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  1. Project History & Design Experience Bruce J Uhernik, PE
  2. CONTENTS -AutoCAD/Skills/Design Standards 3 -Shoenberg Farms 4-6 -Lincoln Station 7-8 -Eagle’s Nest Village Center 9-11 -Walgreens at Smoky Hill 12 -Walgreens at Broadway & Belleview 13 -Walnut Creek (MTC) 14 -Country Club Village 15 -Denver Zoo Entry Complex/Master Plan 16-17 -Denver Seminary 18 -Platte Valley Medical Center 19 -DMN&S Parking Structure 20
  3. AutoCAD and Other Computer Skills Applied Design Standards & Codes AutoCAD LDD 2008 City of Aurora Terrain Model Explorer/Surfaces City of Brighton Cut/Fill and Earthwork Calculations City and County of Denver Points/Import/Export/Groups/Tables City of Englewood 3d Breaklines/Daylighting City of Lakewood Hydrology/Pond Volume City of Littleton Pipeworks City of Lone Tree AutoTurn City of Thornton Alignments/Profiles City of Westminster Vertical Curves Town of Parker Line & Curve Tables Douglas County Cross Sections Sheet Set Manager CDOT Plotting/Batch Plots UDFCD (Vol. 1/2/3) Denver Water Excel Southgate Sewer and Water Districts AASHTO Word ADA site development standards Powerpoint AWWA (Meter Sizing Tables) Adobe Acrobat Writer IFC (Appendix B) StormCAD MUTCD State Highway Access Code WaterCAD FEMA (Firm Maps) NEO UD Sewer USGS Maps Colorado Soils Surveys
  4. SHOENBERG FARMS COMMERCIAL DUTIES Lead project engineer/designer for 25-acre commercial redevelopment of 1911 dairy farm into modern commercial/retail center PLANNING DOCUMENTS Created ODP & ODP Amendment submittals/ approvals with City of Westminster Coordinated design changes, cadd files with Owner, building architect & landscape architect Established/assisted Owner in lot layouts, alternatives & final parking counts per City of Designated basins, calculated hydrologic Westminster standards characteristics per city and UDFCD criteria Wrote Drainage and Utility Studies Sized ponds using FAA method and historic flood conditions GRADING/DRAINAGE Designed outlet control structures with Maintained historic drainage patterns & water quality, minor & major storm orifice established earthwork balance for site controls Overlot grading of entire site and fine grading Profiled storm lines (Pipeworks), minimized of individual lots pipe sizes using HGL calculations Analyzed existing storm sewer in 72nd Ave. Analyzed pipe cost alternatives (HDPE vs. and established flood/inlet surcharge PVC) and inlet cost alternatives (Type R vs. conditions (StormCAD) Type 13) APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  5. UTILITIES Created multi-phase water model (WaterCAD) with multiple demand scenarios and fire flow conditions (IFC) Calculated peak sanitary sewer demands & designed/sized internal sewer system Designed 900’ length storm outfall to Big Dry Creek including Sheridan roadway crossing, offsite easements & outfall design Coordinated grease traps, roof drain outfalls, water meter locations and other plumbing items with building architects/plumbing engineers ROADWAY DESIGN Designed layout of Sheridan widening and new access improvement from 72nd Avenue to 75th Avenue Met State Highway Access Code, AASHTO & traffic study criteria for acceleration/ deceleration lanes, turn lane stacking/tapers, redirects and median widths/configurations Created CDOT plans including horiztonal control, pavement milling and patchback limits, cross sections, final striping and signage (MUTCD) APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  6. CONSTRUCTION ASSISTANCE Reviewed product submittal data sheets Responded to all contractor requests for information (RFIs) in timely manner Coordinated temporary parking and lane configurations for internal cell tower obstruction prior to relocation Met specific criteria of Advance Auto Parts, including design and coordination of service yard Received survey shots of overlot pond grading and analyzed for accuracy Coordinated screen wall heights and base grades with adjacent residential property Owner APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  7. LINCOLN STATION T.O.D. DUTIES Lead Project Engineer/Designer for dense mixed-used commercial/multi-family residential development SITE DESIGN & LAYOUT Engineered site plan with internal roadways featuring pedestrian friendly pathways combined with diagonal street and parallel parking Provided layouts and fine grading for accesses off Park Meadows Drive Designed emergency access vehicle turning movements per South Metro Fire requirements (AutoTurn) including hammerhead design UTILITY STUDY Designed dock/service yard access movements for individual buildings with vehicles up to WB-50 Analyzed water system internal to site (WaterCAD) DRAINAGE/WATER QUALITY Model included proposed and future buildout of entire Heritage Hills property Designed Underground Detention Vault (50 acres) Met Douglas County, UDFCD & Cherry Creek Basin Building fire flows per expected building Authority water quality requirements with Sand types and IFC code Filter Basin and Porous Landscape Basins Provided up to eight (8) alternatives of Layout of site storm sewer with multiple drop building fire conditions and fire hydrant manholes and deep mains coverages, including valve closures per Pipeworks profiles and HGL calculations Douglas County criteria APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  8. CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS Coordinated improvements along property lines with new RTD parking structure and light rail Created Denver Water Plans and assisted in easement documentation Created Southgate Sewer Construction Plans Created civil site and grading sheets for SIP, including itemized cost estimate (SIPIA) Approval of Park Meadows Drive improvements through City of Lone Tree and Douglas county UTILITY STUDY (cont.) Analyzed proposed and future loads on 1-mile stretch of sewer main in Park Meadows Drive down to the interceptor Created demand and pipe capacity spreadsheets for sewer runs for various phases Identified undersized mains, and provided pipe upsizing alternatives to Owner Revised study quickly and easily per Owner’s requests upon changes to potential future users APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  9. EAGLE’S NEST VILLAGE CENTER Lead Project Engineer/Designer for new 20-acre commercial center located in eastern Aurora Engineered site with multiple lots (7), parking fields, internal drives & utilities in a phased manner per client’s needs Developed overall planning documents, overall construction documents and individual lot planning & construction documents Accommodated specific requests of developer & landscape architect during site design including pedestrian friendly intersection design, meandering sidewalks & intricate plaza layout Produced overlot grading plans and earthwork cut/fill maps per geotechnical recommendations Developed drainage basins, calculated pipe Created overall site’s erosion control plans, sizes/HGLs with NEO UD Sewer & wrote with BMPs internal to site and along perimeter overall Drainage Report and Drainage roads Conformance Letters for outparcels Wrote Erosion & Sediment Control Reports for Created Aurora Parkway improvements with overall site and individual lots new accesses, flowline, centerline & PCR Calculated utility demands for full site buildout, profiles, cross sections, striping, signage & wrote overall Utilty Study per City criteria and median improvements up to Smoky Hill Road Utility Conformance Letters for outparcels intersection Coordinated utility, traffic & drainage easements with project’s surveyor APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  12. WALGREENS AT SMOKY HILL Lead Project Engineer/Designer for new store at Eagle’s Nest Village Center Worked directly with Walgreens’ development manager to meet specific criteria for new store development Incorporated Walgreens’ details for curb & gutter, accessible parking layout & crosswalks Created ADA grading plan featuring proposed spot elevations along ADA routes at 10-15’ maximum intervals - could quickly manage plan by snapping points to proposed surface and recreating Point Tables with Northings/Eastings/Elevations Direct point of contact with Contractor during construction Answered all questions in timely and efficient manner Led detailed construction coordination of proposed utility revisions to existing stub-outs connections Responsible for communication of revisions with the City, revising Construction Document mylars and coordinating new sheets with the contractor and subconsultants APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  13. WALGREENS/VECTRA BANK AT BROADWAY & BELLEVIEW Lead Project Engineer/Designer for the redevelopment of a 15-acre site with proposed demolition of four (4) existing buildings and development of new bank and new Walgreens Responsible for all site layout, grading, utilities, drainage & team coordination Worked closely with Walgreens’ development manager for non-traditional specific needs, including special layout requirements, accessible parking, pathways, ramps other WG specific details Met strict Walgreens grading criteria requirements Graded site for proper drainage and earthwork BELLEVIEW PLANS balance Performed historic drainage analysis on site Created initial CDOT plans for Belleview (SH XX) access, new turn lanes & road widening Performed proposed drainage analysis with all hydrologic and hydraulic supporting calculations Defined extents of removals, new asphalt and patchbacks to existing Designed underground ground detention system using 60” HDPE buried pipes and pump system Engineered cross sections, redirects, tapers, signage & striping per Colorado State Highway Transformed proposed parking median into Access Code, site traffic study & CDOT standard Porous Landscape Detention Basin for above ground water quality APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  14. WALNUT CREEK Lead project engineer in development of junior anchors & outparcels for new commercial center at US-36 & Church Ranch Blvd in the City of Westminster Created Planning Documents (ODP) & Construction Documents for City of Westminster Worked with developer’s tenants to determine individual lot’s parking requirements and schedule/ location of shared parking spaces Designed lot layouts, limits of new pavement & patchbacks, fine grading, steps & ramps around buildings Coordinated utility connections, grease traps, sewer main re-routing, new water taps, meter sizings/ locations, new storm sewer layout & connections to existing system Analyzed drainage report for conformance with cross basin transfer of stormwater - revised/reran HGL calculations from approved report Wrote Utility and Drainage Conformance Letters with supporting calculations Designed individual building docks with concrete retaining walls & adequate truck turning movements per AutoTurn templates APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  15. COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE Lead project engineer in development of small shops & outparcels for commercial center located at 120th & Federal in the City of Westminster Created planning documents (ODP) & construction documents for bank tenant Created planning documents & construction documents for two-story fitness center Designed emergency egress ramps - switchbacks, handrails & landings per ADA requirements Created internal roadway plans & with centerline profiles, vertical curves, PCR & curb cut designs Designed tiered modular block retaining walls Detailed fine grading for steps in front of small shop buildings Profiled water mains, sanitary and storm sewer lines Wrote Utility and Drainage Conformance Letters & provided supporting documentation for City approval APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  16. DENVER ZOO ENTRY COMPLEX, LION & PREDATOR RIDGE EXHIBITS DUTIES Lead Design/Project Engineer for the Zoo’s Phase 1 development (Entry Complex) & Master Plan LION & PREDATOR RIDGE EXHIBITS Lead designer/engineer responsible for creation and approval of construction documents, including grading, erosion control, storm and sewer profiles Created plans for Denver Water Department and easement exhibits and legal descriptions Design of reuse water loop with booster pump station and variable frequency design pump system Designed moat detention system with perforated pipe sand filter base for water quality treatment Design of stormwater lift station with duel pumps, float elevations, alarms, etc. Responsible for all drainage calculations and written report in conformance with City of Denver and UDFCD standards Reviewed all product data submittals including water, sewer & storm products Responsible for all RFI’s and general contractor questions during construction Observed construction on bi-weekly basis including grading, pipe installations abd pavement installation APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  17. MASTER PLANNING Created multi-phase water, sewer & storm layouts with written summaries in Master Plan report format Developed time based water usage schedule including large tank fills, daily exhibit clean ups & irrigation Assembled average day, peak day & peak hour water demands for input into WaterCAD model for existing, proposed and full buildout conditions Modeled building fire demand scenarios based upon construction types Developed plan to remove Zoo from master water meters and implement individual building meters Worked with Zoo in determination of recycled water users, future potential usage, and new system layout APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  18. DENVER SEMINARY Lead design engineer; three (3) campus building, four (4) multi-family units, parking, internal roadways, irrigation pond & detention pond Engineered RI/RO access and accel/decel lanes off Santa Fe (SH 85) per CDOT standards Provided balanced earthwork calculations and fine grading around structures, in parking lots & along sidewalk/plaza areas Frequent field visits for perimeter drain, pavement installation and other utility observations throughout construction STORM DESIGN & PLATTE OUTFALL Designed drainage pond containing trickle channels, water quality controls, maintenance access & minor/ major storm release(s) into Platte River Provided storm outfall design into Platte River with supporting headwall, wingwall & rip rap sizing & calculations Created easement documents with closures for offsite storm sewer Designed stand alone irrigation pond based upon strict demand criteria and head based controls Wrote drainage and utility reports for campus APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  19. PLATTE VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER Lead design engineer for new hospital in the City of Brighton - Main Hospital Building, Central Utility Plant (CUP), helipad, internal drives/sidewalks & parking Created construction documents - overlot grading, earthwork, site layout, erosion control, water, storm & sanitary profiles & details Provided horizontal control to construction surveyor for buildings and outlying site Coordinated with architects on main entrance/dropoff area featuring median curb to flush curb transitions Developed building foundation drain & canopy drain designs for groundwater control - required reading & understanding of architectural, structural & plumbing plans Fine grading in parking lots and along sidewalks that met ADA criteria Wrote drainage & utility reports including supporting calculations per City criteria Engineered loading dock entrance, ran AutoTurn for vehicle clearances & designed 20’+ concrete retaining walls where required APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER
  20. DENVER MUSEUM OF NATURE & SCIENCE PARKING STRUCTURE Lead design engineer for new tri-level underground parking structure, existing parking lot removal & greenspace improvements Designed re-routing of utilities around structure including storm lines in close proximity (<3’) to foundations and pillars Collaborated with contractor and arborist during sewer installation near historic evergreens - established pipe jacking limits for portions of installation to protect trees Observed sewer construction, including 20’+ deep sewer installation with night shut off and reconnection Designed water quality porous landscape basins (total of 3) for new pavement where direct conveyance to pond was not feasible Created multi-stage detention/water quality pond with forebay, trickle channels, outfall structure & emergency overflow channel Wrote drainage and utility studies with supporting calculations Worked with Fire Dept & Denver Water for proper hydrant placements, building coverages & emergency vehicle access routes APPLICATIONS BREAKDOWN GRADING/DRAINAGE SEWER/WATER ROADWAY DESIGN MISC/OTHER