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Magazine Conventions


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Magazine Conventions

  1. 1. Selling line<br />Plug – unique selling point<br />The masthead is quite large and it is noticeable showing audiences that that’s what the magazine is called.<br />Dominating piece of iconography suggesting to the audiences that the main story relates to this picture.<br />kicker<br />Cover line<br />headline<br />Anchorage text<br />Graphic feature<br />Secondary lead, not as important as the main piece of iconography, has text supporting it<br />Barcode with dateline, issue number and price, this is a legal requirement on any magazine.<br />Menu strip<br />buzzword<br />
  2. 2. Selling line<br />masthead<br />Graphic feature<br />banner<br />Feature article photo<br />Secondary leads<br />headline<br />caption<br />Anchorage text<br />kicker<br />Barcode with dateline and issue number<br />Menu strip<br />Cover line<br />