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Hunter power point


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Hunter power point

  1. 1. Hunter March 1, 2013 Orcutt Academy High school Frosh CoreFuture Gun Laws: The beginning, or the end
  2. 2. Why change gun laws? • December 14th in Newtown Conn. 26 people killed in mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  3. 3. Will they help or will they hurt? • To keep a similar tragedy from happening, President Barack Obama has purposed new gun laws. • We are not quite sure yet if these new laws will encourage criminals to commit more crimes, or keep us safer from them.
  4. 4. What might the new laws be? • Assault rifle ban • No magazines bigger than ten rounds • Strict background checks
  5. 5. How can they help us?• Criminals can no longer obtain an assault rifles, large clips, or any guns for that matter.• Can take criminals off the street easier
  6. 6. Will we be defenseless? • The answer is no. Although we might not Have assault rifles either, we can still have guns that pertain to the gun laws.
  7. 7. Who will be most affected: survey response Who will be the most affected by the new gun laws? 22% Data obtained 53% 25% civilains from self criminals generated store owners survey. Click here to take the survey now!
  8. 8. • New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is strongly for the bill saying "These guns are not designed for sport or home defense," Bloomberg said. "They are designed to kill large numbers of people quickly”.
  9. 9. How can we be at a disadvantage?• Criminals can illegally buy guns off black market• They will not obey the laws• Criminals will have gun that they have previously owned
  10. 10. • Criminals will think that we will not be able to defend ourselves, encouraging them to strike!
  11. 11. • We will not have high powered guns• People who are not intending to do harm, might now be able to have a gun either
  12. 12. • National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre says “When it comes to the issue of background checks, let’s be honest – background checks will never be ‘universal’ – because criminals will never submit to them”
  13. 13. Who will be most affected: survey response How safe will we be with the new gun laws? Most people do not think there will be a very safe change with pretty safe the new gun How safe will laws, and thestay the same we be with the fight between new gun laws? a little safe being safe andnot very safe unsafe is split pretty evenly. 0 5 10 15 Data obtained from self generated survey. Click here to take the survey now!
  14. 14. Because of the Sandy Hook shooting, no matter what the outcome, we will have new laws. If they help keep ussafe or turn around to hurt us, only time can tell.
  15. 15. The future?• Will new gun laws be part of the downfall of this country? Or bring us back to our former glory?
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  17. 17. Brought to you by: Hunter March 1, 2013 Frosh CoreOrcutt Academy High School