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MongoDB Administration ~ Kevin Hanson


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Slides for my webinar about administering MongoDB

Published in: Technology
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MongoDB Administration ~ Kevin Hanson

  1. 1. Administration Kevin Hanson Solutions Architect, 10gen twitter: @hungarianhc
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Supported Platforms• OS X• Linux• Solaris• Windows• FreeBSD
  4. 4. The Basics ~ /bin• mongod: database server• mongo: shell• mongos: sharding router• mongodump: backup tool• mongostat: monitoring tool
  5. 5. Is it working?• Logs• Netstat• Try Out the Shell
  6. 6. Starting for Real• distro packages• --fork• --logpath• --quiet
  7. 7. Our Agenda• Replication• Monitoring• Backups• Queries + Indexes
  8. 8. Replication
  9. 9. Replication & The Oplog• Replication: Use It!• Mind the Oplog Size• Consider Delayed Replication
  10. 10. Replica Sets• One Primary, Many Secondaries• High Availability ~ Self Healing• Strongly Consistent• Hidden Nodes, Delayed SECONDARIES• Reading from SECONDARIES • If the PRIMARY goes down, can the remaining SECONDARIES handle the load? • Are You Okay With Less Up to Date Data? • If the answer to either question is no, stick with reading from PRIMARIES...
  11. 11. Replica Sets Node 1! Node 2! Secondary! Heartbeat+ Secondary! Node 3! Primary! Replication+ Replication+• Replication is Asynchronous• Nodes Can Be in Different Datacenters• Tailing the Oplog• Monitor Secondary Delay + Oplog Size
  12. 12. A Look at the Oplog
  13. 13. Monitoring
  14. 14. MongoDB Monitoring Service • SaaS solution providing instrumentation and visibility into MongoDB systems • Free version released • 5,000+ customers using service • Installable Version Coming
  15. 15. MongoDB Monitoring Service
  16. 16. Popular Monitoring Plugins• munin• ganglia• nagios• cacti
  17. 17. Popular Monitoring Plugins• munin• ganglia• nagios• cacti
  18. 18. iostat -x 2
  19. 19. mongostat
  20. 20. Backups
  21. 21. Mongodump• mongodump/• Binary Export• Best to Run Off Hidden Nodes / Delayed Secondaries
  22. 22. Filesystem Snapshots• Journaling... • If turned on, and on the same filesystem, snapshot at will. • If not on or mounted somewhere else, fsync lock required• Use a filesystem that supports snapshots :-)
  23. 23. Queries / Indexes
  24. 24. Queries + Indexes
  25. 25. Queries + Indexes• Note the Cursor Type (Btree vs. Basic)• Most Use-Cases: Queries Should be Indexed• Force No Table Scans • --notablescan• Indexes Should Fit in RAM• Indexes Slow Writes • Use them when you need them... • Don’t use them when you don’t...• Use the Slow Query Log
  26. 26. Viewing / Killing Ops
  27. 27. Download MongoDB http://www.mongodb.organd let us know what you think @hungarianhc @mongodb