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Aradur 450 Brochure

  1. 1. Advanced MaterialsARADUR® 450 AND ARADUR® 450 S EPOXY CURING AGENTSSurface Tolerant Ambient Cure Epoxy Primers
  2. 2. IntroductionA primer is an essential component of a strengthen the concrete substrate. They are also saferhigh-performance flooring or coating and more environmentally friendly than solvent con-system. No matter how good the rest of the system taining systems. Waterborne primers have low-viscos-may be, the ultimate and long term performance of the ity and are typically odorless, but evaporation of thesystem will only be as good as the foundation on water is essential to the development of optimal cure.which it has been applied. On concrete substrates the Systems containing a solvent (or water) fill the voids inprimer can help strengthen the substrate by penetrat- the concrete substrate initially but upon evaporationing into the concrete as well as provide a barrier to out of the solvent leave these voids partially filled and,gassing, which can cause blistering and delamination. therefore, strengthen the concrete to a lesser degreePrimers will also facilitate the application of highly filled than solvent-free primer systems. Huntsmantrowelable materials such as mortar screeds. Advanced Materials offers a line of solvent-free, low- viscosity curing agents designed to provide excellentLow-viscosity, solvent-free primers are typically pre- adhesion to suitably prepared concrete and sand-ferred because they are able to penetrate and blasted steel substrates. top coat primer penetration concrete substrate 1
  3. 3. Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 S Epoxy Curing AgentsReal life situations, unfortunately, are very differ- should not be used in formulations that cure too fastent from the near ideal conditions encountered in the under the existing temperature conditions. The recom-laboratory. For instance, the substrate may be subject mended epoxy resin for use with the Aradur® 450 andto condensing humidity, damp, or in the worst case, be Aradur® 450 S for formulation of primer systems iscompletely saturated with water. Huntsman Advanced Araldite® PY 313 epoxy resin (a non-crystallizingMaterials has developed Aradur® 450 epoxy curing bisphenol A/F blend modified with a reactive diluent).agent and Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agent. Theseproducts are low-viscosity formulated polyamidoamine Typical properties of Araldite® PY 313type curing agents. Even when applied to damp sub- epoxy resin / Aradur® 450 andstrates e.g., dew coated steel or wet concrete, coat-ings formulated with Aradur 450® epoxy curing agent Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agentswill provide outstanding adhesion properties. Aradur®450 S systems may be applied and cured under water The low-viscosity and relatively long gel-time of sys-provided that the system is suitably formulated. Their tems based on Araldite® PY 313 epoxy resins and thelow sensitivity to humidity makes both Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 products are important in achieving a highAradur® 450 S epoxy curing agents especially suitable degree of adhesion to concrete. These properties arefor concrete primers. With these epoxy curing agents it also important in the formulation of pigmented coatingsis possible to apply a coating on concrete within one for concrete or metal substrates. The typical propertiesweek of cure, as long as it is free of any cement lai- of these systems cured at several temperatures aretance. The typical properties of Aradur® 450 and given in Table II. At lower temperatures, e.g., 5°C-Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agents are given in Table I. 15°C (41°F-59°F), Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agent offers significantly shorter tack-free time than Aradur®Both curing agents have the same equivalent weight, 450 epoxy curing agent. At 23°C (73°F) Aradur® 450which makes it easy for the formulator to customize a epoxy curing agent has a moderate gel-time with aformulation for a wide variety of environmental condi- slightly longer cure time. It should be noted that thesetions and temperatures within the 5°C to 35°C (41°F to test results were generated under controlled laboratory95ºF) range. In general Huntsman Advanced Materials conditions on cold rolled steel substrates. Under nor-recommends the Aradur® 450 products be used in the mal conditions where the substrate, such as a con-following temperature ranges: crete floor, may be at a significantly lower tempera- ture than the atmospheric temperature, the cureAradur® 450 S epoxy curing agent: speed may be significantly longer. Also the addition5°C to 18°C (41°F to 59°F) of fillers and/or pigments will also reduce the cure speed. As stated previously, the gel-time and theAradur® 450 epoxy curing agent: mixed viscosity are important factors in obtaining15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F) good penetration and, consequently, optimum adhe- sion properties to concrete.These products are based on the same chemistry. It istherefore, possible to fine tune the reactivity of a system The basic properties of coatings based on low-viscosityfor a given application temperature. In order to achieve epoxy resins Araldite® PY 313 epoxy resin and Araldite®optimal adhesion properties on dry, damp or wet con- GY 9513 epoxy resin (a modified bisphenol A epoxycrete, the binder system needs sufficient time to pene- resin) cured with the Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 Strate into the substrate; therefore, these products epoxy curing agents are listed in Table III.2
  4. 4. TABLE I: TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES* OF THE ARADUR® 450 CURING AGENTS ARADUR® 450 EPOXY CURING AGENT ARADUR® 450 S EPOXY CURING AGENT Viscosity @ 25°C, cP 1,000 – 2,000 600 – 1,400 Amine Value, mg KOH/g 250 – 290 270 – 310 H+ Active Eq. Wt., g/eq 115 115 Color, Gardner < 10 < 10 Density @ 20°C, lb/gal 8.4 8.6 Flash Point, °C (°F) 76 (169) 85 (185)* Typical Physical Properties are based on Huntsman Advanced Materials test methods. Copies are available upon request. TABLE II: TYPICAL PROPERTIES OF ARALDITE® PY 313 EPOXY RESIN / ARADUR® 450 SYSTEMS AT SEVERAL TEMPERATURES ARADUR® 450 EPOXY CURING AGENT ARADUR® 450 S EPOXY CURING AGENT Mix Ratio with Araldite® 60 60 PY 313(1) epoxy resin phr (weight) Test Temperature/ 5°C/ 15°C/ 23°C/ 35°C/ 5°C/ 15°C/ 23°C/ 35°C/ Relative Humidity 80% 60% 50% 35% 80% 60% 50% 35% Mixed Viscosity(3), cP >4,000 2,800 1,350 500 >4,000 2,400 1,150 500 Gel-Time(4) (100-g mass), 699 393 139 56 391 154 47 34 minutes Tack-free Time(5), hours >24 8 5.5 2.5 14 6.5 4 1 Dry Through Time(5), hours >24 10.5 7 3.5 21 8.5 6 2 Visual Appearance Un- Semi- Glossy Glossy Semi- Semi- Glossy Glossy cured gloss gloss gloss 3
  5. 5. Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 S Epoxy Curing Agents TABLE III: TYPICAL PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF ARADUR® 450 PRODUCTS AND LOW-VISCOSITY ARALDITE® EPOXY RESINS PHYSICAL PROPERTIES ARADUR® 450 EPOXY CURING AGENT ARADUR® 450 S EPOXY CURING AGENT Araldite® Epoxy Resin PY 313(1) GY 9513(2) PY 313 GY 9513 Mix Ratio, phr (weight) 60 57.5 60 57.5 Mixed Viscosity(3) @ 23°C, cP 1,350 1,200 1,150 1,025 Gel-Time(4) (100-g mass), minutes 139 243 47 84 Tack-free Time(5) @ 23°C, hours 5.5 9.5 4 6.5 Dry Through Time(5) @ 23°C, hours 7 11.5 6 9.0 Visual Appearance Glossy Glossy Glossy Glossy Mechanical Properties* Pencil Hardness(6) 2H H 2H H Persoz Hardness(7), seconds 200 165 167 174 Cross-cut Adhesion(8) 5A 5A 5A 5A Impact Resistance(9) (D/R), in lb. 30/2 34/6 42/0 38/4*Coating dry film thickness of 11 mils after curing seven days at 23°C/50% RH(1) Modified bisphenol A / F epoxy resin blend (epoxy eq. weight: 180 – 192) (6) ASTM D 3363(2) Modified bisphenol A epoxy resin blend (epoxy eq. weight: 196 – 205) (7) ASTM D 4366(3) ASTM D 4440 (ICI Cone & Plate) (8) ASTM D 3359 (0 = worst, 5 = best)(4) Tested by TECAM gelation timer (9) ASTM D 2794(5) Tested by Gardner Circular Drying Time Recorder on a 10 mil wet coatingThe Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 S Epoxy Testing Procedure for AdhesionCuring Agents Offers Excellent Adhesion to Concreteto Dry, Damp and Wet Concrete The standard construction grade concrete blocks (mea-The Aradur 450 and Aradur 450 S products are ® ® suring 7.75" L x 3.75" W x 2.5" D) used in this test weredesigned to have excellent adhesion to dry, damp and sandblasted and prepared in the following manner:wet concrete. It is also possible to apply a coatingbased on these products to a concrete surface within Dry concrete blocks: Concrete blocks were stored atone week of cure, provided that the surface has been ambient temperature (~23°C, 73°F) and relative humiditysuitably treated, e.g. free of any cement laitance. In (~ 60%) before coating.laboratory studies, the adhesion of coatings based onthe Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing Damp concrete blocks: Concrete blocks were preparedagents to concrete was demonstrated. by submersing in cool tap water for 24 hours. The block4
  6. 6. was removed from water bath and the standing water The coatings were applied by brush to an approximatewas removed from the surface to be coated, using a wet film build of 5-7 mils then allowed to cure at ambi-paper towel, immediately prior to applying the coating. ent conditions. On the sixth day of cure, three aluminum dollies were affixed to different areas on the surface ofWet concrete blocks: Concrete blocks were sub- the coating with an epoxy adhesive. On the seventh daymersed in water for 24 hours, then placed in a basin of cure, the pull-off strength was determined in accor-filled with cool tap water up to approximately 1/4 inch dance with ASTM D 4541-95 (Pull-off Strength ofbelow the exposed surface of the block. The excess Coatings Using Portable Adhesion Testers). All pull-off(standing) water was removed from the surface with a strength values reported here represent an average ofpaper towel and the coating was applied. The blocks three measurements per concrete block.remained in the water, with the water level beingapproximately 1/4 inch from the concrete block surface, Typical adhesion performance properties of unpigment-throughout the curing period. ed systems applied over properly pretreated concrete substrates are shown in Figures 1 and 2. Picture 1. The wet concrete test apparatus. a b cPicture 2 . (a) Portable adhesion tester. (b) Pull-off test in progress. (c) Test dolly after pull-off test. Notice the adhered concrete present on face of dolly. 5
  7. 7. Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 S Epoxy Curing Agents Pull-Off Strength of Unpigmented Coatings Based on Araldite® PY 313 Epoxy Aradur® 450 epoxy curing agent Resin and Aradur® 450 Epoxy Curing Agents on Concrete (23°C/50% RH) shows the highest level of adhe- sion followed by Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agent. Versions of Aradur® 450 epoxy curing agent offer a much higher level of adhe- sion than Aradur® 283 epoxy cur- ing agent (a modified polyami-Pull-Off Strenght, psi doamine) in all cases. The failure mode of the systems based on * Araldite® PY 313 epoxy resin was * * almost entirely by delamination on damp and wet concrete. Adhesion failure did not occur with Araldite® GY 9513 epoxy * * resin, except for the Aradur® 2965 Dry Concrete Damp Concrete Wet Concrete (a low viscosity cycloaliphatic Aradur® 283 epoxy curing agent Aradur® 450 epoxy curing agent hardener) epoxy curing agent on Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agent damp and wet concrete. The Figure 1. Compared to Aradur® 283 epoxy curing agent, the Aradur® 450 products offers superior adhesion lower viscosity and longer gel- on damp and wet concrete when used with Araldite® PY 313 epoxy resin. (*Indicates delamination of coating times of the Araldite® GY 9513 from the substrate.) system compared to the Araldite® Pull-Off Strength of Unpigmented Coatings Based on Araldite® GY 9513 Epoxy PY 313 epoxy resin systems (see Resin and Aradur® 450 Epoxy Curing Agents on Concrete (23°C/50% RH) Table III) demonstrates that these two factors play an important role in the adhesion to concrete sur- faces. The benefits of using Araldite® PY 313 epoxy resin include its faster curing speed and its high resistance to crystalliza- tion. The faster curing speed is an Pull-Off Strenght, psi important factor for application or in cases where the substrate tem- perature is below 23°C or when the primer is formulated with pig- ments or fillers. * * Pigments and fillers do not appear to affect the adhesion properties Dry Concrete Damp Concrete Wet Concrete of Aradur® 450 systems on con- Aradur® 2965 epoxy curing agent Aradur® 450 epoxy curing agent crete. The adhesion of pigmented Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agent formulations (Table IV) was evalu- Figure 2. The excellent adhesion of the Aradur®450 products epoxy curing agent’s maintained with ated at various temperatures. The Araldite® GY 9513 epoxy resin on the concrete substrates used in this test. (* Indicates delamination of coating from the substrate.) evaluation on concrete was per-6
  8. 8. formed in a manner similar to that of TABLE IV: PRIMER FORMULATIONS BASED ON ARADUR® 450 PRODUCTSthe unpigmented systems. The per-formance of these pigmented for- RAW MATERIALS ARADUR® 450 ARADUR® 450 S ARADUR® 2965 EPOXY CURING EPOXY CURING EPOXY CURINGmula on concrete is illustrated in AGENT AGENT AGENT (CONTROL)Figures 3-5. Araldite® Epoxy Resin PY 313, pbw 100 100 100When comparing pigmented tounpigmented at 23°C (73°F), the Titanium 30 30 30mode of failure had changed from Dioxide, pbwdelamination in the unpigmented Barytes, pbw 40 40 40systems to concrete failure in thepigmented systems, except for Curing Agent, 60 60 60Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agent pbwon wet concrete. Total Parts 230 230 230At lower ambient temperatures, e.g. Pigment:Binder 0.44 0.44 0.44 ratio, w/wat 15°C (59°F), Aradur® 450 epoxycuring agent and Aradur® 450 S Epoxy:Active 1.0 1.0 1.0epoxy curing agent combined with H+ eq. ratioAraldite® PY 313 epoxy resin exhibit * *good adhesion to damp and wetconcrete as concrete failureoccurred in all cases; the control Pull-Off Strength of Pigmented Coatings Based on Araldite® PY 313 Epoxybased on Aradur® 2965 epoxy resin Resin and Aradur® 450 Products on Concrete (23°C/50% RH)(a low-viscosity cycloaliphatic hard-ener) delaminated from damp andwet concrete.Each system shows excellent adhe-sion on dry concrete at 35°C (95°F).On damp concrete none of the Pull-Off Strenght, psiAradur® 450 products showed anydelamination as in the case of theAradur® 2965 system. Although theprimers had excellent adhesion ondry concrete, Aradur® 2965 epoxycuring agent or Aradur® 450 S epoxycuring agents are not recommendedbecause of the short working time Dry Concrete Damp Concrete Wet Concrete(pot life) of these hardeners at ele- Aradur® 2965 epoxy curing agent Aradur® 450 epoxy curing agentvated temperatures. Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agent Figure 3. At 23°C, Aradur® 450 products provide much better adhesion on damp and wet surfaces than the Aradur® 2965 epoxy curing agent based control. (* Indicates delamination of coating from the substrate.) 7
  9. 9. Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 S Epoxy Curing AgentsPull-Off Strength of Pigmented Coatings Based on Araldite® PY 313 Acceleration of Aradur®Epoxy Resin, Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 S Epoxy Curing Agents on 450 and Aradur® 450 SConcrete (15°C/65% RH) Epoxy Curing Agents To achieve good adhesion of a primer to concrete two key fac- tors must be addressed, namely, the reactivity (gel-time) of the primer at the working temperaturePull-Off Strenght, psi and the mixed viscosity of the system. Sufficient time must be * allowed for the primer to pene- trate into the concrete before the viscosity increases as the curing * reaction takes place. The lower the initial mixed viscosity of the primer, the more it will penetrate Dry Concrete Damp Concrete Wet Concrete into the substrate. Aradur® 2965 epoxy curing agent Aradur® 450 epoxy curing agent Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agent As demonstrated, Aradur® 450 S Figure 4. At low temperatures Aradur® 450 products still show a high level of adhesion even to damp epoxy curing agent, the acceler- and wet concrete. (* Indicates delamination of coating from the substrate.) ated version of Aradur® 450 epoxy curing agent, generally has thePull-Off Strength of Pigmented Coatings Based on Araldite® PY 313 Epoxy lowest level of adhesion to dampResin and Aradur® 450 Epoxy Curing Agent on Concrete (35°C/60% RH) and wet concrete of Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agents. Further acceleration of the Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agents hardeners is therefore not advisable.Pull-Off Strenght, psi * Dry Concrete Damp Concrete Aradur® 2965 epoxy curing agent Aradur® 450 epoxy curing agent Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agentFigure 5. On damp concrete at 35°C (95°F) Aradur® 450 products are superior. (* Indicates delamination ofcoating from the substrate.)8
  10. 10. SummaryAradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agents • Both products are the same equivalent weight and isoffer several advantages for the preparation of solvent- based on the same chemistry, enabling “drop-in”free concrete primers, namely: replacement of the curing agent depending on the environmental conditions. They can also be combined• Outstanding adhesion properties on damp substrates, in any ratio to suit specific conditions of application or e.g. dew covered steel or wet concrete. environment.• The possibility of coating recently cast concrete pro- • Excellent adhesion and curing properties when used vided that the surface has been properly treated (e.g. with Araldite® PY 313 epoxy resin and Araldite® GY sand-blasted) to eliminate all remaining cement lai- 9513 epoxy resin. tance. The Aradur® 450 products can provide the formulator• Good adhesion and curing properties when applied with some peace of mind, knowing that a properly for- and cured under water,if properly formulated. mulated primer system will perform under adverse weather conditions when the substrate is suitably pre-• The ability to apply a primer in rainy and high humidity pared. Furthermore, the formulator now has the tools to conditions, or almost immediately after hydroblasting, ensure that the other components of the flooring or allows application to continue in spite of the elements. coating system will be applied on a sound foundation in the form of an Aradur® 450 product based primer.• Aradur® 450 and Aradur® 450 S epoxy curing agents allow for application at temperatures between 5°C (41°F) Note: While the Aradur® 450 products can provide some and 35°C (95°F). In general, the recommended tempera- ambient cure systems with outstanding adhesion when ture range for coatings based on these products are: properly cured and applied, their ultimate performance will depend on the quality and properties of the actualAradur® 450 S epoxy curing agent: substrate. In other words, while the adhesion of an 5°C-15°C (41°F-59°F) Aradur® 450 system can easily exceed the hydrostatic pressure, the strength of the concrete itself must exceedAradur® 450 epoxy curing agent: the hydrostatic pressure forces, otherwise cohesive fail- 15°C-35°C (50°F-77°F) ure of the substrate may occur.ImportantThe following shall supersede any provision in Buyer’s forms, letters and intended use is the sole responsibility of Buyer. The product(s) has notpapers. THERE IS NO WARRANTY OR CONDITION, WHETHER been tested for, and is therefore not recommended for, uses for whichEXPRESS OR IMPLIED BY ANY STATUTE OR OTHERWISE, prolonged contact with mucous membranes, abraded skin, or blood isINCLUDING WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTIBILI- intended, or for uses for which implantation within the human body isTY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, FOR THE intended. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL SELLER BE LIABLEPRODUCT OR PRODUCTS REFERRED TO HEREIN. TECHNICAL FOR INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTAL OR OTHER DAMAGES FROMADVICE FURNISHED BY THE SELLER SHALL NOT CONSTITUTE A ALLEGED NEGLIGENCE, BREACH OF WARRANTY OR CONDITION,WARRANTY OR CONDITION, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, WHICH STRICT LIABILITY OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY, ARISING OUTIS EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED, ALL SUCH ADVICE BEING GIVEN OF MANUFACTURE, SALE, USE OR HANDLING OF THE PRODUCTAND ACCEPTED AT BUYER’S RISK. While the information contained OR PRODUCTS REFERRED TO HEREIN. The sole remedy of Buyerherein is believed to be accurate, Seller makes no representations as to and the sole liability of Seller for any claims shall be limited to Buyer’s pur-the reliability of the results or as to the results of Buyer or as inducements chase price of the product(s) which is the subject of the claim or theto infringe any relevant patent, now or hereafter in existence. Testing for amount actually paid for such product(s), whichever is less. 9
  11. 11. AMERICAS Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas Inc. 10003 Woodloch Forest Drive The Woodlands • Texas 77380 • USA Tel +1 888 564 9318 Fax +1 281 719 4047 Huntsman Advanced Materials Avenida Professor Vicente Rao, 90 04706-900 São Paulo Brazil Tel +5511 5532 7390Aradur and Araldite are registered trademarks of Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof in Fax +5511 5543 6386one or more, but not all, countries.Sales of the product described herein (“Product”) are subject to the general terms and condi- ASIA / PACIFICtions of sale of either Huntsman Advanced Materials LLC, or its appropriate affiliate including Huntsman Advanced Materialswithout limitation Huntsman Advanced Materials (Europe) BVBA, Huntsman Advanced MaterialsAmericas Inc., or Huntsman Advanced Materials (Hong Kong) Ltd. (“Huntsman”). The following (Hong Kong) Ltdsupercedes Buyer’s documents. Suites 3 - 12, Level 41 Langham PlaceWhile the information and recommendations included in this publication are, to the best ofHuntsman’s knowledge, accurate as of the date of publication, NOTHING CONTAINED HEREIN 8 Argyle Street • Kowloon • Hong KongIS TO BE CONSTRUED AS A REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR Tel +852 2148 8800IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR Fax +852 2424 1741FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NONINFRINGEMENT OF ANY INTELLECTUALPROPERTY RIGHTS, OR WARRANTIES AS TO QUALITY OR CORRESPONDENCE WITHPRIOR DESCRIPTION OR SAMPLE, AND THE BUYER ASSUMES ALL RISK AND LIABILITY EUROPE / AFRICAWHATSOEVER RESULTING FROM THE USE OF SUCH PRODUCT, WHETHER USED SINGLY Huntsman Advanced MaterialsOR IN COMBINATION WITH OTHER SUBSTANCES. No statements or recommendations made (Switzerland) GmbHherein are to be construed as a representation about the suitability of any Product for the par-ticular application of Buyer or user or as an inducement to infringe any patent or other intellec- Klybeckstrasse 200 • P.O. Boxtual property right. Data and results are based on controlled conditions and/or lab work. Buyer 4002 Basel • Switzerlandis responsible to determine the applicability of such information and recommendations and the Tel +41 61 299 11 11suitability of any Product for its own particular purpose, and to ensure that its intended use ofthe Product does not infringe any intellectual property rights. INDIA / MIDDLE EASTThe Product may be or become hazardous. Buyer should (i) obtain Material Safety Data Sheets Huntsman Advanced Materialsand Technical Data Sheets from Huntsman containing detailed information on Product hazardsand toxicity, together with proper shipping, handling and storage procedures for the Product, (ii) (India) Pvt. Ltdtake all steps necessary to adequately inform, warn and familiarize its employees, agents, direct 5th Floor, Bldg. No. 10and indirect customers and contractors who may handle or be exposed to the Product of all Solitaire Corporate Parkhazards pertaining to and proper procedures for safe handling, use, storage, transportation and 167, Guru Hargovindji Marg, Chakaldisposal of and exposure to the Product and (iii) comply with and ensure that its employees,agents, direct and indirect customers and contractors who may handle or be exposed to the Andheri (East)Product comply with all safety information contained in the applicable Material Safety Data Mumbai - 400 093 • IndiaSheets, Technical Data Sheets or other instructions provided by Huntsman and all applicable Tel +91 22 4095 1556 - 60laws, regulations and standards relating to the handling, use, storage, distribution and disposalof and exposure to the Product. Fax +91 22 4095 1300/1400/1500Please note that products may differ from country to country. If you have any queries, kindly More detailed information about thesecontact your local Huntsman representative. products can be found on our website:© 2008 Huntsman Corporation. All rights reserved.