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Indoor soccer club

  1. 1. INDOOR SOCCER CLUB Kelley Chao Kendra ZEE
  2. 2. WHAT IS THE INDOOR SOCCER CLUB? ________________________________________________________________________ The Indoor Soccer Club is a club where students of Mills High can enjoy the sport of soccer together. I.S.C. gives the students the chance to play soccer matches without the burden of wearing soccer gear and requiring to be at a certain skill level.
  3. 3. HOW I.S.C. WORKS ________________________________________________________________________ In I.S.C. , we give the freedom to the members to choose their own teams of 6-8 players. We assign each team match dates , rankings and tournament brackets. Team Ranking is depends on game wins.
  4. 4. HOW I.S.C. RANKING WORKS ________________________________________________________________________ Ranking in I.S.C. is a point-based system. Win = +2 points Lose = +0 points Tie = +1 point Every team starts at the bottom and works their way up through the ranks
  5. 5. INDOOR SOCCER CLUB TEAMS ________________________________________________________________________ When creating a team of 6-8 players, there must be NO MORE THAN 3-4 Mills High School Soccer players on each team. Indoor Soccer Club promotes Co-ed teams, so for every all boy/girl team with at least 2 players of the opposite gender, the opposite gender’s shot is worth TWO points instead of one .
  6. 6. INDOOR SOCCER CLUB TEAMS PT. II ________________________________________________________________________ If someone wants to join the club in the middle of the year, they have two options A) They can join a already existing team with that team’s approval B) They can create a new team of 6-8 players (same rules apply) and will be added to the roster but will be ranked last and have to work their way up.
  7. 7. // I.S.C. CLUB RULES ________________________________________________________________________ • Be a good member ! • Be respectful of rights and properties of others. • Bullying will not be tolerated on any level • No discrimination based on: Skill Level Gender Race/Ethnicity/Culture Sexual Orientation
  8. 8. // I.S.C. ATTENDANCE & INFO ________________________________________________________________________ If a team FAILS to attend TWO matches consecutively, that team is removed from the roster. Match rosters, rankings, and tournament brackets will be posted in the: gyms , locker rooms , on Kendra & Kelley’s lockers , and around center court. (so please look out and make sure you don’t miss your team’s match!)
  9. 9. // I.S.C. GAME RULES ________________________________________________________________________ Only 6 players on the court and 2 subs on the side. Excessive foul play will result in suspension of that match. NO throws-ins, ONLY kick-ins Balls being kicked cannot go higher than the height of the goal. (if we hit any of scoreboards or hoops we will get kicked out of the gym) Shots made pass the half court line don’t count
  10. 10. I.S.C. TOURNAMENTS ________________________________________________________________________ October 3 rd - 2011 MILLS WORLD CUP $5 Entrance fee per team ↳ You play for the title of 2011 Mills World Cup Champion & a TROPHY . Any team can sign up with their registration fee and enough players to play. Tournament registrations start: SEPT 26 - SEPT 30 No late applications will be accepted for tournaments. No late applications will be accepted for tournaments. No late applications will be accepted for tournaments. No late applications will be accepted for tournaments.
  11. 11. I.S.C. FUNDRAISING ________________________________________________________________________ WE NEED INCOME. Possible ideas for fundraising: • Tournaments • T-shirt and Sweatshirt sales $$ $ • Carwash?? • DONATION JAR show some love ♥ • Food Fair We need fundraising for future parties , equipment , and TOURNAMENT PRIZES. $$ $
  12. 12. I.S.C. CONTACT INFORMATION ________________________________________________________________________ If you have any questions, comments, or FUNDRAISING IDEAS , please contact: millssoccerclub @ FACE BOOK groups / MillsSoccerClub / or talk to Kendra Zee Kelley Chao