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25 List Building Tricks: Ideas, Examples and Resources to Improve Your Email ROI


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Learn how to dramatically grow your email marketing lists with these 25 ideas and resources. Compiled with input and real examples from a variety of marketing all-stars, you're sure to find new tricks to increase your subscriber base and keep them more engaged with your content.

Presented by Hunter Boyle at Affiliate Summit East NYC, #ASE12, Aug. 2012.

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25 List Building Tricks: Ideas, Examples and Resources to Improve Your Email ROI

  1. 1. 25 List Building Tricks Ideas, Examples and Resources to Improve Your Email ROI Hunter Boyle Sr. Business Development Manager, AWeber @hunterboyle - @aweber Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012 #ASE12
  2. 2. The Big Five5 steps that set the stage for powerful content marketing ... #ASE12
  3. 3. The Big Five 1. Identify your UVP(unique value proposition) #ASE12
  4. 4. The Big Five2. Start a Swipe File #ASE12
  5. 5. The Big Five3. Listen to Your Readers #ASE12
  6. 6. The Big Five4. Clarify Your UVP #ASE12
  7. 7. The Big Five5. TEST, TEST, TEST (with a calendar) #ASE12
  8. 8. The Top 2020 test ideas, examples and resources to help grow your lists ... #ASE12
  9. 9. The Top 20Engagement Scorecard Compile email KPIs for a better way to analyze response via David Daniels, @EmailDaniels, #ASE12
  10. 10. The Top 20Video Opt-In Plug 38% more opt-ins vs. annotations - Tim Carter, #ASE12
  11. 11. The Top 20 Pop-Up/LightboxAWeber blog opt-in weeklyaverage increased 64.7% #ASE12
  12. 12. The Top 20 Pop-Up/LightboxPop-up drives 70% ofSMEs email sign-ups - @Mike_Stelzner, #ASE12
  13. 13. The Top 20Pop-Up/Lightbox After removing the pop-up, sign-ups “fell off a cliff” via Chris Penn, @CSPenn, #ASE12
  14. 14. The Top 20 Free Updates Tab - Derek Halpern,2% of traffic20% CVN rate @DerekHalpern,1,000 new names in 3 mo. #ASE12
  15. 15. The Top 20Free Ebooks 5,000 new readers per year, four years running - Bob Serling, #ASE12
  16. 16. The Top 20 Free Webinar Series - Danny Iny, @DannyIny,200% list growth YTD 2012) #ASE12
  17. 17. The Top 20Put Forms Near Content Blog updates list tripled in five months - @DerekHalpern, #ASE12
  18. 18. The Top 20 Go ROGUE ~30% more opens vs. series average; strong social buzz - Ann Handley, @MarketingProfs #ASE12
  19. 19. The Top 20 Get HIGH on BlogsTIP: Find guest blogs that put your bio/link above the post for more traffic - Jeff Ente, @wbw_Jeff #ASE12
  20. 20. The Top 20 Play Up Social ProofTIP: Use strong 3rd-party credibility indicators (quotes, awards, stats) with opt-in forms #ASE12
  21. 21. The Top 20Create AutorespondersTIP: Turn confirmation or welcome emails into a series encouraging interaction #ASE12
  22. 22. The Top 20 SEGMENTTIP: Segment Actives vs. Inactives;Send reactivation series to Inactives #ASE12
  23. 23. The Top 20 Leave Readers Hanging(but not new subscribers) #ASE12
  24. 24. The Top 20 Gimme Five!(Your turn + Q&A) #ASE12
  25. 25. The Top 20 RESEARCH ClickZ Copyblogger Marketing Sherpa Marketing Experiments Marketing Land Marketing Pilgrim Marketing Profs Social Triggers Which Test Won Whos Blogging What #ASE12
  26. 26. Thank You!Hunter BoyleSr. Business Development Manager, AWeberConnect with me …  Follow me on Twitter: @hunterboyle  Email me at: hunterb@aweber.comFor more ideas and examples, visit:** SPECIAL THANKS to the friends and marketing rock stars who shared their email tricksand results for this presentation. (TIP: Sign up for their emails to learn more new tricks!) #ASE12