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ABB Robotics Division Overview

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Robotics Division Overview Presentation

  1. 1. Improving…. ABB Robotics Productivity Division Overview Process Quality Workplace Safety © ABB
  2. 2. Facts about ABB A leading power and automation Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland technology company with strong More than 110,000 employees in market positions in core businesses about 100 countries We help our customers: Orders in 2007: $34.3 billion to increase industrial productivity Revenues in 2007: $29.2 billion to use electrical power efficiently Listed on Stockholm, Swiss & New to lower environmental impact in a York exchanges; traded on virt-x sustainable way © ABB Robotics - 2
  3. 3. What we offer: divisional structure and portfolio 2007 revenues (US$) and employees per division Power Power Automation Process Robotics Products Systems Products Automation $9.8 billion $5.8 billion $8.6 billion $6.4 billion $1.4 billion 32,000 employees 14,000 employees 33,000 employees 26,000 employees 5,000 employees Transformers, high- Substations, FACTS, Low-voltage products, Control systems and Robots, peripheral and medium-voltage HVDC, HVDC Light, drives, motors, power application-specific devices and modular switchgear, breakers, power plant & network electronics, and automation solutions manufacturing automation relays automation instrumentation for process industries solutions for industry Market-leading positions in most key product areas Integrated solutions for grid reliability, productivity and energy efficiency © ABB Robotics - 3 Robust global value chain to serve established and emerging markets Extensive global network of value-added channel partners
  4. 4. Overview Agenda Robotics Division Markets Served Products & Systems offer Service offer Summary © ABB Robotics - 4
  5. 5. Robotics division Markets served Automotive and their Tier 1 suppliers General industries including foundry, metal fabrication, plastics, consumer electronics, food & beverage, machine tools, solar, pharmaceuticals & chemicals, wood Key deliverables Robots, application equipment and software Standardized manufacturing cells for material handling, machine tending, welding, cutting, painting, finishing, etc. Engineering for systems in press automation, body-in-white, paint processes, power train assembly © ABB Robotics - 5 Product & systems service
  6. 6. Robotics division - key facts 2007 Orders $1.6 billion 5000 employees in over 45 countries Manufacturing in 3 regions, Europe, Asia & America Sales & Service operations in over 45 countries & over 100 locations Introduced painting robots in 1969 and the worlds first commercially available electric robot in 1974 Over 160,000 robots installed worldwide at end 2007 © ABB Robotics - 6
  7. 7. Two channel market approach Customers & Users Direct sales Indirect sales Channel Partners -System Integrators -Machine builders (OEM’s) Robots, Robot Cells, Systems, Service © ABB Robotics - 7
  8. 8. Global Partner Program in robotics Global program for System Integrators and Machine Builders Robot integration on 3 levels, Partner, Preferred Partner & Strategic Partner Benefits of ABB’s Partner Program Partner agreement Invitation to Partner Seminars Premium Partner Web Image & Visibility Partner symbols Partner reference stories Exhibitions & Seminars Sales material © ABB Robotics - 8 Demo robots & cells Sales support & training
  9. 9. Global Reach, Local operations © ABB Robotics - 9 Present in 45 countries - in more than 100 locations
  10. 10. Experience from 160,000 + robot installations Other processes and assembly Arc welding Painting Material handling & Spot welding Machine tending © ABB Robotics - 10
  11. 11. Continuous technology development Joystick motion control MultiRobot control S2 Robot Controller TPU MultiMove Hydraulic paint robot Electric Paint Robot Modular Controller Trallfa TR-200 TR5400 Touch screen HMI IRC5 controller 6 axis electric robot IRB90 High-speed Picker IRB340 FlexPicker Open Architecture S4 Controller 1970 1980 1990 2000 AC Servo Drive system IRB2000 Arc weld process simulation VirtualArc First electric robot Modular Design ASEA IRB6 IRB6000 range 500kg robot © ABB Robotics - 11 IRB7600 Dynamic Motion Control TrueMove, QuickMove Offline Programming & Simulation RobotStudio
  12. 12. Continuous technology development Hydraulic paint robot 6 axis electric robot Joystick motion control Trallfa TR-200 IRB90 S2 Robot Controller TPU 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 © ABB Robotics - 12 First electric robot AC Servo Drive system Modular Design ASEA IRB6 IRB2000 IRB6000 range “Innovation & technology are part of our DNA”
  13. 13. Continuous technology development Open Architecture High-speed Picker MultiRobot control ForceControl S4 Controller IRB340 FlexPicker MultiMove FC Machining Modular Controller FC Assembly Touch screen HMI IRC5 controller Electric Paint Robot TR5400 Process Arm for AW IRB1600ID 1995 2000 2005 2006 2007 2008 Dynamic Motion Arc weld process 2nd Generation Next Generation Control simulation Motion control Safety Systems TrueMove, QuickMove VirtualArc TrueMove, QuickMove SafeMove © ABB Robotics - 13 Offline Programming & 500kg robot Compact paint robot Simulation IRB7600 IRB52 with integrated IPS RobotStudio
  14. 14. The top 10 reasons for robot investment Increase production output rates Reduce operating costs Improve process quality Improve workplace health & safety Increase product manufacturing flexibility Reduce material waste and increase yield Reduce labour turnover and difficulty of recruiting workers Save space in high value manufacturing areas Reduce capital costs (inventory, work in progress) Improve quality of work for employees © ABB Robotics - 14 Based on research carried out by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
  15. 15. Overview Agenda Robotics Division Markets Served Products & Systems offer Service offer Summary © ABB Robotics - 15
  16. 16. Segments Served - Overview Metal Food & Automotive Plastics Foundry Fabrication Beverage Chemical & Consumer Machine Tools Wood Solar Pharmacy Electronics © ABB Robotics - 16
  17. 17. Automotive Industries Overview Markets & applications served Automotive components Powertrain assembly Press automation Paint process automation Body-in-white Customer needs Cost competitiveness Higher production outputs Zero defects Capacity to meet continued growth in demand ABB Offerings Industrial robots with integrated application software Fully engineered systems & cells Vision guidance systems Service agreements & productivity improvement Simulation & offline programming software © ABB Robotics - 17 Easy to use operator interfaces
  18. 18. Plastics Industries Overview Markets & applications served Automotive, electronics, medical, household goods, Machine tending in injection moulding, blow moulding, thermo forming Water-jet, laser, ultrasonic and mechanical cutting Dispensing, gluing and foaming, painting Assembly, flame treatment and painting Customer needs Increased quality & reduced cycle times Flexibility to accommodate short run production Added production value to secure producers margins Reduction in direct & indirect labor cost Improved Health & safety ABB Offerings Robots, cells & systems via ABB & selected partners Easy to use operator interfaces Simulation & offline programming © ABB Robotics - 18 Service agreements & productivity improvement
  19. 19. Foundry Industries Overview Markets & applications served Sand casting, Gravity casting, Precision casting Die casting Forging & Lost foam Handling, Machine Tending, Casting cleaning Quality control, Surface treatment Customer needs Precision and improved process control Improved Health & Safety Reduce of waste and increased yield Improve uptime, energy efficiency and productivity ABB Offerings Industrial robots for handling & finishing Cells & systems via ABB & selected partners Global solutions for vision & machining Service agreements & productivity improvement Simulation & offline programming software © ABB Robotics - 19 Easy to use operator interfaces
  20. 20. Metal Fabrication Industries Overview Markets & applications served Agricultural, furniture, vehicles, white goods, 2-wheelers, construction equipment, trains, ships Cutting, Welding and Joining Forming, Inspection and Measuring Material handling Surface treatment, Finishing, Painting Customer needs Globalization and consolidation within the industry High quality, capacity & efficiency Automation due to shortage of skilled manual workers Improved Health and safety ABB Offerings Industrial robots & application equipment Systems & cells via ABB and selected partners Standardized arc welding cells (FlexArc) Service agreements & productivity improvement © ABB Robotics - 20 Simulation & offline programming software Easy to use operator interfaces
  21. 21. Food & Beverage Industries Overview Markets & applications served Food, beverage, pet-food, tobacco Packaging, confectionary Picking, Packing, Palletizing Customer needs Speed of delivery Prolonged shelf life of products Shorter product lifecycles, new packaging designs and product variants Increased uptime, yield & zero breakages Improved Safety and Hygiene ABB Offerings Robots for picking, packing, palletizing Systems, cells & solutions via selected partners Service agreements & productivity improvement Simulation & offline programming software Easy to use operator interfaces © ABB Robotics - 21 Vision & cell integration software
  22. 22. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries Overview Markets & applications served Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery & Production Chemicals, Medical Devices Personal & Home Care Picking, Packing, Palletizing Customer needs Flexibility to handle different pack & product variants Quality validation & traceability Suitability for sterile production environments Increased yyield ABB Offerings Robots for picking, packing, palletizing Systems, cells & solutions via selected partners Service agreements & productivity improvement Simulation & offline programming software Easy to use operator interfaces © ABB Robotics - 22 Vision & cell integration software
  23. 23. Machine Tool Industries Overview Markets & applications served Precision machining including turning, milling, grinding, drilling, … Machine tending and handling Quality control, Inspection Surface treatment & part finishing Customer needs Automation due to shortage of skilled workers & rising cost of labor Flexibility to accommodate short run production Consistent high part quality Improvements in uptime and productivity Improved Health & safety ABB Offerings Industrial robots for machine tending and post processing (multiple tasks) Easy to use operator interfaces Dedicated machine interfaces © ABB Robotics - 23 Simulation & offline programming software Service agreements & productivity improvements
  24. 24. Wood Industries Overview Markets & applications served Wooden furniture, flat-pack, doors, windows, wood for building construction, kitchens Handling, machine tending, painting, packaging, finishing, palletizing, sanding, carving Customer needs Automation due to shortage of skilled workers / rising cost of labor Consistent high part quality Improvements in uptime and productivity Health & safety improvements Better utilization of high cost machinery ABB Offerings Industrial robots & selected application equipment Easy to use operator interfaces Vision guidance systems Simulation & offline programming software © ABB Robotics - 24 Service agreements & productivity improvements
  25. 25. Consumer Electronics Industries Overview Markets and application served Computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, media players, games consoles, cameras Laser welding, painting, grinding & polishing Extraction, spraying and tending for die-casting and injection molding machine cell Palletizing/de-palletizing, assembly, picking & packing Customer Needs Quality, precision and cosmetic finish Short cycle time and high volume production Short product life cycle production runs Rising cost of labor and demanding H&S Simple compact & flexible solutions ABB Offering Industrial robots and application equipment Paint application systems © ABB Robotics - 25 Grinding & polishing systems (Flex-finishing) Service agreements & productivity improvements Simulation and off-line programming software
  26. 26. Solar Photovoltaic Industries Overview Markets & applications served Solar Photovoltaic power generation Solar cell and module production (silicon and tf) Material handling (ingots, wafer/cells, modules) Module assembly, e.g. soldering, edge trimming Customer needs Increasing production capacity and efficiency Reduction of production cost Constant high product quality output Standardization of production plans worldwide with high-end, flexible automation/robotics ABB offerings Industrial robots for all applications including Clean Room Class 5 Standardized ABB function packages for cell- and module manufacturing Simulation & offline programming software © ABB Robotics - 26 Service agreements & productivity improvement
  27. 27. Other Industries Served Building Materials Defense & Aerospace Glass products Sanitary/Tableware/Ceramics © ABB Robotics - 27
  28. 28. Overview Agenda Robotics Division Markets Served Products & Systems offer Service offer Summary © ABB Robotics - 28
  29. 29. Robots & Systems overview Application Manufacturing Automotive Robots Software Equipment Cells Systems Comprehensive range Fully integrated Controller & PC Modular Fully engineered of small, large, paint & process equipment based software to manufacturing cells automotive systems dedicated robots with for arc welding, support robots & based on globally for BIW, Paint, handling capacity handling, spotwelding systems throughout proven solutions. Powertrain & Press from 1kg to 650 kg and painting their entire life-cycle. Tailored to local needs automation Market-leading positions in key areas Integrated solutions for productivity, process control & workplace safety © ABB Robotics - 29 Global coverage serving established and emerging markets Extensive global network of channel partners
  30. 30. ABB market offer: Robots Robots and robot controllers Application equipment © ABB Robotics - 30 Software
  31. 31. Industrial Robots - Overview Picking Packing Palletizing 6 axis Robots Paint Robots Dedicated 4 axis Robots Comprehensive range from 1kg to 650kg payload capacity Robust, Rigid, Reliable, Easy to Use © ABB Robotics - 31 Customization through modular design concept Protection with Clean Room, Foundry Plus & Foundry Prime (IP67), Wash Down
  32. 32. Small Robot family: Pay load 5 kg to 60 kg IRB140 IRB1410 IRB1600 6kg 0.81m 5kg 1.44m 6-8.5kg 1.2/1.45m IRB4400 IRB2400 IRB1600ID Integrated Dressing © ABB Robotics - 32 10-60 kg 1.95/2.55m 5-20kg 1.5/1.8m 4kg 1.5 m
  33. 33. Large Robot Family: Pay load 90 kg to 650* kg IRB6620 IRB6660 Pre Machining IRB6660 Press Tending 150kg 2.2m 205kg 1.9 m 130kg 3.1m IRB6650S IRB6640 IRB7600 * 650kg capacity with wrist down © ABB Robotics - 33 90-200 kg 3.0/3.9m 130-235kg 2.55/3.2m 150-500kg 2.55/3.5m
  34. 34. Painting Robots: with dedicated controller IRB52 IRB540 IRB580/58 Compact Paint Specialist Flexiwrist & CP program Hollow wrist IRB5400 IRB5500 IRC5Paint © ABB Robotics - 34 Process or Slim Arm Car Body Painter Dedicated Paint Control
  35. 35. 4 axis Robots: Picking, Packing, Palletizing IRB360 FlexPicker IRB260 IRB660 High Speed Picker Top loader/Packer Palletizer 1-3kg 1.13m 30kg 1.5m 180-250kg 3.15m Serving fully integrated packing lines © ABB Robotics - 35
  36. 36. Robot controllers Modular Panel mounted Dedicated paint Graphical user versions version version interface Multi-robot control, up to 36 axis, with MultiMove Programmable user interface with joystick motion control with FlexPendant © ABB Robotics - 36 World leading motion control with TrueMove & QuickMove “Next generation safety” with SafeMove Powerful connectivity through network interfaces
  37. 37. Application equipment Paint Process Equipment including Atomizers Integrated Process Dress Packs Workpiece positioners Process cabinets Arc & Spot Welding process equipment Additional axis including tracks and motor/gearbox units © ABB Robotics - 37
  38. 38. Software – Delivering Power & Value Nothing boosts productivity and decreases the total cost of owning and operating a robot based solution more than a ABB Software Package. ABB has developed a family of world class software products to support every stage of the robot life cycle. Benefits include: Reduced risk of operator mistakes Less need for training Easy to use operator interfaces Application customization Introduction of programmes & testing offline Verifying new products quickly Remote monitoring of production Remote diagnosis of problems © ABB Robotics - 38 Easy to use programmer interfaces
  39. 39. RobotWare for ”easy to use” interfaces Spot welding & Arc welding Plastics & DieCasting Machining FC & Machine Tending Assembly & Packaging Press tending © ABB Robotics - 39
  40. 40. RobotStudio for simulation & offline programming Create a common view in the planning stage Verify tooling and fixtures in the design stage Program robots faster in the start-up stage Modify programs without downtime in the production stage “RobotStudio is the easy-to-use, low cost software for visualization and offline programming of © ABB Robotics - 40 ABB robots. It is the tool you need to maximize your productivity”
  41. 41. Case Study - From six months to six days… The Business Need: A contract manufacturer uses plasma spraying system to make parts surface heat-resistant Online programming had been unsuccessful after more than 6 months The customer did not approve the part quality The Solution & Benefits: Higher part quality With RobotStudio the CAD data was utilized to quickly generate a very accurate program Cut programming time A new program was created with RobotStudio in half a day © ABB Robotics - 41 Reachability RobotStudio showed that the robot could be placed in a better position in relation to the part
  42. 42. Robot-based manufacturing cells - Overview Spot Welding Arc Welding Painting/Coating Cutting Press Tending Finishing Material Handling Machine Tending © ABB Robotics - 42
  43. 43. Global robot-based solutions 2D & 3D Robot Vision Guidance TrueView Standardised ArcWelding Cells FlexArc Machining Function Packages Machining FC FunPac Standardized Finishing Cells FlexFinishing © ABB Robotics - 43
  44. 44. TrueViewTM vision guidance for robots TrueView is a single camera, 3D vision guidance system that allows ABB robots to precisely locate randomly presented & irregular parts TrueView is tightly integrated to the ABB robot seamless integration common components and integration methodology standard robot programming modules complete documentation for installation and services Recognized as best in class for single camera 3D Specified at Ford & Toyota © ABB Robotics - 44 Growing success with Honda (1st installations in US and Japan) Over 200 Systems installed globally
  45. 45. FlexArcTM – arc welding cells Graphical interactive HMI on FlexPendant Integrated weld error recovery Integrated production monitoring Intuitive production manager Navigator software Cell calibration Tooling calibration Part measurements Cell check Identical replicas of all cells available free in digital versions © ABB Robotics - 45
  46. 46. Machining FCTM & FlexFinishingTM cells Proven solution for robotic grinding, deburring, polishing and other mechanical finishing processes Integrated package for setup, programming and production Easy to integrate & deploy Easy to use - Plug & Produce Lead by hand programming Easy relocation of cell within production plant © ABB Robotics - 46
  47. 47. Automotive Systems via Global Lead Centers Press Automation Body in White Assembly Paint Automation Power Train Assembly © ABB Robotics - 47
  48. 48. Press Automation From stack to rack ... Complete press shop automation ! Loading and unloading of stampings © ABB Robotics - 48 Racking of stampings
  49. 49. Body-in-White Plug & Produce solutions - from component assembly to body complete ... FlexLean Modular Solutions © ABB Robotics - 49
  50. 50. Paint Process Automation Flexibility, high quality, low waste - from barrel to surface. Sealing & coating Paint equipment © ABB Robotics - 50 Painting line
  51. 51. Powertrain Assembly From assembly of engines & transmissions to full test... … consistent quality and just in time! © ABB Robotics - 51
  52. 52. Automotive Systems customers Automotive Automotive © ABB Robotics - 52 OEMs Tier One
  53. 53. Example of scope of supply in Automotive Trimming and Foam Deposition Water Jet Cutting Over US$ 167 million investment Parts: Car seats Parts: Dashboards Solutions for applying foam in ABB equipment, systems To produce the Megane II car seats, ABB has supplied robotized arc welding cells and trimming plastic parts have been provided for dashboard manufacture. and services Parts: Headliners (J84 version, Turkey) ABB solutions have been installed for different to various plants. applications in the headliner manufacturing process including water jet cutting, handling and gluing. Arc Welding Body-in-White Robotized Applications Parts: Car body (J84 version) ABB has supplied complete turnkey systems Parts: Headlamps to produce different body parts such as cross- ABB has supplied two robotized cells members, floors, roof cross-members and rear for headlamp manufacturing. back panels…. Paint Process Automation Body-in-White The Megane II from Renault Parts: Bumpers Parts: Cross-car beams for dashboard ABB has supplied additional equipment ABB has supplied arc welding and handling to the bumper paint line. turnkey solutions for cross-car beam assembly, which are installed in Spain and France. Body-in-White Body-in-White Paint Process Automation Paint Process Automation © ABB Robotics - 53 Parts: Dashboards Parts: Car bodies Parts: Car bodies Parts: Car bodies A complete paint line for dashboards has been ABB has installed turnkey robotized solutions ABB has supplied body shop solutions for complete body Thanks to a close cooperation with Renault, Supplied to a Neyr plant in France, which includes to produce underbody parts, cross-members, etc framing and for the assembly of underbody components, ABB has developed complete robotized solutions for cavity paint distribution and robot application. at both Spanish and French plants. complete underbodies and body sides. waxing and has also installed sealing applications. Combined with the equipment, ABB has proposed a system care agreement to support Parts: Exhaust systems To adapt the paint lines to the new Megane II, the maintenance of the line. ABB has provided complete assembly shops to French Renault has invested in additional paint equipment and Spanish plants. such as robots and applicators. 1 US Dollar = 1 Euro
  54. 54. Overview Agenda Robotics Division Markets Served Products & Systems offer Service offer Summary © ABB Robotics - 54
  55. 55. Service offer overview A partnership for productivity improvement Parts & Logistics - Spare Parts Sales - Repair Centers - Inventory Management Performance Services Contracts - Full Service contracts - Total equipment management Field Services - Automation performance management - Service Contracts - Helpdesk & Remote Services - Field Operations - Installation & Commissioning Training Productivity Improvement Projects - Product and System Training - Asset Re-Utilization - Documentation - Productivity Improvement Software - Consulting © ABB Robotics - 55 - System Upgrades and modifications
  56. 56. Global Service Organisation - 1500 Employees Americas 289 Europe - MEA 1056 Asia- Pacific 171 © ABB Robotics - 56 Present in 45 countries - in more than 100 locations
  57. 57. Parts & Logistics Over 20,000 spare parts available Upgrade kits Accessibility 24/7 Inventory management SmartSpares PartsOnline © ABB Robotics - 57 It’s all about the right part at the right time at the right place
  58. 58. Service Agreements Offering you measurable results … …Service Agreement Packages from ABB • Maintenance Package Maximize the Mean Time Between Failures of your equipment • Response Package Minimize the Mean Time To Repair when stoppages do occur • Warranty Package Control the Total Cost of Ownership of your ABB investment © ABB Robotics - 58 Annual or ABB Service Professional Customer Representative Multi-year
  59. 59. Case Study – Service Agreement Veltri Modular, Canada ABB Solution A 5 Year Service agreement to include: Extended Warranty on Parts/Labor Consignment Parts Tailored On Site Training and Training Credits for scheduled courses 24/7 Technical Support Line Emergency Breakdown “Block of Hours” Continuous Improvement visits The Business Need Plant Audits Veltri Modular in Windsor, Ontario, Canada wanted a Key drivers & benefits proactive, cost effective way to manage their The service contract provides worry free service support needs. operation of 100+ robots for 5 years They needed to fix their By improving the skill set of the employees costs up front and not and the productivity of the manufacturing cells worry about the paying for Veltri production levels improved and they © ABB Robotics - 59 each individual service call. now produce a higher quality product They also wanted advice on how to continually All new robots for Veltri will now come with improve productivity an Integrated Service Agreement
  60. 60. Certified Refurbished Robots Refurbishment programs for customer owned equipment Large global inventory of used robot systems Rebuilt to factory specification, using original parts © ABB Robotics - 60
  61. 61. Our Global Training Centers Argentina Australia Austria BeNeLux Brazil Canada China Czech Republic © ABB Robotics - 61 Denmark Estonia Finland France
  62. 62. Our Global Training Centers Germany India Italy Japan Korea Malaysia Mexico Norway © ABB Robotics - 62 Poland Romania Slovakia Slovenia
  63. 63. Our Global Training Centers South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand United Kingdom United States ABB has dedicated, professional training centers located throughout the world. No other robot manufacturer has made such a large investment in equipment (over 300 robots) and professional instructors (over 100) that are dedicated, full-time, to the education © ABB Robotics - 63 of our customer’s staff.
  64. 64. Overview Agenda Robotics Division Markets Served Products & Systems offer Service offer Summary © ABB Robotics - 64
  65. 65. Serving our customers business needs Increased Productivity We help customers improve manufacturing productivity and energy efficiency. Our services build on experience from over 160,000 installations Reduced Operational Costs Our products and services help customers minimize project capital costs and lower “The effort of ABB to ongoing fixed costs surpass the original specifications, and their Consistent Process & Product Quality willingness to assist us to Robots are proven to deliver consistent get more & more out of the high quality. They can be recruited to roles system, has been excellent. where skilled staff are hard to find We asked for an output of 9 parts per minute but the Improved Workplace Health & Safety system gives us better than ABB's health, safety, security and 11 Helping minute” parts per customers boost © ABB Robotics - 65 environmental offerings help companies productivity while conserving achieve the highest levels of corporate Colin Thomas, Electrolux social responsibility Australia energy.
  66. 66. “We have a passion for robotics” ABB is committed to being a world leader in robotics; capable of designing, producing & delivering the highest quality robots, systems & service to meet the needs & expectations of our customers. Quality will be built in to everything we do and will be evident each time we deal with our customers. Service is a key part of our offer. We will support our customers with the highest quality, most responsive organisation in the “Even in very diverse industries, we see industry. common challenges - increasing productivity and quality, keeping pace Technology & innovation are part of our with competitors, and adding flexibility DNA. We will continue to invest heavily in to meet rapidly changing consumer R&D to ensure we meet our customers needs preference. - both today and in the future. © ABB Robotics - 66 In both traditional and new industries, ABB robots are busy creating a core competency in bottom line results.” Anders Jonsson Head of Division – ABB Robotics
  67. 67. For more information visit © ABB Robotics - 67