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Put the Fun (and ROI) Back in Your Content Marketing


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Feeling constrained by your campaigns? Creative juices a bit stagnant lately?

Let’s inject some fun and flavor back into your content marketing efforts. We’ll explore several fun, clever, creative campaigns that worked (and a couple that didn’t). You’ll come way with ideas and inspiration you can put to work right away on Monday. Or right away, if you're viewing this on @slideshare!

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Put the Fun (and ROI) Back in Your Content Marketing

  1. 1. Put the Fun (and ROI)Back In Your Content Marketing Hunter Boyle (@HunterBoyle) Sr. Business Development Manager, @AWeber Podcamp East 2012 | #PCEast
  2. 2. Lets ExperimentGoal: You leave with 1-3 ideas you can act upon quickly
  3. 3. Whats AheadThe Problem With ROI Fun In Action Quick Fixes
  4. 4. The Problem With ROI Stuck in a rut?
  5. 5. The Problem With ROIWillingtotakeafewrisks?
  6. 6. The Problem With ROIAlteryourperspective?
  7. 7. FUN PROOF B2B, B2C, NPO
  8. 8. Go Rogue B2B Email ~30% more opens vs. series average; strong social buzz; 3 direct sales @MarketingProfs
  9. 9. Give It Away B2B Email 2,600+ subs in 2 wks; 54%-83% open rates; 25%-69% click rates; 7,000+ downloads @AWeber
  10. 10. Crowdsource CreativityB2C SocialTablet “Social Hotel” Pin photos of concepts Follow and share Neednt be designer or architect to get involved 1,662 followers, 19
  11. 11. Share Your LoveB2C Social Krafts Facebook Page Video thanked “Likers” Personalized song 4,600+ responded Followed by AT&T Repostable + remixes
  12. 12. Rewrite AdventureNPO SocialTypeTap campaign Blog+email+video World Water Day event Provided assets to 150 bloggers Goal: $10K in 24 hrs Result: $24K w/ match
  13. 13. Show Off Your CustomersB2C PhotoNightmares Fear Factory Monthly Flickr stream Photos of customers ~1,000 views/month Media coverage Now doing UGC mashups
  14. 14. Interact With Your FansB2C PhotoNotre Dame Microsite Photo contest Social + email Likes: 6k + 273k 100s of tags
  15. 15. Interact With Your FansB2B VideoConfessions Microsite Parody video Event interviews 10,000+ views 1st Sunday email New experiments
  16. 16. Embed the Call to Action B2C Video Easy experiment: CTA in video got 38% more opt-ins than annotations
  17. 17. MANY MORE ...Dozens of examples, links andcase studies in CMIs free
  18. 18. 3 Quick Fixes for Monday BREAK OUT of the usual ROI rut Start a Swipe File of EASY ideas Have FUN with content experiments
  19. 19. Thank You! Hows About Some Q&A? @HunterBoyle Sr. Business Development Manager, AWeber Slides at: Email Testing Workshop 2012 - Philly Hosted by WhichTestWon + AWeber @SEER Interactive “Search Church” Thursday, November 1, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. #PCEast Attendee $50 Discount Code: aweber16 Register at: our biweekly newsletter of local marketing events,sign up at: