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My Flat Plans


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My Flat Plans

  1. 1. Selling Line<br />Masthead<br />Kicker<br />Cover Line<br />Kicker<br />Cover Line<br />Kicker<br />Cover Line<br />Headline / Lead Story<br />Graphic Feature<br />Anchorage<br />Secondary Lead<br />Secondary Lead<br />Bar Code<br />Menu Strip<br />
  2. 2. Contents Logo<br />Cover Line<br />Feature Section inc. kickers, cover lines and page numbers<br />Kicker<br />Feature Shot<br />Inset Shot<br />Page #<br />Feature Shot<br />Page #<br />Page #<br />Feature Shot<br />Editorial (with picture)<br />Graphic Feature inc. Caption<br />Page #<br />Regulars Section<br />Subscriptions Banner<br />
  3. 3. Flash<br />Section Header<br />1st Column of article<br />2nd Column of article<br />Introductory Text<br />Pull-Quote #1<br />Sidebar 1 (Discography)<br />Pull-Quote #2<br />By Line<br />Page #<br />