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Overview of Wordpress Security


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With thousands of websites compromised daily, it's a good idea to look over the security of your website. Is Wordpress safe? Sure, but you need to keep it updated, monitor changes on the server, and keep backups.

Overview of Wordpress Security

  1. 1. Overview ofWordpressSecurityStaying safe
  2. 2. Is Wordpress safe?● Safety is relative, and Wordpress is relatively safe. ;-)● Keep Wordpress updated.● Be careful with where you get your plugins and themes.● Keep plugins and themes updated.● With additional security plugins, Wordpress security can be greatly enhanced.● Wordpress is as safe as any other CMS.
  3. 3. The risks● Research estimates that over 30,000 websites are infected with malware, daily.● Websites have an average of 79 serious vulnerabilities.(2011 stats from WhiteHat Security)● 71% of vulnerabilities could be eliminated by installing a web application firewall.● Cross-site scripting, information leakage, SQL Injection - there are tens of thousands of vulnerabilities to defend against.
  4. 4. Protecting Wordpress● Your Wordpress website security depends on a number of things ○ Up-to-date software ○ Which plugins and themes you use ○ Password strength ○ Anti-virus on your computer ○ ...and many more...● Monitor your website for changes and attacks● Back Up!● Install extra protection
  5. 5. Do It Yourself● Install and configure security plugins ○ Better WP Security ○ Wordfence ○ Bulletproof Security ○ Sucuri.Net● Add backup solutions ○ BackWPup ○ BackupBuddy ○ ... to Dropbox, email, Amazon S3, or other● Fix conflicts between updated plugins (technical or cosmetic)
  6. 6. ...or hire a professional● All security and backup plugins installed and configured.● Updates to Wordpress, all plugins and themes, several times a month.● A human being you can contact.● Professional Developers that fix conflicts caused in updated software.● Restore your hacked website, if disaster strikes.● Clean your infected site from malware.
  7. 7. And as a bonus...● From you get ○ Professional help from developers, with fixes and updates to your website. ○ Technical Customer Service for your Wordpress website. ○ Extra resources for you or your webmaster to maintain your website. ○ Access to expertise in Online Marketing, SEO, SEM, and E-Commerce. ○ Friendliness.
  8. 8. Ask usInstead of filling our website with marketingmaterial, we encourage anyone to ask usquestions, directly. We are available - just ask. ● Phone: +45 3131 1208 ● Skype: iohannis ● Twitter: @iohannis ● Facebook: ● Contact page: current rate of Wordpress Maintenance subscriptions is $169 /mo. - as of March 5, 2013. Ratescan change without notice.No warranties or guarantees - other than that we will do our best to help our clients