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SevenAtoms at a Glance


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SevenAtoms, Inc., is an online marketing company based in California and is specialized in content focused marketing channels like blogs, newsletter and social media.

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SevenAtoms at a Glance

  1. 1. Social Media and Content focusedOnline Marketing to grow your businessBLOGS NEWSLETTERS FACEBOOK TWITTER SEARCH MARKETING 5601, Arnold Road, Suite 118, Dublin, CA 94568 P: 925.566.6969 | e: |
  2. 2. If your online marketing strategy relies purely onadvertising, it’s probably better to hang on to yourmoney. You can’t buy attention anymore. Marketingis no longer about the stuff that you make, butabout the way you tell your story over onlinechannels like Blogs, Newsletters and Social Media. Inthe end, the winner is content. Goodcontent, sharable content, and search enginefriendly content combined with proven marketingstrategies, will allow you to increase the numberand improve the quality of leads.
  3. 3. Effective OnlineMarketing SolutionsFor Business Success
  4. 4. Blog Writing and PromotionA blog is an absolute integral part of a company’s online marketing efforts. Professional blogwriting and marketing services will help you capitalize on the benefits of blogging, leading totangible bottom-line results for your business.Generate new customers through our search engine optimized blogwriting and marketing services.Service Overview:•Design and setup a blog to complement your existing website•Research and identify the most relevant keywords for your business•Write fresh and engaging blog posts frequently to get top placements in Googlesearch results•Promote your blog content to increase traffic exponentially
  5. 5. Newsletter MarketingNewsletter writing and marketing service is the simplest and most affordable way to keep yourcurrent customers engaged, and bring in a bunch of new ones.Promote your business and build your brand through our professionalnewsletter writing and marketing services.Service Overview:•Design and setup Newsletters that will reinforce your brand•Create powerful content to convert prospects into customers•Distribute newsletters to encourage referrals and repeat business•Track and report activity to improve audience targeting
  6. 6. Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing services will open up another lead generation source and create a loyalcommunity of brand advocates.Gain leads, engage your prospects and build loyalty with our Facebookand Twitter marketing.Service Overview:•Design and setup Facebook and twitter accounts•Increase business through special offers, Discounts and referrals•Generate leads through Contests, Sweepstakes and facebook Ads•Lure people looking for products and services similar to yours•Post regular updates to engage your audience and gain credibility•Motivate brand advocates to get Word-of-Mouth referrals
  7. 7. SevenAtoms is a full service internet marketing company based in Dublin, California. Wespecialize in online marketing services through content focused channels like blogs,newsletters and social media. Our clients range from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500companies.We have a diverse and experienced group of writers and online marketing experts. Together,we provide high quality original content and marketing services that generate bankable ROIfor our clients. BLOGS NEWSLETTERS FACEBOOK TWITTER SEARCH MARKETING 5601, Arnold Road, Suite 118, Dublin, CA 94568 P: 925.566.6969 | e: |