Overview of Wordpress Security


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With thousands of websites compromised daily, it's a good idea to look over the security of your website. Is Wordpress safe? Sure, but you need to keep it updated, monitor changes on the server, and keep backups.

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Overview of Wordpress Security

  1. 1. Overview ofWordpressSecurityStaying safe
  2. 2. Is Wordpress safe?● Safety is relative, and Wordpress is relatively safe. ;-)● Keep Wordpress updated.● Be careful with where you get your plugins and themes.● Keep plugins and themes updated.● With additional security plugins, Wordpress security can be greatly enhanced.● Wordpress is as safe as any other CMS.
  3. 3. The risks● Research estimates that over 30,000 websites are infected with malware, daily.● Websites have an average of 79 serious vulnerabilities.(2011 stats from WhiteHat Security)● 71% of vulnerabilities could be eliminated by installing a web application firewall.● Cross-site scripting, information leakage, SQL Injection - there are tens of thousands of vulnerabilities to defend against.
  4. 4. Protecting Wordpress● Your Wordpress website security depends on a number of things ○ Up-to-date software ○ Which plugins and themes you use ○ Password strength ○ Anti-virus on your computer ○ ...and many more...● Monitor your website for changes and attacks● Back Up!● Install extra protection
  5. 5. Do It Yourself● Install and configure security plugins ○ Better WP Security ○ Wordfence ○ Bulletproof Security ○ Sucuri.Net● Add backup solutions ○ BackWPup ○ BackupBuddy ○ ... to Dropbox, email, Amazon S3, or other● Fix conflicts between updated plugins (technical or cosmetic)
  6. 6. ...or hire a professional● All security and backup plugins installed and configured.● Updates to Wordpress, all plugins and themes, several times a month.● A human being you can contact.● Professional Developers that fix conflicts caused in updated software.● Restore your hacked website, if disaster strikes.● Clean your infected site from malware.
  7. 7. And as a bonus...● From CalleHunefalk.com you get ○ Professional help from developers, with fixes and updates to your website. ○ Technical Customer Service for your Wordpress website. ○ Extra resources for you or your webmaster to maintain your website. ○ Access to expertise in Online Marketing, SEO, SEM, and E-Commerce. ○ Friendliness.
  8. 8. Ask usInstead of filling our website with marketingmaterial, we encourage anyone to ask usquestions, directly. We are available - just ask. ● Phone: +45 3131 1208 ● Skype: iohannis ● Twitter: @iohannis ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CalleHunefalkcom ● Contact page: http://callehunefalk.com/about/contact-us/The current rate of Wordpress Maintenance subscriptions is $169 /mo. - as of March 5, 2013. Ratescan change without notice.No warranties or guarantees - other than that we will do our best to help our clients