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A dog named penny


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A DogNamed Penny who Had Six Puppies

Published in: Lifestyle, News & Politics
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A dog named penny

  1. 1. A Dog Named Penny WHO HAD SIX PUPPIES
  2. 2. Two Dogs Meet One day my parents dog got loose and fell in love with my Dog. Since then he decided to move in with me. He is no longer alive, but it was fun having him here when his puppies where around. Puppies are a part of nature and fun to have around.
  3. 3. Penny is gaining weight One day I noticed Penny gaining a lot of weight and had a slight bump in her belly. Decided to take her to the Veterinarian. Found out she was pregnant which is a natural process in life. Didn’t know what to do so called and asked the Veterinarian a lot of questions.
  4. 4. Gave her lots of attention Gave my dog lots of attention and affection. Worried about what I was going to do. Took her to the Veterinarian for regular checkups which you should do if your dog ever gets pregnant. Walked her regularly, but not too much so she wouldn’t overdo it , but at the same time got her exercise.
  5. 5. Mother And Her Pups
  6. 6. Finally the day arrives After preparing a box for her and blankets which you should do if your dog gets pregnant I fall asleep night after night in anticipation. One morning I woke up to check on her and she prepared a spot for her self and there were six small little creatures all cleaned and no mess on the floor. This was like a biology experiment to me for I found out that the dog cleans up everything in the process of having puppies.
  7. 7. For the next month everything is crazy The dogs are being fed by their mother and have a tarp in the basement where they stay. This made it easy to clean up accidents. For the first week puppies can’t open their eyes and they need to be nursed. After a month you can start weaning them or sooner if the dog is experiencing swelling. After a month started taking them outside and found homes for them. Transitioned them to real food. They grew up so quick and I even gave them names.
  8. 8. Just Resting
  9. 9. Finding Homes Went to the Bark Park and asked if anyone was interested in the puppies in the basket with the ribbons on. The Bark Park is with the Montgomery County Animal Shelter and you can take your dogs there if you have a license to run up and down the hills and play on equipment. Knew a few people who wanted a puppy. Only fair since I took my mom’s dog came to live with me she took the runt of the litter.
  10. 10. What a blessing All the puppies are gone with a little extra cash in hand for it being an accident. Since then the dad dog passed away and Penny has been spayed. It is recommended to have your pets spayed and neutered.