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Vision of lever brothers pakistan limited


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Vision of lever brothers pakistan limited

  1. 1. 847725286385Unilever Pakistan Pvt. LtdStrategies of company link with HR StrategiesSubmitted to,Miss Shehla HassanSubmitted By,Kamran MukhtiarRoll No 1716097255278120<br />Vision of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited:<br />The vision of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited is driven by is the commitment to excel and we are here to sell aspiration not brand. So, the core vision is integrating and that is to excel in every field whatever Lever Brothers do to provide customer delight and value. The Lever Brothers have been able to follow the track set by their vision and to achieve the standards set by their customers.<br />Mission Statement of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited:<br />Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited will be the foremost consumer company in Pakistan with the dominant position in laundry, personal wash, skin, ice creams and spreads: a leading position in tea, hair, dental and household care and a sustainable profitable position in cooking oil and fats.<br />1.            We will aim at delivering a 15% UVG rate, hence doubling the size of our business over 5 years and thereby delivering superior value creation.<br />2.            We will achieve this by adopting a broad view of our market by seeking the new opportunities in the core categories of Unilever and by staying closer to all consumers than competitors, understanding their evolving needs and focusing on constant delivery of superior value for our brands through innovation.<br />3.            Competitive advantage will also be developed by driving down relentlessly on relative cost positions and outpacing competition in operational efficiency improvement.<br />4.            We shall build on our strong network of distributors to maximize penetrations and visibility in existing channels and to develop all new channels relevant to our consumers. <br />5.            We shall establish Unilever’s core brands in Afghanistan, building brand loyalty and strong distribution in the market.<br />6.            To achieve these standards of performance, Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited will develop a strategically focused organization and will motivate its personnel to use its full potential of creativity and commitment. It will also leverage Unilever’s best practices and maintain the highest standards of operational control.<br />7.            Through its commitment to high levels of care and safety for its employees, its consumers and the environment, Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited will be exemplary and will participate in the dissemination of such practices in Pakistan. <br />Organization Key Value:<br />It defines that what they want. They people of organization to be good at or how do they want them to behave and this very clearly stated in mission statement as always stay responsive to change, go for innovation, employee commitment to organizational objectives and mission and creating value for customers. So, if we check the mission statement through this aspect then we can easily state that they have clearly stated what should be the organizational key values and how to reinforce them. <br />Critical Success Factor:<br />The central issue of this factor is that what they have to be good at to succeed in this market or industry. The mission statement outlines this as “adopting a broad view of our market, by seeking the new opportunities in the core categories and by staying closer to all consumers than competitors and understanding their evolving needs and focusing on constant delivery of superior value for our brands through innovation”.<br />So far them critical success factor is consumer connectivity and commitment to excel and to provide superior value to customers and products of superior quality and value.<br />Objectives of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited:<br />1.            Their main objective is to have a double-digit growth and resultant cash flows will be utilized in improving the product quality and contents to enhance the value to customer and final users.<br />2.            Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited has an objective to have a responsive supply chain and technological based processes. <br />3.            They want to have consumer connectivity, i.e. they want to know what they eat, drink, how they spend their lives, what are their preferences. So in this way they wan to be very close to customer, to know their real insight and desires so they can develop new strategy for product design and can implement their strategy in better manner i.e. avoidance of hit and trial approach and hitting the right target with right strategy at right time in right and accurate manner. <br />4.            They want to be cost efficient i.e. they want to reduce in their cost of production, cost of transportation, distribution and packaging cost and finally reducing all the human cost to offer a competitive price to customer maintain the high standards of quality. <br />5.            To have a partnership with their suppliers to enable them to provide high quality low cost material. <br />6.            Have entered and will be aggressively developing new markets.<br />7.            be exciting to their customers with stream of innovative products.<br />8.            To be no in all their existing markets. <br />Attainment of Objectives:<br />Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited’s strategy to attain the objectives is:<br /><ul><li>Maximum coverage of outlets
  2. 2. Desirable sales volume
  3. 3. Display and merchandizing of products
  4. 4. Developing quality and want satisfying product.</li></ul>Since every company is formed to accomplish certain objectives. There is no company, which had no goals. So Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited also has targets before it.<br />These main targets and objectives are:<br /><ul><li>Profits
  5. 5. Consumerism
  6. 6. Welfare of consumer</li></ul>Structural Analysis:<br />Organizational structure and management of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited<br />Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited restructures the organization after the merger with Brooke Bond Pakistan Limited. The chairman is the executive officer of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited. He leads the seven member’s management committee, which is the top of decision making. The management is responsible for corporate strategy of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited and for initiating policies and overall planning as well as their general management duties. Management committee members are each responsible for specific function. Reporting to the management committee members are departmental heads that are responsible for advising the management committee for planning and implementation of policies for ensuring that targets are reached. The committee includes:<br />Mr. Lain Strachan Sangster           (Chairman & Chief Executive)<br />Mr. Mashkoor Alam              (Vice Chairman)<br />Mr. Mujib-ur-Rehman                   (Technical & Logistics Director)<br />Mr. Perwaiz Hassan Khan (Director Personnel)<br />Mr. J. A. Lee                          (Director Sales)<br />Mr. A. D. Bandaranayake   (Director Commercial)<br />Mr. N. I. Khockhar                       (Business Unit manager ODF)<br />Mr. Clive David Welland             (Director Food Business)<br />Board of Directors:<br />The board of directors controls the whole operation of the organization it includes the following personalities:<br />Mr. Lain Strachan Sangster           <br />Mr. Syed Babar Ali<br />Mr. Fateh Ali  W. Vellani<br />Mr. Mujib-ur-Rehman<br />Mr. Perwaiz Hassan Khan<br />Mr. J. A. Lee<br />The Working Environment And Accountability:<br />With the world fast becoming a Global Village and the Internet Information Technology Revolution, the issues of HUMAN RIGHTS and Working Condition are becoming significant important with each passing day. <br />Unilever can pride itself in having one of the most congenial and professional working environments of any company operating in Pakistan. Unilever is an equal opportunity employer and there is no discrimination on the basis of sex, caste or creed. All hiring and promotion decisions are taken on merit. All local laws are adhered to regarding different matters. Extreme emphasis is placed on worker safety and health<br />Selection & Career ladder: <br />Personnel Department makes arrangements for the recruitments of the employees. For this purpose it collects information about the desired employee’s functions and then defines the job requirements and job profile. The Personnel Department makes all the arrangements for the report meant of new employee, It sees better such employee is available in the organization or not. In case of no, it gives the advertisement in the newspapers. It also collects all the applications of the applicants. It also makes arrangements for test. The Personnel Department uses different tests for different applicants. After that it arranges the interviews for the succeeded applicants. Usually the interviews are bland of different types of interviews. These interviews include panel interview, structured questions etc. The background information about the succeeded applicants is also gathered by the Personnel Department<br />Promotion Of Persons At UNILEVER:<br />On the basis of experience and performance, they are promoted to higher managerial level; at higher level I have seen various MBA, CA, ICMA and also people who have spend years at Unilever. In order to provide incentives to employees at Unilever, cash rewards are also granted. The head of the department, on job basis gives bonuses. The function of promotion of the workers is also performed by ERD after consulting with the top management and analyzing the past record of the workers.<br />Job Assessment:<br />At Unilever Pakistan Limited Performance Appraisal is prepared to check the performance of workers. It is like ACR (annual confidential report) in the government sector.<br />The basic Objectives of job assessment are<br /><ul><li>Check the overall performance of employees
  7. 7. Whether the job assigned is fully done or not
  8. 8. Integrity, honesty
  9. 9. Loyalty
  10. 10. Devotion and commitment of the part of employee to achieve organizational objectives</li></ul>Measures to Check Overall Performance: <br />Higher manager to check the performance of employees adopts following measures,<br /><ul><li>Standards are established first
  11. 11. Measure the individual as well as collectively performance
  12. 12. Compare actual performance with planned
  13. 13. Taking corrective action
  14. 14. Reviews of job are made.
  15. 15. Superior management assesses accuracy of work.</li></ul>On the basis of performance appraisal awards and rewards or punishments are given.<br />Accountability:<br />Employees have to face inquiries or suspensions, if they are involved in activities which are not according to the goal of Unilever Pakistan Limited. They are often terminated from their jobs, if they are not performing well. They can be demoted from their ranks. In Unilever, promotion is granted on performance basis so they are also accountable if they are performing poorly. <br />If the employees are not obedient to their superior or involved in unethical activities, they have to face the circumstances. Severe punishment like demotion, firing and suspensions are given to non-performing or low-performing employees. <br />Satisfaction of Employee:<br />Employees have a high morale. Top management is maintaining very cordial relationships with union leaders. Actually employees feel a part in the organization and its achievements.<br />COMPENSATION AND ADMINITRATION:<br />The Unilever Pakistan Limited conducts the wages survey in the market and of the major competitors after every two years and compares the results with its own package and there is any difference then adjustment is made. The desire of Unilever R.F. is that its employees must be satisfied in every aspect because it has the opinion that satisfied employees are more productive as compared to dissatisfied. The Unilever gives 30 different types of allowances to its employees. Some of these are annual, some are semi-annual, and some are monthly while some are once in the whole employment period. <br />HEALTH AND SAFETY:<br />Unilever R.F. is much conscious about the health and safety. Proper equipments are available in all areas of the production where sensitive machinery is in operation. Furthermore, the organization has a well equipped Medical Center where MBBS doctors are available in order to meet with emergency cases. <br />The Personnel Department provides all possible instruments to all workers and it has the desire that every worker should use those instruments in order to avoid losses. <br />Following are the Instruments which are provided to the workers:<br /><ul><li>Long shoes
  16. 16. Helmets
  17. 17. Gloves
  18. 18. Fire Instruments </li></ul>BENEFITS & SERVICE<br />Unilever R.F. also provides certain benefits and services to all its employees. A list of some benefits and services is given below:<br /><ul><li>Attendance Allowance
  19. 19. Good attendance award
  20. 20. Death Compensation
  21. 21. Canteen allowance
  22. 22. Conveyance Allowance
  23. 23. Family medical allowance
  24. 24. Family medical care
  25. 25. House rent Allowance
  26. 26. Utilities allowance
  27. 27. Meal Allowance
  28. 28. Rehabilitation Allowance
  29. 29. Retirement
  30. 30. Traveling Announce
  31. 31. Hajj
  32. 32. Marriage Assistance To minorities</li></ul>The organization has a club for the employees of the organization. Indoor and outdoor facilities are also available. The company also celebrates Annual Sports Day on which different games are played and prizes are given to the succeeded players by the company. <br />Personal Development and Training:<br />Junior-level courses are frequently held in-house for personal training. Various courses organized in the past include the following,<br />1. Executive Development Course<br />This course was specially designed for middle management to enhance their principle-centered leadership qualities so that they could meet the emerging challenges of the global world. Neuron-linguistic programming was part of the course to help the employee in day-to-day activities to improve proficiency and effectiveness in their attitude and work style.<br /> <br />2. Basic English Language Course<br />This course was for those staff that is not proficient in written and verbal English language. An external instructor whose services were especially hired for this purpose conducted the course.<br />3. Basic Labor laws of Pakistan<br />Professionals from Labor Department organized this course. The main purpose was to give acquaintances to the staff of their rights. Wage rates, vacations, working hours, child & bonded labor etc, were the main topics covered.<br />4. In-Housing Training School<br />Unilever has also established an in-house Training School for unskilled labor so that they may be trained. Unskilled manpower is hired from the market for training. And during this period they are paid as per the prevailing wage rules.<br />HUMAN RESOURCES PLANNING:<br />The most important function performed by the ERD is the Human Resource Planning. For a smooth production there must be an effective Human Resource Planning. For This purpose it makes long term and short term plans to make the labor available for production. Short term Plans are made for those places where workers have gone on holidays or absent. <br />Under these plans it has two types of recruitment:<br /><ul><li>Badli
  33. 33. Temporary</li></ul>For long term plans workers are recruited from the temporary workers who have become skilled one. <br />References:<br /><br /><br />