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Ego Rigere

"Ego Rigere" is a reflection on the influence of the ego on the discernment of the world.

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Ego Rigere

  1. 1. Chemical World The Object of ThoughtThe Object of Thought Editor: Humberto GEditor: Humberto Góómez Sequeiramez Sequeira--HuGHuGóóSS 10 June 201510 June 2015 -- Los Angeles, California, USALos Angeles, California, USA Ego Rigēre If one lives as an element produced by the combustions of the ego, one’s discernment of the eyes of the world is conditioned by its rigorous trials of one’s ability to function as the constant arranger of its volatile habits as the dialectical components of the psychological structure of one’s desires and fears. —Humberto Gómez Sequeira-HuGóS