ram. CATEGORIES advertising inserts are always series entries. the name of the school and the exhibitions and the annual book. New York. These shows travel instructor must be included on the Each entry is to be submitted on a throughout North America, Europe Thanks to this book, I now live and have a thriving business in New York Entries may be submitted in 2 Annual Reports and other 11 Logos/Trademarks/Symbols. front bottom of the entry, not the separate disc, except for series and Eastern Asia. Credits of City; I have lunch with, and compete for jobs against, the very artists whose three areas: financial reports Include rm or institution name entry form. Any mounted work entries. Please make sure that individuals and rms that have work I first came to know and admire through the Annual. As a Chair for the and, if necessary, a one-sentence must not exceed 14 x 22 inches submitted web sites can run locally contributed to each entry will be club competition, I’m now the client of Sharon Werner, the designer of the Print 3 Books description on the front bottom (36 x 56 cm). (there will be no internet access included in the exhibitions and in TDC Annual number 30! Amazing! I’m pleased to have this opportunity to Digital Media of the entry (not on the Entry Form). during the judging). Typography 30. share my thoughts about the value and importance of the work done by the Student Work 4 Book Jackets/Covers Max size: 11 x 17 in. (28 x 43 cm). Out of the winning student entries, Type Directors Club and the mission and vision of all the people who work Photostats, computer prints or three will be selected for monetary Winners will be charged a $100 ($65 so hard to bring the book to us. Series must not be mixes of Print 5 Brochures and Direct Mail printed versions are acceptable. awards. Their student designers for TDC members) Publication/ and Digital Media. Print entries and will receive monetary awards in Hanging fee for each single entry My greatest hope is that the work chosen by this incredible group of judges printed Student Work must not be 6 Calendars 12 Miscellaneous including the amount of $500, $300 and and $150 ($120 for TDC members) will serve to inspire and educate other designers as it did for me. in digital form. Indicate area and announcements, invitations, $200. Their work will be noted in for each series entry in order to be category number on Entry Form. 7 Catalogs cards, menus, etc. Invitations the annual as prize winners. included in the annual book and may include response card and Matteo Bologna exhibitions. Publication/Hanging Typeface Design is not part of envelope. Additional pieces CHAIRMAN, TDC55 fees are reduced for TDC members. TDC55 and is a separate constitute a series entry. Publication/Hanging fees help competition which is judged by a defray publication and exhibition different jury. THE DEADLINE IS 13 Mixed Series A printed series expenses for this organization. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2008. For entry (no mix with digital items) more information and a Call for of two but not more than six typographically and conceptually ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Entries call the TDC of ce (212-633-8943) or visit our web site: related items pertaining to different print categories. { TDC 55 {ONLINE ENTRIES:{ 55 { ------------------------------------------------ {ENTRY FORM{ ------------------------------------------------------------------- {PAYMENT FORM{ {BECOME A MEMBER OF THE TDC{
  9. 9. YORK GRILL YORK GRILL The finest meat you’ll ever eat YORK GRILL The finest meat you’ll ever eat 1690 York Ave New York, NY 10128 ROBERT ANTONIO OWNER YORK GRILL r: 212.772.0261 The finest meat you’ll ever eat c: 212.715.9828 WWW . Y O R K G R IL L . CO M 1690 YORK AVE NEW YORK, NY 10128 1690 YORK AVE 212.772.0261 NEW YORK, NY 10128 Logo Papersystem Illustrator
  10. 10. SANTA’S ON A BUDGET. WORLD’S AUGUST 6-9, 2009 LONGEST YARD 1 2 7 SALE W W W. 12 7 S A L E . C O M Poster US 127 FROM WEST UNITY, OHIO TO GADSEN, ALABAMA Photshop Illustrator
  11. 11. Editorial Photshop
  12. 12. Poster Photshop
  13. 13. Illustration
  14. 14. Poster Photoshop
  15. 15. easy GREEN CONSTRUCTION SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR A GREENER TOMMOROW Paula Pacotti .................................. 303.946.5402 H U P P D E S I G N BRANDON HUPP Web Design Illustration Graphic Design 5 1 2 . 4 1 7. 5 8 8 2 Business card Logo
  16. 16. 1 Credo In Us 2 Imaginary Landscape No. 1 3 Concerto For Piano And Orchestra 4 Rozart Mix 5 Suite for Toy Piano 6 Music for Carillon No. 1 7 Music for Carillon No. 2 8 Music for Carillon No. 3 Engineer: Norbert Kraft Producers: Norbert Kraft and Bonnie Silver john cage American Classics Series Producers: Victor and Marina A. Ledin Recorded at St. John Chrystostom Church, Newmarket, Canada, from 11th to 13th July, 1998, using 20-Bit Technology for high definition sound. American Classics ws. john cage ©  Co e la pyr igh abl t 20 plic 08 L f ap ion o american classics ost H ighwa iolat y Recor  is a v ds. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use LHR2234 LHR2234 john cage 1 Credo In Us 2 Imaginary Landscape No. 1 3 Concerto For Piano And Orchestra john cage 4 Rozart Mix american clasics 5 Suite for Toy Piano 6 Music for Carillon No. 1 7 Music for Carillon No. 2 8 Music for Carillon No. 3 american clasics © Copyright 2008 Lost Highway Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use  is a violation of applicable laws. CD packaging MIxed media
  17. 17. Illustration Mixed media
  18. 18. Magazine MIxed Media
  19. 19. Illustration Mixed Media
  20. 20. Illustration Mixed Media
  21. 21. Illustration Mixed Media