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Short film pitch


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This is my group's short film pitch for our Media project. It contains our concept, narrative and other aspects about our film.

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Short film pitch

  1. 1. By Sasha, Matthew and Harley
  2. 2. Our TitleSince our film is based around an iPod, we thought a suitable name would be ‘Play’.It’s ambiguous but relevant to our short film.
  3. 3. Concept/GenreOur film relates to time travel, but in a modern way, it could also be classed as a Sci-Fi film due to our use of technology.Films that are similar to ours: Hot-Tub Time Machine, The Rocker, 13 Again and The Butterfly Effect.This link shows similarities to what our film should turn out like: ZUMLK3xk
  4. 4. NarrativePlot: A boy buys a brand new iPod, but finds that it has music on it already. It plays six songs, each from different eras in time. (2000’s to 1960’s) When each song plays, the boys clothing, hair and dancing style changes. He struts down Redcar promenade, each genre of music influencing our style of filming. When it takes his headphones out, he is brought back to the present. He see’s a lonely old man, hands him the iPod and walks away.Our film in terms of narrative is left on a cliff-hanger, the audience don’t get tosee the old mans reaction to the songs on the iPod.
  5. 5. CharactersOur film only has two main characters, with little or no dialogue;Our main boy, who’s name we never really find out, and the old man.The boy is considered a hero in some respects, since he saves the old man from what seems like a bad day; making the man a damsel in distress.
  6. 6. Mise En Scene/ Location.We plan to shoot our film on Redcar Promenade, near Coatham. This is a nice scenic area, this part remains its old self, unlike the central strip of Redcar which is undergoing new construction.The era always changes as each song plays, but the setting doesn’t. We want to try to find a notice board and stick different posters from different eras to signify the time even more.
  7. 7. Costume/PropsThis, apart from the music, is the most important part of our film because the clothing will signify the era the most. We plan to raid charity shops to create the following: A 2000’s indie kid A 1990’s raver 1980’s rocker A 1970’s groover A 1960’s bopperIn terms of props, the iPod is the main one. But we will also use a notice board with different posters from each era.
  8. 8. AudienceThe good thing about our film is it appeals to a large audience, as it covers pinnacle eras in peoples lives. However, it’s comedy value may appeal to a younger audience. It ABC1 and C2DE classes. This film will make all audiences feel nostalgic.16-45 year olds
  9. 9. ThemesTime is represented though the time-travel and passing of eras (music, posters and costume.) The technology is the iPod, and the different sound qualities of the songs played.