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Eval 4

  1. 1. Age:It is apparent that this movie is likely to appeal more to teenagers, andyoung people, given that the main characters have been signified as, andare actual teenagers-a male, and a female so as to ensure a strongrepresentation of gender in relation with its theme. However, that doesntnecessary imply that it is not open to an age group above it. But, given thatseveral mature themes are likely to occur, and may get misinterpreted bya more younger audience, it is crucial to rate this movie as a PG-13 one,since another reason for not letting children view this movie would be thecomplexity of relationships, which due to their mature nature may notonly appeal to such an audience, but would also prove to beincomprehendible for them. For example, when the female protagonistsfriend gets pregnant, not only will the theme that pre-marital intercoursewill be deemed as inappropriate, but the resulting consequences asemphasized upon would be hard for them to understand since this type ofsituation can only become a reality in a teenagers life, which makes it allthe more obvious that this movie will appeal more to teenagers becausethe theme would be considered as relevant to their stereotyped life.An excellent example of such a type of movie being made as PG 13 is thefamous romantic-drama-war film Dear John (2010), which is the story of asoldier who falls in love with a young woman, and being at war decides toconverse through an exchange of letters. Now, this movie, given itssophisticated relationship, and the theme being romance, is rated as PG 13simply because a love life so intensely pursued can only be done so byteenagers, and adults, but not by children, who therefore may find thetheme as overwhelming, and difficult to comprehend. Therefore, bymaking it PG-13, it was ensured that only the age groups, which wouldboth understand as well as enjoy the movie should be allowed to watch it.
  2. 2. Gender:Having both male as well as female characters in an equal distribution, themovie will therefore appeal to both the sexes. However, given that thefemale protagonist situation, and life shall be more focused upon , it cantherefore be argued that the issue of female inferiority may actuallyappeal more to the female group, since it is a true representation of thepowerlessness as observed in many patriarchal societies, and the manyadverse effects associated with it. A point to be considered, however, isthat this is a comedy film, and shall deal with the theme in a light-heartedand a humorous manner, with the conflict thus being resolved in amanner, which would lead to peace and stability rather than an ongoingdisequilibrium in the two main characters lives.There have been movies like Mean girls (2004-Paramount Pictures) inwhich girls have been shown having domineering personalities . It shouldbe noted that this movie had comedy as a main genre, and concentratedon critical social issues, which were to do with how these superior femalesmade everyone in their surroundings(males included) depend on theirunquestionable existence. As it is evident, the roles of gender have beenreversed in this movie, but this is simply owing to the fact that in the Westwomen are now being considered as more superior when compared tothose in the East. Being a South-Asian movie, it is therefore necessary toestablish the theme in the way I have so as to ensure that therepresentation of gender is done accordingly to the cultural limitations ofmy area. Karate Kid (2010- Columbia Pictures) being an Asian-based moviealso proves that not all cultures (especially South Asian) believe that girlsare more pre- disposed to violence than boys as is the case in West, and itis made evident that the protagonist Dre Parkers lady-friend is of a morequiet nature, and is shy and pressurized by her superiors such as herparents, and her other friends a lot.
  3. 3. Financial Status:While it is clear that the main characters are not of the deprived sort, andbelong to a rather well-off family, it is therefore deemed as moreappropriate that my movie should appeal more to people belonging to thatcategory, since they will be able to form a link with the economic andsocial situation as presented, and will empathize with the problems beingable to perhaps relate to them, and hence manage to develop a morethorough understanding of the characters personality and keepthemselves limited to the parameters as set for the movie, rather thancomparing it with a completely different social situation (for e.g, poverty-stricken peoples life) and fail to have any relevant points regarding themovie. Saad and Arika, the two siblings, the epitome of male VS femalesuperiority can treat this conflict with a light-hearted manner only becausethey do not live in extremely poor economic conditions, which may renderthem as incapable of making fun of their hopeless poverty-stricken lives.For example, lets consider Richie Rich(1994) a live-action film, whichmainly represented people of the upper class. Now, only an audiencebelonging to that group wouldve found their fun-riddled lives asenjoyable, since poor people are unaware of such a luxurious type of living,and will therefore fail to make any connection to the movie with their ownlives, which would render them as incapable of processing the movie in aproper manner.Interests/Hobbies:People, who have either a developed, or a still-developing interest insocial-related issues on both an internal(personal) as well asexternal(global) scale, would enjoy watching my movie. This, would withno doubt include Sociology students as well, since it would provide themwith further insight into the functioning of a patriarchal society, and how
  4. 4. both the culture, as well as the social and economic situation, associatedespecially with the upper class social group, and perhaps help resolve theissue as to why despite being educated, and well-off do these typicalconflicts still riddle their lives. As mentioned earlier, Arikas friend becomespregnant pre-maturely, which serves as a clear indication that she is not arational and logical person, and the unfortunate incident may havehappened due to being frustrated, and not in control of her life. So, withsuch interesting social issues, in relation with the stable economic one willprove to be worthy of being analysed and hence understood fully as towhy despite having everything, and complete monetary satisfaction doessuch a huge social disequilibria arises.Also, people who enjoy South Asian drama movies like SlumdogMillionaire(2008) will also find my movie as enjoyable since it deals withsome stereotyped social and cultural issues, which they as a targetaudience will easily manage to identify.Demographics:The target audience will be representative of both sexes since the moviedeals with the treat the lives of both with equal significance . YoungWomen have been stereotyped in this movie initially as being helpless, andin poor control of their lives-thus appealing to males, since this is exactlyhow they expect them to be like, as well as to females, who will identifythe issues they have with male-dominance as a violently risingphenomenon. Also, it will appeal to teenagers from different culturalbackgrounds since the movie is broad-minded in its approach. Adults whofind such psychological movies interesting will also be from variousbackgrounds as the issue of social problems s is global. The audienceaddressed is global, and is not restricted to South Asian audiences as themovie will concentrate more on the stereotyped ones since the movie is
  5. 5. Asian-based, but the characters belong to a westernized style of living.